Sydney Botanic Gardens: Sydney Perfume Lovers Perfume Walk 2013

Hi there APJ Crew,

There is something very internal about being a perfumista, a collector of fragrance and bottles, stalking the internet and spritzing selfishly and often for you alone. The only way to make perfume more fun is to get involved with the rest of the perfumistas in your area, some deep dark perfumistas and some still skirting the edges of the woremhole. It’s amazing how much fun, laughter and interest there is in sharing the experiences of discovery and knowledge.

Portia xX

Catherine + Mary Perfume Walk

Sydney Perfume Lovers Perfume Walk 2013

Sydney Botanic Gardens: Saturday 12th October 10am-12.30pm

Perfume consultant Catherine du Peloux Menagé teams up with Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney volunteer guides Mary Threlfall, Jill Paterson and Rosemary Roberts for a talk and walk. Learn about the plants used to make perfumes and the process of extracting scent.

Catherine Perfume walk cistus and iris

Catherine will also explain the fragrance wheel and the role of synthetic scents. This is a perfect way to simply and easily expand your fragrant vocabulary and knowledge. It will give you a clearer picture of fragrance styles you may like and also open up new doors into personal scenting you may never have traveled through.

Catherine Fragrance Wheel

Then be guided through the Garden to explore fragrant plants. Below is a picture of Catherine with your three guides through the gardens, don’t they look sweet and fun?

Catherine + Guides Perfume Walk

Where, What and How Much?

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney Joseph Maiden Theatre, Sat 12 Oct, 10am–12.30pm

Members: $35, Non-Members: $40

All Sydney Perfume Lovers get the $35 Members price!
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16 comments on “Sydney Botanic Gardens: Sydney Perfume Lovers Perfume Walk 2013

  1. Belle says:

    *sob* oh, I wish I could take part of this. Sadly, it’d take me a visa and more. For me, perfume’s one of those hobbies I don’t like to do alone.

  2. Azar says:

    Hi Portia and SPLs,
    What a wonderful outing! What a great idea! I think it would be so much fun to do something like that as a group here in WA state, USA (or OR or BC).
    Azar xx

  3. Kandice says:

    This would be so much fun to attend! And I would love to visit Sidney. Unfortunately, that’s way out of my budget so please go and enjoy it for all of us that can’t. Have a great time!

  4. Undina says:

    I’m envious: those are two of my loves – perfumes and botanic gardens! I hope you’ll have a blast.
    Undina recently posted…My First Bell Jar: De Profundis – Celebrating LifeMy Profile

  5. Jordan River says:

    Great concept. Great Price and presumably the company will be too. Looking forward to you reportage.
    Jordan River recently posted…Giveaway – 3 x Custom Blend Boxes from The 7 VirtuesMy Profile

  6. Laurels says:

    This sounds wonderful! I’m going to start Googling to see if there’s anything like it in my area.

  7. Tora says:

    ARG. I hate that I live so far away!! This sounds like a fabulous event!!! I always visit the Botanical Gardens wherever I go. The fragrance wheel looks like such a cool concept!!!

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Hey there Tora,
      I like the fragrance wheel idea very much though I rarely use it because it’s not been explained to me properly. I think I will learn a lot at this meet up.
      Portia xx

  8. Tom Shevsky says:

    Perfumes and Wines, that’s why I need a bigger cellar!
    Tom Shevsky recently posted…Calvin Klein Obsession ReviewMy Profile

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