Mandragore Pourpre by Camille Goutal + Isabelle Doyen for Annick Goutal 2009

Hello Fragrant Fumies,

Just recently Natalie from Another Perfume Blog landed in Sydney and to welcome her I took her and another buddy out to a couple of SALE Stores. While at a particular one we found this gorgeous purple bottle of Annick Goutal reduced to next to nothing, I begged for the Tester and got it for even less! So now I have a huge amount of it and think it’s only fair to share the largess.

Mandragore Pourpre by Annick Goutal 2009

Mandragore Pourpre Annick Goutal FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives rthese featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, mint, star anis
Heart: Aromatic herbs, spices, amber, rosemary, geranium, black pepper
Base: Heliotrope, incense, patchouli, myrtle

Sweet minty fresh opening and it’s a fun herbal blast. Mandragore Pourpre is supposed to be reminiscent of the deep, dark, enchanted Mandrake Root that looks like a person and can change your life for good, a poisonous, hallucinogenic, aphrodisiac all in one root. No wonder people think it’s bewitched. From my reading Isabelle Doyen has said more of the Harry Potter Mandrake than the old world witchy tales. Because of the sweetness cutting through the green it doesn’t give me much darknesss, though it becomes spicy and tingly through the heart with all the pepper and geranium the ambers warmth keeps it friendly and cozy. My skin even makes the dry down soft and powdery rather than the cool incense and earthy green I was expecting. Clearly it’s me because everyone else seems to have had a different ride. Still a green-ish powder but hardly any incense, to my nose anyway.

Mandragore Pourpre Annick Goutal Mandrake GoldenArmorjpgPhoto Stolen GoldenArmor

Life around 4 hours max but fragrant for the first 2-3 hours with good sillage but only moderate projection. If you sit with a group for about 10 minutes they will start asking who smells good after 9 minutes. So it’s a bit of a creeper in company.
Edited from the Annick Goutal site: An olfactory creation born of the fascination felt by Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen for the mandrake. A plant which had magical and aphrodisiac virtues in ancient times. Mandragore Pourpre  fuses aromatic and Cyprus scents.
Illustrating a darker and more mysterious facet of the mandrake, different from the original Mandragore whose fragrance is based on refreshing and woody scents. A contrasting interpretation for an ode to mystery. A spicy, sensual and captivating composition.

Further reading: Now Smell This and Grain de Musc
FragranceNet has $90/100ml before coupon
The Posh Peasant starts at $4/ml

Mandragore Pourpre Annick Goutal MimiFrouFrouPhoto Stolen MimiFrouyFrou

Giveaway lavanyasrecipesPhoto Stolen lavanyasrecipes

Mandragore Pourpre by Annick Goutal GIVEAWAY


We will have 3 winners this week. It would be more but postage is outrageous! Each winner will receive

1 x 5ml decant of Mandragore Pourpre by Annick Goutal EdT
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

All I need is a HELLO with how you follow for you to be eligible for the draw.

Extra Chance?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie @AnnickGoutal_FR Mandragore Pourpre: Annick Goutal GIVEAWAY #Perfume #Giveaway


Entries Close Thursday 3rd October 2013 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and Jin will pick a winner (unless he asleep or studying then I’ll use
The winners will have till Sunday 6th October 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

Good Luck Everyone,
Portia xxx


96 comments on “Mandragore Pourpre by Camille Goutal + Isabelle Doyen for Annick Goutal 2009

  1. patty P. says:

    I follow by e-mail. 🙂
    Love to win this one.

  2. Belle says:

    Woohoo! E-mail and twitter (: Hahaha Jim seems to sleep a lot.

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Oh Belle,
      You have no idea. The problem is he gets up so early for work in his new role. I get home from work and he goes to bed, I go to bed and he gets up, he gets home as I’m putting my make up on for work. Times don’t really match currently.
      Portia x

  3. Jackie b says:

    I tried Mandragore Pourpre once and liked the aromatic herbiness of it.
    I follow by email.

  4. saffyishere says:

    Hello Portia. I’d invest in this scent simply for the gorgeous purple bottle. Thanks for the chance to try the scent. I follow via F/book and Twitter.

  5. Carla Meiners says:

    I’d love a chance to try this. It sounds wonderful! I follow on facebook. Thanks!


  6. Sarah says:

    Hello – I’m following by email from South Korea, where there are only two Annick Goutal counters in the whole country, even though the brand is now owned by a South Korean company!

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Hey sarah,
      I have even been to a shop in Gangnam where they sell Annick Goutal. Huge and beautiful department store with the best Christian Dior counter I’ve seen outside Paris. We really enjoyed our time in South Korea.
      Portia xx

  7. hotlanta linda says:

    YES!!! PLEASE!!! YT is a Goutal guru, Annick Addict, Idolizer of Isabel, craves all creations by Camille lol!! You should see my room 🙂 I would love fresh stock in this for Fall. I get plenty of woody/incense and sweet notes from this scent – on top of all the herbal greenery 🙂 GOOD use for this herb – fights infertile womb; was coveted in Bible days. CAUTION – It seriously messes w/ your head a la Jimmy Hendrix `Purple Haze`.. DO NOT GO THERE!!! I follow w/ e-mail. Thank you!! 🙂

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Ha ha ha! You are mental and I love it Hotlanta India,
      Portia xx

      • hotlanta linda says:

        …Yt is angry/heartbroken!!! at AG`s quite disruptive re-package/dropped scents. Amore Pacific is their current owner – for not too long a time – and THIS happens. AP has since left Goutal to starve – no support after trashing the house. Sounds like a homeless puppy!! Tom Crutchfield @ Bergdorf Goodman thinks Goutal may be forced thru bankruptcy again thanks to this mess. Do you know of AP doing this garbage to other houses??

      • australianperfumejunkies says:

        Do you think Amore Pacific doesn’t understand the brand?
        Portia x

  8. patriciaC says:

    How approprite for the season, sounds wonderful with the mint.myrtle? i’m sure i have never tryed any fragrance with that in it. Sounds scary good! I follaw by e-mail, thanks for a chance at a sample!

  9. Nemo says:

    I would love to try this, especially since I quite liked the original Mandragore EDT. I follow by email, thanks!

  10. Dubaiscents says:

    I want this just for the gorgeous bottle! Thanks for the draw, I follow via email.

  11. FeralJasmine says:

    Purple mandragore, what a lovely witchy scent! Spray it on, fly through the night sky, sprinkling a few sparkles as you go…I follow by email.

  12. Lindaloo says:

    Mandragore Pourpre sounds very intriguing, so I am definitely entering.
    Still following by email (and since your posts arrive early morning here, I get a delightful start to my day).
    And thank you for being so generous in providing a world wide draw.

  13. Nancysg says:

    Follow by email. I will try almost anything that has “green” in the notes.

  14. Maya says:

    This one sounds like it might be fun. Love the images for it. I follow by email.

  15. Nadja Sand says:

    This sounds like it might be right up my alley! I follow with Bloglovin!
    Nadja Sand recently posted…Autumn Outfit + RamblingMy Profile

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Hey there Nadja Sand,
      It’s good to see that you are a blogger too. We should think about doing a crossover one day.
      Portia xx

      • Nadja Sand says:

        Ha ha, yeah I blog… my blog is a good deal more eclectic than yours though… 😉 Maybe we should, collaborations, crossovers and such are fun!

  16. tsurera says:

    Hello I follow by e-mail. 🙂

  17. rosiegreen says:

    I follow by email , would love to try this one. The original was pleasant but not what I was hoping for. Thanks for the draw.

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      I think if you are looking for depths and darkness that you’ll have to go indie but it is a good deal more of what you are looking for I think.
      Portia xx

  18. Kandice says:

    One of my favorite perfumes is an AG fragrance, but I have not had the option to try this one and would love to. Thanks for the opportunity. (I follow via email.)

  19. poodle says:

    Hi there! I follow by WordPress. I’ve tried Mandragore but not this one. I do like Mandragore but AG scents don’t usually last on me. I suppose I just need a larger quantity so I can spray with abandon. 😉

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Ha Ha Ha Poodle, that is EXACTLYU how it should work. the AG spritzer sends out a stream like a fire hose, you need that much for any real longevity.
      Portia x

  20. greennote2 says:

    Hey Portia, I loooove Mandragore but have never tried the pourpre version.
    I follow by email.

  21. Christine W says:

    I second what greennote2 said! And I follow by email XX

  22. hotlanta linda says:

    Reply: YES!!! AP is like it`s their way or the highway…ANY fragrance house needs private ownership to be free creative-ly, and if monies do not permit, an owner that respects and loves what the scent company does; I do not see that here. So we pray for better things/ tough skins for the Goutals!!

  23. Julie F says:

    I follow by email. Love the idea of this scent and have wanted to try it since it came out. I’m notoriously picky about bottles, but those bottles are gorgeous. Thanks for this draw.

  24. Maggiecat says:

    This sounds lovely! Though now I can’t get the Harry Potter scene out of my mind…:-). I follow via email and Facebook.

  25. Joaquim says:

    I follow you via e-mail!
    Thank you for the draw, Annick Goutal’s bottles are beautiful but the juice is not always my cup of tea, maybe this Mandragore…

  26. LaurenW says:

    Like, Maggiecat, I immediately thought of the scene in Harry Potter where the students must wear earmuffs to stifle the mandragores killing cries.

    I’d think I’d love this. I follow by email.

    Portia, I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned that Jin is studying.

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      AhA! Jin has just started down the long road to becoming a Master Builder. He has only just begun and is doing it in his spare time via home school.
      Only last year he qualified as an electrician and I can’t tell you how proud I am of him taking on this extra while working a 7-4 job.
      In Korea he was a teacher of Korean Literature but there is no correlating work available here, he had to retrain. Thank goodness he enjoys the process of studying.
      Portia xx

      • LaurenW says:

        Good luck to Jin! He’s brave to start out on a career that must seem a complete opposite to teaching literature.

      • Azar says:

        Hi Portia,
        Best of luck to Jin with his studies! I am sure he will do well. B-Azar and I are intrigued with Korean history and our big time hero is Admiral Yi Sun-sin. I suppose his war diary, although skillfully written, doesn’t exactly qualify as literature but it does give an interesting insight into what it was like to live in late 16th century Korea. It certainly rained a lot, not unlike the PNW! No need to enter me in the drawing.
        Azar xx

  27. Sally McSweeney says:

    Hello! Oooooh this sounds perfect for spritzing at Halloween. And that purple bottle is just gawjus! Thanks for this very generous draw…

  28. Annamaria says:

    Hello Portia, I follow by Bloglovin. I’ve been wanting to try Mandragore for a while, but frustratingly, the local department store that sells Annick Goutal doesn’t carry a tester of this particular fragrance!

  29. Laurels says:

    HELLO! Every time you say to leave a HELLO, as I type I hear Scott Thompson doing Elizabeth II. (Doing an impression of ER, I mean.) As an American, I’m more familiar with that impression than I am with the actual Queen. I follow with Bloglovin. And I can’t help myself: hallucinogenic. (Sorry.)

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Why are you apologising. There was no red line under it so I didn’t check the spelling, Thank you.
      Portia xx

  30. Hello Portia . Love to win this one and I follow on Facebook and email

  31. RuthF says:

    Hi Portia
    I love Songes but haven’t tried many others in this line yet, I follow by email 🙂

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Hey there RuthF,
      It’s a great line. They are not great stayers though, you need a respritz through the day if you intend to maintain. Super great if you like to change it up.
      Portia xx

  32. Irina says:

    I would like so much to win this
    I follow by mail
    thanks, Portia

  33. sharonalenehan says:

    Hello, I follow via email

  34. levinebabe says:

    Hi, Portia. I would love to enter the giveaway. Followed via email!

  35. boringzlifez says:

    following via wordpress as boringzlifez

    thank you for the opportunity!!!

  36. susan says:

    I follow on Bloglovin’! Thanks for the draw!
    susan recently posted…5 quick impressions of lesser-known Thierry MuglersMy Profile

  37. Stacey says:

    Hello and thanks for the draw! I follow by email.

  38. minnie says:

    Thanks for this offer. I wish this perfume was available at discount price near where I am. Plse count me in.

  39. hajusuuri says:

    Hello Portia, I follow via WordPress. Thanks for the generous draw!

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Nice to see you Hajusuuri,
      Are you well?
      Portia xx

      • hajusuuri says:

        Yes…very well. Thanks for asking, Portia…although I really should be sleeping 🙂

        I think I finally caught up with life & work from being away on vacation (Venice included! — do check out my guest post and pictures over at Lucas’ site under Articles – “Perfume & Travel” if you have time)

      • australianperfumejunkies says:

        Great article! I don’t know why I didn’t comment when I read it last time.
        Portia xx

  40. Tina Gordon says:

    Loved the run down “poisonous, hallucinogenic, aphrodisiac all in one…” as a shout out to mandrake. I’d be interested to see what it did on my skin…spicy and warm usually works well, so count me in for the draw please! I follow by email and facebook.

    xx Tina

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Tina, just come over and I’ll give you some. Si nice tio see you here though, thanks for reading.
      Portia xx

  41. fleurdelys says:

    Hello! I love giveaways, and this sounds intriguing! I follow via WordPress.

  42. minnie says:

    ps: I follow by email. minnie

  43. mim says:

    I follow by email.

    Thanks for the draw!
    Love that bottle, and the HP pic. I’ve never tried any AGs even though I’ve read about them and would love to try this!
    Congrats to Jin, those hours sound like a lot of work.

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Heya Mim,
      You need to get your nose on some Annick Goutal, they are extremely pretty and all very wearable.
      Portia xx

  44. Mihaela U says:

    I just love how you paired the Harry Potter picture with the scent! It’s so funny and awesome! Loved the review!

    I follow this awesome blog via e-mail!

    Thank you for this review and thank you for the draw! Wish you all the best!

  45. Dani says:

    Hi Portia, I’d love to get the chance to give this fume a whirl. I follow via email and bloglovin.


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