The Creation of a Natural Perfume #2


Post by Julie Nelson


The Creation of a Natural Perfume #2

Perfume for Portia by Aromatique Essentials

Let the creation be created.

As the journey of creating a perfume for Portia continues I am getting more and more excited!

To date Portia’s perfume has 36 essential oils and has now been sitting and synergising for a good 4 weeks. It has a balance of woods, citrus, spices with a hint of mystery from a few favourite oils that I shall keep to myself for now… Over the past few weeks while this blend has been sitting and maturing I have been anointing myself with it most nights. I love it and secretly found myself thinking that I could bathe in it!

Aromatique essentials #1a

Not being a perfumer of the commercial world, when creating a perfume there are many aspects of pure essential oils/plant extracts that I take into account. Of course the aroma is number one, what emotions and feelings a client desires to feel and experience, how each individual oil melds in to another to become one.

Essential oils are pure plant extracts and are 70 times stronger/ more potent that the original plant they are extracted from. Many do not smell like they do when inhaling the scent as a flower for example Rose or Jasmine. This is because they are very highly concentrated, however when diluted they become more the like the original scent. I love using co2 extracted essential oils as they are more true to the original nature of the plant, there is no residue left behind of the co2 as it completely dissipates during the extraction process. It is a far more gentle method of extraction and from an energetic point of view the vibration of the oil is more pure. Why bring up the energetic and vibration properties of an essential oil? Well science has now caught up and can measure energy. We are all energy and this can play an important role on the psychological and emotional benefits of a perfume. You may feel this is irrelevant and that is fine, however for me it is important and something that I feel is important to take into consideration. It is my training and my belief.

As we know the simple act of breathing in a beautiful scent instantly shifts our mind, moods and emotions. If we love it we smile, we are uplifted, I personally feel like I can take on the world!

 Moon Ray Bodden FlickrPhoto Stolen Ray Bodden Flickr

Before I begin the process of creating a Bespoke one of a kind perfume I ask my client, in this case Portia, to fill out a perfume consultation form this includes favourite colour/s, food/s, smells, what there perfume represents, what emotions and feelings they want to evoke and feel and if a client wishes to share their astrological birth details I spend time researching their birth chart and certain aspects such as what sign their Moon is in as the Moon rules our emotions and what ever sign our Moon is in is how we deal with things on an emotional level.

Why you ask?

Having this information gives me insight in to ones emotional responses and what planetary energy is surrounding them at that time. This assists me in understanding my client on a more personal level. I can begin to build a personality profile in their perfume. Think of it as capturing the essence of someones soul and placing it in a bottle..

When I first started working on Portia’s perfume I created 3 different samples. I tried them separately for a few days enjoying all 3 and then I decided combine them and that is where we are up to at present.

Blue Mountain ViewPhoto Stolen nosha Flickr

Portia is coming to the Blue Mountains and that will be the first opportunity to smell this creation…I wait in anticipation, excitement and pray that Portia loves it! Of course there maybe more oils to add or I may start from the beginning again. We shall see 😉

Julie X


13 comments on “The Creation of a Natural Perfume #2

  1. Jordan River says:

    Combining them is a great move for this unpredictable client. I used live in the Mountains Blue and looked over an ocean of trees with the Three Sisters on the right (Leura). Looking forward to your reveal of the mystery ingredients. Great information about CO2 extraction. It is all about the vibration.
    Jordan River recently posted…बॉम्बे ब्लींगMy Profile

    • Julie Nelson says:

      Hi Jordan,

      I love it here in Blackheath!
      Next blog coming up shortly 🙂

      The CO2 oils are beautiful to work with and I do hope we see more and more available. Vibration and energy play such an important role and I am pleased you understand this.

      Julie Nelson recently posted…Aromatherapy Foot BathMy Profile

  2. Maya says:

    Fascinating. I also agree on vibrations. I was looking at perfumes by Joanne Bennett just a few hours ago. She seems to have a similar philosophy. I can’t wait to hear how this all turns out!

  3. Looking forward to hearing about your trip and how the perfume works on you. Love this story of creation!
    Catherine du Peloux Menage recently posted…What men have smelled like: A century of men’s fragrancesMy Profile

  4. Tonia says:

    Ooooooh, I can’t wait to hear the official review. Thanks for sharing the process. xo

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