Iroaz by Amelie Bourgeois for Lostmarc’h 2008


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There was a comment that was recently posted on APJ about the story that often comes with perfume. Since there are so many perfume releases, something is needed raise interest in the perfume. The story, as well as the packaging, do this. I have tried many perfumes based on the story, especially if I like the listed notes.

Iroaz by Lostmarc’h 2008

Iroaz Lostmarch FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top notes: green grass, lemon peel, verbena and pink pepper. Heart: rose, ylang-ylang and lotus. Base: sandalwood, patchouli, musk and iris.

From Lucky Scent about Lostmarc’h perfumes:
“This exquisite new line takes its name and inspiration from the sights and scents of the Brittany region in France – a fascinating mix of glorious coastline, ancient buildings and magical Celtic traditions…….. Lostmarc’h is the last beach on continental Europe –unspoiled and rugged and outrageously beautiful, with the dreamlike feeling of being at the end of the world……..sketches of Brittany – vivid, but with a certain delicacy, capturing the spirit and enchantment of the place with a few precise, perfectly placed strokes. “

Lostmarc’h Iroaz is about wild roses growing on rugged cliffs above the ocean in Brittany, their scent mingling with the smell of the grasses, ocean, and sea breezes. Iroaz means roses in Breton.

Iroaz Lostmarc'h mahalie stackpole FlickrPhoto Stolen mahalie stackpole Flickr

It opens with lemon so strong that I get the image of the juice of a fresh, hand-squeezed lemon. This disappears in seconds, leaving a slight lemony trace behind, almost hidden by the lovely, salty marine notes. The marine works surprisingly well on my skin and stays until the end. There is a problem though. Where are the roses? There is a floral aspect that appears, but it’s all blended together. I keep waiting for roses, I want roses, and they’re not there! I love the idea of this fragrance so much that I keep trying it, but sadly get the same result. After an hour it seems to be gone, though if I put my nose right on the skin, there is some scent there. Three hours later, that is gone too. The silage is average and it could be worn just about anywhere. There is a coolness that makes it better for warmer weather.

Iroaz Lostmarc'h  morelikethis deviantartPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

I was disappointed. Iroaz had so much promise and a wonderful story. I have read reviews on Iroaz and some of them say the story fits the scent. It is a fragrance that doesn’t work on my skin, but it might on yours.

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LuckyScent has $85/100ml
Surrender To Chance starts at $3/ml

Have you tried perfumes based on the story and how did it work out?


11 comments on “Iroaz by Amelie Bourgeois for Lostmarc’h 2008

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    So sad to read it didn’t work for you Maya but I love that you’ve given a great and rounded review even though your chemistry didn’t play nice with it.
    Thanks as always,
    Portia xx

  2. Tina Gordon says:

    Oh…beautiful imagery – wild roses and ocean and grasses. I can just imagine the roses, the small pink ones with the simple single petal structure. Hum. So yes you would expect rose to feature more prominantly in there somewhere! Maybe it’s different on someone elses skin, although the salty marine that came through sounds kinda cool.
    T x

    • Maya says:

      Hi Tina. Isn’t the imagery wonderful. Others have said they do get a LOT of roses and decent longevity. They get what I was hoping for! The salty marine/ocean air note is the best I have found.

  3. Azar says:

    Love your review, Maya! If the rose isn’t there just a few words could reset the whole story to lemon groves in Calabria.
    Azar xx

  4. Tara C says:

    My experience was the same as yours – not much longevity and no roses.

  5. patriciaC says:

    I didn’t care for this scent at all. It was just wierd on me. I sent it off in a sample bag, haven’t heard anything about it so must not have made an impression on that recipient either.Thanks so much for the review, it’s nice to hear anothers opinion.

    • Maya says:

      My daughter agrees with you patriciaC. I almost didn’t write this review, but I thought the scent could work well on some people. I only sampled one of my fun fragrances because I liked the name, so you never know where or how you can find a gem.

  6. Mary K says:

    I sampled this recently and didn’t get much lemon, but did get a lot of roses, plus the other notes came together nicely. I really enjoyed it and it did last for a long time (a good 6-7 hours) on me. Must be different on different people.

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