Voiles d’Extraits by Vero Kern 2013


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1973. The teacher asked us to research a famous person and present a project in class. I chose Andy Warhol. My mother bought me a book to assist me with the work. It was minus about 30 pages. She had removed them, finding them way to controversial for me. That encouraged me to dig deeper. Edie, Nico, The Factory, Interview, The Velvet Underground.

On October 27th 2013 Lou Reed died. I spent the following days pondering how much his music, both with The Velvets and solo, had helped to shape a part of who I am. Not only with music and fashion and art, but with perfume too. My journey started with patchouli and Tabu. (I skipped Charlie – haha!)

Voiles d'Extrait Vero Kern Herb Ritts#2 Voile d’Extrait Photo by Herb Ritts given to APJ by Vero Kern

Voiles d’Extraits by Vero Kern 2013

Vero, Voiles and The Velvets.

Vero Kern´s perfumes do to me what the Velvets did and still do. They pierce my very soul. The Silver Fox said, when writing about .vero.profumo. “Once worn they own and haunt.” I can´t keep away. I wear other perfumes, I am a perfume junkie, but I come back to Vero´s creations every time.

Stylish, dark, hip, borderline scents. I never have been mainstream.

Voiles d'Extrait Vero Kern Herb Ritts#3Voile d’Extrait Photo by Herb Ritts given to APJ by Vero Kern

The VOILES are a variation on a theme but still the Kiki, Onda, Rubj and Mito that we know. These perfumes are created in a different concentration to the pure extraits, but are just as deep and rich. They satisfy the need to spray, whereas the extraits are to be dabbed.

RUBJ Voile Featuring orange blossom, Egyptian jasmine, musk. Heavenly.
KIKI Voile Including lavender, caramel, musk. A have to try for those who dislike lavender. It is velvety and addictive.
MITO Voile Magnolia, cypress, and a stunning tuberose (which does not feature in the EdP), lemony, bitter, it is perfection.
ONDA Voile Dark. Intimate. Honey, vetiver, nutmeg, pepper, ginger. Venus in Furs.

Voiles d'Extrait Vero Kern Herb Ritts#1Voile d’Extrait Photo by Herb Ritts given to APJ by Vero Kern

Try them if you get the chance. Take a walk on the wild side.

CQ xxx

The Voiles are available at Jovoy Paris, Marie Antoinette Paris, Bloom London and Campomarzio70 Rome. Which does´t help toomuch outside of Europe but where there´s a will there´s a way!! Lisa from Campomarzio70, .vero.profumo´s distributor told me that they will soon be in other exclusive shops. I will keep you posted.

Vero Kern sent me samples of the four Voiles. Vielen Dank.

9 comments on “Voiles d’Extraits by Vero Kern 2013

  1. Madeleine says:

    Wowee Val!

    Thank you so much for the vivid post! I totally get what you’re saying about dear Vero’s creations. they move me although I couldn’t wear them on a daily basis.

    And about the wild side….I heard this over and over as a child when I was too young to understand what it meant….once I did, it was like ‘whoa’!



    • cookie queen says:

      Hi M!
      How ya doing? Nice to see you. Haha! Yeah – understanding the words do make it a different experience. I am sitting here in Mito Extrait. How I suffer …..
      Bussis xxxxxxxx

  2. australianperfumejunkies says:

    You have me HOOKED!! Can’t wait to try these.
    Portia xx

  3. cookie queen says:

    I will keep some for you. Maybe. 😉 Hugs xxxxxx

  4. Maya says:

    Hi Val. You got me curious. Luckyscent has them now.

    • cookie queen says:

      Hi Maya! Definitely worth trying, just to know. Thanks for commenting. Drop me a line if you do try them. It would interest me …….. xxxx

  5. poodle says:

    Want. Need. Why do her scents have to be so darn wonderful? I have to try these. Her perfumes can be challenging but once you fall for them you fall hard. At least I did.

    • cookie queen says:

      I really do live and breathe them. Except the time I über-spritzed Onda EdP and went out in 30c heat. That was rather frightening. I just wear the Voile or the Extrait now. Carefully!
      Bussis Poodle. xxx

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