Metamorphosis, an Hermès story: Video

G’Day Gang,

I love how the big companies put out these fun films. Yes, their products are amazing, and yes I covet so many of them. See below pictured Ostrich Birkin. What I really love about these fils is that there are a wealth of creatives and artists making them. So much wonderful scope for the making of magic. That’s one of the reasons I search so many of these video-ettes out for you all, so they continue to have a need for artists to make magic. Oh, and because they are also fun stress relief.


Portia xx

Hermes_Ostrich_Birkin_Bag WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Metamorphosis, an Hermès story

5 comments on “Metamorphosis, an Hermès story: Video

  1. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Portia,
    In the last few years, I’d only rarely peak at the fashion mags, because the artistry was too intense. This video is wildly accomplish and truly fun: enjoyed the ride. And that bag — wow, that says it all. Thx for the fun!

  3. Fruitful says:

    Oh Portia, the carnivale atmosphere of this was irresistible! The free association between items and scenes was amazing. I will have to watch this again and again. Please keep the fashion house video posts coming, they are so inspirational and fun!

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