“Bottling The Memory” BBC Perfume Documentary Part 2

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Last Sunday we showed the “Something old, something new” Part 1.1 BBC Perfume Documentary. Today we”ll be able to watch the second of these 3 wonderful documentaries. You’ll need to grab a cuppa/juice/wine and maybe some breakfast/lunch/dinner and settle in for an hour, there are no ad breaks but you can pause and come back through your Sunday.

Fire from Heaven CB I Hate Perfume FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Christopher Brosius, Jean Claude Ellena and Givauden are just the beginning….

I love seeing inside the industry, even though I know this is a Hollywood-via-Heathrow-ised version of it. Still there is enough reality and interest to keep me static for more than half before I need a pit stop. Grabbed some sustenance, had a tinkle and watched the rest.


Portia xx

BBC Perfume documentary Part 2 “Bottling The Memory”

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  1. Nymphomaniac says:

    Many thanks for having posted this second episode 😉

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