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Hiya Fashion Hounds,

When I was studying fashion in the 1980s GUCCI was mainly about shoes and the house had become a bit of a white elephant. It was a slow downward spiral stopped mainly by the arrival of Tom Ford in 1994. There were 10 glorious years of freaking fabulous and though GUCCI is still pretty cool it is slowly sinking again.

Gucci-Fall-2014-Mod-coats LittleLuxuryListPhoto Stolen LittleLuxuryList

Then they go and do a fun ad like this. One of my favourite historical fashion styles was the MOD, from the 1950s & 60s it was a totally cool look featuring loads of black & white with maybe a touch of softest pink cashmere, girls with black eyes and white lips, leather, stretch and boots. Super cool look riding along on a Vespa. There was a brief revival of the look here in Sydney in the 1980s and there were a few MOD (Ska) bands around at the time too.

So here GUCCI goes and modernises the look making it fun and colourful! What a twist.

Enjoy the new ad,
Portia xx

Gucci Presents: Modern Mod

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    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      It’s fun isn’t it Elia. Thanks for dropping by, having a squiz and saying howdy.
      Portia xx

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