Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary Art Collaboration Project

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We have a book here in Australia, written by a buddy of mine Bruno Bouchet, The Beauty of Truth. It was about everyday items wrapped in the art of masters. You could have a Da Vince fridge, Picasso kettle, Pollock microwave. A bit like a Ben Elton book it was a fun look at the world of art, the world and snob value. There was a bunch of human interaction stuff too. I re-read it every now and then and laugh.

Anyway, enjoy these lovely pieces from China.
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Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary Art Collaboration Project

Shanghai Tang celebrates its 20th anniversary as the global curator of Modern Chinese chic with a series of collaborations with visionary creative talents.

Shanghai Tang: A Garden of Vibrant Dreams

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Shanghai Tang released a captivating pop-art short film entitled “A Garden of Vibrant Dreams” that will take you on a mesmerizing journey through a series of six artworks by the talented Shanghai-born artist Jacky Tsai. His recent works include an exquisite large blue and white porcelain egg for Faberge Big Egg Hunt in New York City, which was auctioned in Sotheby’s New York in April 2014.

The mystic spiral made of round artworks imitate a hypnotic fall where one enters a world within a world (mise-en-abime). The original cinematic music by Charlie Nguyen Kim combines sounds of the East with a modern twist.

The six original artworks (Lotus Porcelain, Flying Tiger, Ginger Flower, Carved Dragon, Petrol Rainbow and Mix Landscape) were inspired by the beauty of nature and filled with colourful energy which reflect the optimism of modern China.

Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary3

Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary1

Floral Play captures attention with the opening gates of leaves, followed by acrobats and ballerinas dancing on tree branches, among a kaleidoscope of butterflies, forming a surreal universe embracing the vitality of life. The sudden splash of ink introduces the world of peaceful Lotus Porcelain inspired by Chinese porcelain. Carved Dragon grown from Chinese motifs of wiggly tree branches and birds on a glowing red sunset.

Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary2

Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary4

The vibrant vegetal universe of Ginger Flower takes you through a tunnel of birds, dragonflies, and koi fish to come together in a picturesque portrait. Petrol Rainbow set in the landscape of an iceberg with dolphins and gold fish and colorful valley. Last but not least, Chinese acrobats and Western performers work together jumping and swinging up in the sky to celebrate the prosperous Chinese New Year on a festive background of Chinese lanterns and dancing lions for Flying Tiger.

Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary5

Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary6

The Jacky Tsai x Shanghai Tang collaboration inspired a limited edition capsule collection of apparel and accessories for women and men. These include the traditional qipao dresses, box clutches, cashmere shawls, porcelain dining set, home products, iPad and iPhone cases and even skateboards.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Love, love, love Shanghai Tang. The store I visited was full of vibrant colors which always makes me happy. Thanks for sharing Portia! xo

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      One day I hope to go visit one of their stores. I’ve not yet seen them in Oz but hopefully in my travels Sandra.
      Portia xx

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