Arlesienne by L`Occitane en Provence 2014

Hey Hey APJ Family,

As you may know one of my girlfriends here in Australia works for L`Occitane en Provence. well this month she has sent me a great set. I gave the hand cream to another girlfriend and she was most impressed by the scent and the softening properties, Anna Maria wore the hand cream for a week to make sure and was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

Arlesienne by L`Occitane en Provence 2014

Arlesienne L`Occitane en Provence FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Mandarin, pepper, saffron flower
Heart: Grasse rose, lily of the valley
Base: Violet, sandalwood, blonde woods, tonka bean

Something light, fresh and breezy. A lovely wash of fragrance in which the singular notes don’t make huge statements but are a very harmonious and gentle waft. I can imagine Arlesienne being the spritz and go daywear for sunshine days, through spring to autumn. While Arlesienne does not smell wildly expensive or extravagant it does have a sheer, shimmering and youthful zing that will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

From L’Occitane Press release: The fragrance is inspired by the Venus of Arles, a Roman statue discovered in 1651 and everything that it represents—the woman of Provence, the ideal of female beauty and the muse of artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Léo Lele, Mistral, Bizet, Christian Lacroix and many others.

AllSteele giveaway 1Photo Stolen AllSteele

Arlesienne by L`Occitane en Provence GIVEAWAY


This week we will have 1 Winner who will get:

1 x Arlesienne by L`Occitane 250ml Shower Gel
1 x Arlesienne by L`Occitane 75ml Body Oil
1 x Arlesienne by L`Occitane 75ml Eau de Toilette
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Tell me a favourite soft & fresh fragrance in your collection and why.

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31 comments on “Arlesienne by L`Occitane en Provence 2014

  1. Camilla Sheridan says:

    I follow on FB and my soft fragrance is L’Occitane cherry blossom. Its nice and light for day wear

  2. Jaybee says:

    I’ve just used up my L’Occitane Vert au Jasmin, which fits the soft and fresh category, I think. Green tea’s a very refreshing and summery scent! I follow by email.

  3. edith says:

    by email and facebook. I dont have many soft fragrances ! let’s say Espirit by Oscar de la Renta. thanks for the draw !

  4. Sammy says:

    I follow by email 🙂 And my favourite soft and fresh frag is another one by L’Occitane – Pivoine Flora EDT!

  5. Jackie b says:

    Now that the weather is warming up I am reaching for Chanel La Pausa. I don’t like most soft ie floral or powdery fragrances, but the iris has a drier aspect which freshens it up, love it!
    Follow by email.

  6. Patty Pong says:

    E-mail follower. Creed Original Cologne comes to mind first. 🙂

  7. willa says:

    L’artisan Figuier Extreme. Green and ripe. Email, baby.

  8. Annamaria says:

    I follow by Bloglovin, and my favourite soft and fresh fragrance is Versace Versense, because it is perfect for busy or stressful days – uncomplicated, soft and fresh but with surprising longevity, and effortlessly pretty.

  9. Scentella says:

    My soft & fresh scent used to be Anaïs Anaïs, which made me feel young. I follow via RSS.

  10. maggiecat says:

    Hello APJ! I follow via e-mail and also on Facebook sometimes. I can’t wait to try to new L’Occitane scent – I wonder if it will be released in the U.S. closer to spring, or if we can look forward to seeing it here soon? I think a trip to the closes boutique (not very close, really)is in order…
    I love fresh and light scents, but my current favorite is Eau de Minimes, from Couvent des Minimes, which I believe is owned by L’Occitane. Between new scents and their yummy Divine Oil, I think I know what to tell people I want for my birthday…and Christmas!

  11. Lindaloo says:

    Happily following by email.
    L’Occitane’s The Vert is a favourite soft and fresh scent in my collection. It was a blind buy that I’ve never regretted. I also love my Yardley Lily of the Valley bath products and am delighted to see lily of the valley is featured in Arlesienne.
    Thanks for the generous draw opportunity.

  12. Kandice says:

    Hi Portia! I follow via email. My favorite light scent of the moment is a new perfume from a new perfume house in the US, Dame Perfumery. I received a sample of Pear, Waterlily, and Amber when I placed an order. I don’t usually like pear fragrances, but this is just beautiful. You can also spritz with abandon and not overwhelm anyone. My sample is almost gone, and this is definitely FB worthy. And at $65 for 100 ml you really can’t go wrong!

  13. Lean S says:

    I do enjoy L’occitane products, and have tried a couple of their fragrances, so I am excited for this giveaway. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. I follow via EMAIL RSS and Facebook.

    My Dame Perfumery Verbana, Freesia and Musk is a soft and fresh fragrance. I think I enjoy this one the most because it always manages to soothe and uplift me. I don’t currently have too many fresh fragrances, and I’m always happy to find one that works well for me.

  14. Tourmaline says:

    Hello there Portia, I follow APJ via email.

    I have a soft spot for a fragrance that I discovered back in the eighties, Clair de Jour (Lanvin 1983), which Michael Edwards classifies as a fresh floral aldehyde with white flower notes. It is just that – very light and fresh, with a transparent quality; a single whiff of it can make me feel cooler. It always seemed to me that Clair de Jour was a little ahead of its time in that, to my nose at least, it has an aquatic, ozonic quality to it, although it was formulated prior to fragrances such as “New West for Her” (Aramis 1990) that first used ingredients such as calone to produce these notes. It also lasts very well on me.

    Sadly, Clair de Jour has been discontinued for many years now, although bottles are still available on eBay. I am fortunate enough to have a couple of bottles of the EDT left from the eighties, a 50 ml and a 100 ml – both dab-ons, which are stored in my refrigerator. I also have a cake of the soap and a shaker of talcum powder. This morning on eBay I was fortunate enough to find a mini 4ml bottle of the EDT (for only AU $12.23, with free postage), into which I can decant the eighties juice for my handbag.

    I would be interested to know whether there are others out there who liked (or still like) this perfume.

  15. Angela says:

    I follow this blog via bloglovin.

    My favourite ‘soft and fresh’ fragrance is Lolita Lempicka L’eau en Blanc, it is made for blushing brides in weddings and I love this idea! So delicate, gentle and whimsical at the same time. White violets dance with powdered raspberries and cherries. White musk grounds the sweetness. Whilst a touch of heliotrope inspires reveries. It is definitely soft and fresh for spring!

  16. Rene Groyer says:

    I follow APJ by e mail
    My favourite soft and fresh scent is Guerlain Insolance Eau Glacee.It has soft apple notes and the dry down goes to a very subtle violet hue.Soft and cooling leaving one fresh all day.

  17. Cynthia Mc says:

    I follow by email.

    I’ve been in a sampling mood lately and today’s sample was South Bay by The Different Company. It’s citrus top notes, followed by freesia and eglantine (aka rose hip?), which all melts into a lovely, soft, sandalwood base with vetiver and suede. Very fresh and sunny without being poked in the eye by the citrus. I wanted to bathe in it after doing hours of yard work in the 90 degree heat.

  18. Robert H. says:

    Love your emails, and am thrilled to have won TWO giveaways in the past. The first was amazing, still waiting for the second! Cannot Wait! My fresh frag would have to be Cedrat Enivrant by Atelier Cologne. It always lifts me up and plops me right in the middle of a cloud of citrus! Love it!

    Many Thanks!

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  20. Melita says:

    Hello Portia! I follow via email. My favourite soft and fresh fragrance is Fan di Fendi Eau Fraiche. I love the mixed citrus but there is also a hint of green tea and white florals. It’s invigorating on a hot day and is quite subtle.

  21. Amanda Gorton says:

    I follow via bloglovin, email and twitter

    I really admire Bvlgari for their elegance and exquisite style.One of my favourites is Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste. It’s a really nice summer scent I can wear everyday; light, clean and floral.

  22. judith says:

    I follow via email and my favorite soft fragrance is Chanel Jersey, my favorite fresh fragrance is Armani Acqua di Gioia Essenza. Thank you!

  23. puhfume says:

    My favorite soft and fresh perfume is Bvlgari’s green tea. Wearing it is like a cool breeze on a hot day, although it does have some spice in there so it’s not completely devoid of warmth.

    I follow by email. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. boringzlifez says:

    Hi APJ, as always following via wordpress and one of my favorites is MJ Daisy Dream because it reminds me of the smell of freshly rained on flowers, transports to a calm and serene place.

  25. Becky S. says:

    I happily follow by email. My favorite soft and fresh perfumes is (as mainstream as it is) D&G Light Blue. There’s something about citrus and wood combinations that adds a clean freshness to perfumes. I for one, love it! 🙂

  26. Chrystabel Prathap says:

    I follow via email. My current favourite is from Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica collection in Flower Market. Very gentle spring-summer scent. Thanks for this giveaway =)

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