Fragranze 2014 Photo Essay: Cookie Queen in Florence


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Hey All,

Val sent me these pics and I thought they would make a fun, light look at the Fragranze 2014 experience.

Portia xx

Fragranze 2014 Photo Essay: Cookie Queen in Florence

Fragranze 2014 #1Arriving after 8 hour drive

Fragranze 2014 #2Chatting with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen.  Absolute highlight.  So passionate

Fragranze 2014 #3On the way to dinner on the first night, bumped into Yosh Han and her friend Ineke

Fragranze 2014 #4Heading in on the first day

Fragranze 2014 #5Sorting out some VP samples so I don’t have to empty my own bottles!

Fragranze 2014 #6Florence by night

Fragranze 2014 #7One of the ceilings in the Santa Maria Novella Farmacia.  Beyond lovely

Fragranze 2014 #8One of the ceilings in the Santa Maria Novella Farmacia.  Beyond lovely

Fragranze 2014 #9Checking in with Portia.  Live texting.  Haha!

Fragranze 2014 #10Vero

Fragranze 2014 #11Neela sharing secrets.  Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more


38 comments on “Fragranze 2014 Photo Essay: Cookie Queen in Florence

  1. Tarleisio says:

    Wondering who I’ll have to bribe to get there next year… 😉 xo

  2. Tara says:

    Such wonderful photos, thanks for posting Portia. I didn’t realise Neela was there too and I love Vero’s jumpsuits!

    Val rocks.

  3. cookie queen says:

    Portia Honey, we’ll go in 2016 too. I would never have gone there at all if it hadn´t been for you entering my life. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sandra says:

    Great photos Val! You and Portia are wonderful for sharing with the rest of us. Thank you so much for this eye candy. Xoxo

  5. einsof says:

    #1` fave photo is the Queen resting on the pillows. girl, you’re beautiful.

    Vero, love those glasses and how many hearts have you skewered with that gorgeous grin?!

    and Florence by night… well… ’nuff said.

    a visual delight! thank you!

    • cookie queen says:

      I was totally exhausted. They had lots of velvet pillows outside the show for the weary! Yeah – Vero is really lovely. I was lucky to go. Bussi xxx

  6. Azar says:

    These are fabulous photos, Val! Is this a camera, a phone? You are so photogenic.
    Azar xx

    • cookie queen says:

      Hello Azar! Nice to see you. A camera. My husband took the pictures. 700 of them. Despite fantastic phones, and I am a big fan, cameras still take better shots. Why don’t you come in 2016?
      Hugs xxxx

      • Azar says:

        THAT would be SO MUCH FUN! Imagine the show mobbed by APJ! I have to start planning right now.
        Azar xx and extra x’s

    • cookie queen says:

      You have had fair warning!!

  7. Dionne says:

    Val, that look like sooo much fun. And I’m hearkening back to my very first forays into the niche/indie world of perfume, when I ordered Ineke’s sampler set. How cool that you ran into her!

    • cookie queen says:

      DIONNE!!! How nice to see you. Taking time out from Breaking Bad to comment? Yep. It was a wonderful trip. Big big hug cxxxx

  8. Sister Mary says:


    Thanks for taking us all there.


  9. Robert Herrmann. says:

    Beyond wonderful! Thanks Portia for posting these pics. Looking forward to hearing about the new releases! (That crying sound in the background is my checkbook being wrung out and begging for mercy!)

    • cookie queen says:

      Hello Robert! I din´t try too many new things, but enough to get an idea. Me? I only want Rozy Extrait. Totally nice to see you, drop by again!! Bussis. xxx

  10. TinaG says:

    Val, how fabulous!! Thanks for the photos, and I’m very much looking forward to full reports. Next trip in 2015, you say…. Hummmm…. 😉 xx Tina

  11. Marion says:


    • cookie queen says:

      Hi Marion! Yes it was. And I do know how lucky I was to go and don´t take it for granted. A supportive husband photographer helped a lot!! xxx

  12. poodle says:

    Cookie Queen gets to hang out with all the cool kids. I love the pictures! That trip must have been so much fun. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to hearing all the juicy details.

    • cookie queen says:

      Hi Poodle! Glad you liked the pictures. It was hard to chose. I have another 700. Juicy details? Hmmmmmm. Perhaps an email …… xxxx

  13. Michael says:

    Looks amazing CQ, I’m jealous 🙂

  14. Ines says:

    Looks like an amazing experience (which I have no doubt it was). 🙂
    Ines recently posted…Lindsey Pogue & Lindsey Farleigh: Out of the Ashes (The Ending series)My Profile

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