Paris by Chanel – Inside CHANEL Movie

Hi there Fashionistas,

Here we have another block in the Gabriel “Coco” Chanel story/myth/legend. She has been so painted, glossed and glammed that she could be a decoupage. The house lives on in splendour and Karl Lagerfeld is the reigning monarch. Still the house CHANEL is a major player and an international billion dollar money making factory.

I hope you enjoy their latest mini movie, a piece about the atelier, store and apartment at 31 Rue Cambon and Coco. Magic.

Portia xx

Chanel WallPaperMinePhoto Stolen WallPaperMine

Paris by Chanel – Inside CHANEL Movie

One comment on “Paris by Chanel – Inside CHANEL Movie

  1. Julie Ohara says:

    Yes, that was magic. At first I thought I couldn’t spare 3 minutes for a Chanel promo, but I totally wrong!

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