Gucci Presents: Bamboo Confidential Movie

Hi there GUCCI lovers, and haters,

GUCCI is a brand with heaps of awareness through the ages. Even when no one was buying GUCCI it was still a name associated with lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous. Then came the dreary years when you may have bought GUCCI shoes, they were exquisitely produced even to the turn of the century, but not much else. Then Tom Ford came and reignited the brand, brought it to a whole new world of middle classes who wanted to feel rich & famous and who could afford some fragrance, a belt, some shoes or if very lucky a suit/gown/skirt etc

Gucci Bamboo Confidential amsterdam-ftvPhoto Stolen AmsterdamFTV (Problem using this image? tell me)

Now GUCCI is on the slides again but they are doing some fun and interesting advertising, love this mini movie and maybe they will get back to making excellent shoes.

Portia xx

Gucci Presents: Bamboo Confidential

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