Cate Blanchett Speech

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Here is the lovely Cate Blanchett, you may know her from the Giorgio Armani blockbuster fragrance ads for Si, or even as an Oscar winning actress. Here Cate is invited to do a eulogy for one of Australia’s most controversial and loved Prime Ministers.

Cate_Blanchett_at_the_AACTA_Awards WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

This is a speech for the ages. All encompassing but from a personal place. Filled with honest good humour and excellent reminiscences it also highlights so many of the achievements made by one of our greatest Prime ministers.

Portia xx

Cate Blanchett thanks Gough Whitlam

4 comments on “Cate Blanchett Speech

  1. Haefennasiel says:

    I love this woman! She’s simply amazing! And it’s very good that Australians give such a strong support to the arts – which is more than I can say for our present government …

  2. Donelle Talintyre says:

    Thanks for sharing this Portia, a very moving speech by our Cate Blanchett. He was a wonderful politician who did so much for this country including the arts and women and Aborigines and health care, the list goes on. Many of us have benefited from his legacy. I don’t see many people benefitting from the current PM’s reforms, sad to say.

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