Cartier – L’Odyssée and Making Of Documentary

Hello Beautiful People,
If ever there was a time where my writing was superfluous, this is it. Please enjoy these 2 Cartier movies. you may have seen one or both before but it’s worth having another look.

Photo Stolen thesnapassembly

Until we see you tomorrow please be good to yourselves and those around you,
Portia xx

(This is a Re-Blog from 24 November 2012)

Cartier – Behind the scenes of L’Odyssée

Cartier – L’Odyssée Mini Movie

6 comments on “Cartier – L’Odyssée and Making Of Documentary

  1. RuthF says:

    Stunning! Thanks Portia x

  2. Kandice says:

    Love this ad and the Christmas one as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Lindaloo says:

    Well worth watching many times. I’m rarely interested in the “making of” videos but,of course, this one was fascinating. Thanks for re-posting.

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