Dior A/W 15/16 Show – Raf Simons Interview

Hi there Crew,

I am less taken with this show, Raf Simons does some great and exciting stuff with surreal animal print, fabric uses are interesting and some of the colours are killer. I love the side ponytails and the long plastic boots (which seem to be a favourite of his) but the collection has only rare highlights for me. There is quite a bit of repetition through the DIOR couture and pret a porter ranges and over seasons. It has me wondering if Raf is creating a signature for himself at DIOR or if he is doing a timeline of incremental change?

The reason that he created this show as he did it is much more interesting so I’ve given you the interview today instead of the show. you’ll see enough of the frocks to make your own decisions.

DIOR AW 15:16 ready-to-wear-show DIORPhoto Stolen DIOR.com

I’d love to read what you think about it in the comments,
Portia xx

 Dior A/W 15/16 Show – Raf Simons Interview

2 comments on “Dior A/W 15/16 Show – Raf Simons Interview

  1. Nancysg says:

    I find the use of “animal print” as a descriptor of the prints quite a stretch. I was non-plus send. Although, some of the man tailored jackets were nice.

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