Milan. Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2015


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Buon giorno!

In two days I am gonna be jumping into the car at 06.00 and heading to Milan. I am so excited I can hardly wait. Dr Fox, my very dear friend
will be chauffeuring and accompanying me on this fragrant adventure. She is a cognitive behavior therapist which could prove very useful!

Milan. Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2015

Most perfume houses launch their new fragrances at the Esxence, and it can be a little chaotic. Last year I ran around a bit like a headless
chicken. I am hoping this year to have a little more order in what I do. Although I won´t be holding my breath!


I will be spending some time with Neela Vermeire of Neela Vermiere Créations and plan to überspritz Pichola on the spot. As you can see on the Esxence 2015 Brands List there are so many exhibitors it makes you wonder where to start. I will be touring the show with the lovely Megan of the Megan In Sainte Maxime blog. Two noses might be better than one!

The highlight will be spending time with the Campomarzio70 crew. Their partying and launches run parallel to the Esxence but not at the Esxence event itself. They do their own thing. Here we have Kilian, Mona di Orio, Ramon Monegal, Von Eusersdorff, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Cire Trudon, Grossmith, .vero.profumo. and a number of other fabulous houses. It is smaller, more intimate and more my thing. .vero.profumo. will launch the Rozy Extrait – thick and golden as honey, threaded with sandalwood, leather, and rose. Mind blowingly beautiful. It is here that I will be able to try Opopanax from Eusersdorff. Campomarzio70 will throw an intimate cocktail party on the Friday evening, with classy live music, wonderful eats, and great company.

Campomarzio70 2015

The show is thrown open to the public on Saturday. My therapist and I shall be brunching with Bogue.

Now all you APJers who might be interested. Have a look through the long list of exhibitors. If there is a perfume house that you have always wanted to try, a new release that is giving you sleepless nights, then tell me in the comments. It will give me a direction, I will try and grab samples, and get back to you. Perhaps I can grant a couple of wishes. I will give it a damn good go.

I will post captioned pictures on Twitter for anyone who wants to follow along @valcqsperrer. You can follow my adventures on FaceBook too of course.


33 comments on “Milan. Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2015

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Can’t wait to read these reports Val, I can already hear you in your fabulous voice.
    Have a great time and hug everybody from me please.
    Portia xx

    • cookie queen says:

      Goes without saying that I will hug everyone for you. I am actually gonna try and get into the groove and search out something new. Bussis from your APJ Roving reporter.

  2. Tara says:

    Can;t believe it’s been a year since the last one. So excited for you Val!

    Check out that Russian Tea by Masque for me if you happen to come across it. Really looking forward to following your adventure. Being a headless chicken can be fun sometimes 🙂

    • cookie queen says:

      I am permanently headless. I cannot believe it either. I wonder where the time goes. I will get hold of some of the Russian Tea for you, one way or another. I promise. I will keep in touch. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hey Val. Can’t wait to meet you, and everything else in Milan. I think it’s going to be a crazy few days!!
    meganinstmaxime recently posted…Top 10 Perfumes : Chosen By French PerfumersMy Profile

  4. willa says:

    Just had a look at the brand list. Wow! I think my brain and nose would spontaneously combust if I saw the wares of all these perfume houses, under one roof, and just one day to sniff through it all!

    • cookie queen says:

      Hi Willa! Hahahaha! And that brand list does not cover the Campomarzio70 offerings. it´s kind of scary. I am going to write a list. (Don´t believe me.) 🙂 xxxx

  5. empliau says:

    I feel I owe my obsession with Mito to you, Val – your writing about vero.profumo inspired me. Have a wonderful time and if you see Vero, you could tell her she has enriched my life. Mito VdeE forever! (Although someday I’ll try the others. I have a particular curiosity about Rozy – I have grown roses for years and adore them, but have never found a rose perfume that is quite right on me.)

    • cookie queen says:

      Good evening (from here) I so love Mito too. I am hoping to get my hands-on the Extrait whilst in Milan. All of the .vero.profumo. perfumes are stunning. Nothing compares to them You need to try them all as time permits. The Rozy collection is really a vibe. A tangerine, pinky, glowing, honeyed, leathered, sandalwood, rosy haze of amazingness. Not to be confused with a rose fragrance. Perhaps I can grab some samples. I will get back to you if it works out. Nice to see you. xxx

      • empliau says:

        You are too kind! If you do get the extrait, I’ll look forward to a description here!

        xoxo Molly

  6. Sabine says:

    How exciting! I am hoping to go next year. Can you please have a look at the O’Driu stuff? I think the perfumer is a depp, but may be his scents aren’t deppert at all. In any case the stall probably makes for good entertainment.
    Sabine recently posted…La Danza delle LibelluleMy Profile

  7. Azar says:

    Hi Val!
    Happy Trails to you! Sounds like blast. If it’s not too much trouble – or too troublesome 😉 – please check O’Driu’s latest for me too. AP is a wild and crazy guy but I really like his fragrances. I am off tomorrow on a more pedestrian sort of journey to SF with the traveling kiddie orchestra, five days of frolic with forty middle school kids and the Beethoven Triple…
    Azar xxx

    • Azar says:

      Oh, I forgot to add this: Don’t forget to reveal your secrets to sniffing – and not confusing – so many fragrances in one day. I would love to know how you get past the olfactory overload. I’ve tried coffee beans but they don’t help at all even with only five frags to deal with.
      Azar xxx

      • cookie queen says:

        Well Azar. Firstly – I will do my utmost to get O’Driu´s late offerings. There are two new ones. I forgot the names at the moment. No secrets to my sniffing. I don´t sniff much, and if then just a half-hearted sniff. I already know what I am going to hit myself up with (Neela, Vero, Von Eusersdorff, Mona, a couple more) and as for the rest? I shall get samples and then take my time at home. Although the list looks mind-blowing, I am only really interested in a few. I see no use in coffee beans, except to grind up and drink. Which I will do in-between sniffs. THAT is the nest way of clearing the nose. The samples that I get that don´t suit me so well – I pass onto others Happily! Hugs and love.

      • cookie queen says:

        best* not nest. 😉

  8. Vanessa says:

    Have a total blast! Sniff your socks off, and enjoy all that fragrant company. And see you soon…;)
    Vanessa recently posted…The Jasmine awards: a memorable way to start the day (very early!), plus Penhaligon’s Ostara mini-reviewMy Profile

  9. Have a great time, Val!! I can’t even imagine what it would be like… All those perfume houses and fragrances under one roof? Heaven! I’m so looking forward to reading your reports. 🙂

    • cookie queen says:

      Hi Ms Thinkingmagpie. 😉 I hope I can some up with a report or two. I was overwhelmed last year and din´t write much. I shall try Tweeting pictures, as I said and post onto FB. All my own opinions of course. hahahahahahah xxxx

  10. poodle says:

    I’m green with envy. You’re going to have a blast. Looking at that list I can understand why you were running around like a nut. That was me at my first Sniffa. I’m sure you’ll be more focused this time. I’m so excited you’ll be tweeting too. #teamvero 🙂

    • cookie queen says:

      Much more focused. Yes – you are nearly right – #teamveroprofumo 😉 I hope I can manage to Tweet. It sounds so hip but I suck at it. 🙂

  11. Steve says:

    Have a great time. I can’t wait to hear all about the new and exciting launches!
    Steve recently posted…New Release: Asphalt Rainbow by Charenton MacerationsMy Profile

    • cookie queen says:

      Hello Steve. I am sure between everyone you’ll hear. Takes me six months to decide whether I like something or not. We shall see! I like espresso though, so should be OK. xxxxx

  12. Have a wonderful time in Milan! I am new to this newsletter but so far I have been enjoying the insights and ans reviews on wonderful fumes!

    • cookie queen says:

      Welcome here to APJ! Thanks for commenting. Glad you are enjoying it. Stop by again soon, we love it!!! xxxx

  13. Marion says:

    Whaaaa heaven on a stick!!! Looking forward to the reports!

  14. Lean S says:

    Fun! Enjoy your time there!

  15. George says:

    Hi all, I have already passed by with some distributor friends. didnt have time to see everything since there are 100s of brands. I loved many new trials and spent some time at my friend’s stand “Viktoria Minya”, a young very talented women with a great “Hedonist” line of frangrances. Go and check it out and tell us your opinion 🙂
    There are many brands that are explicitely offering arabic trends with a lot of oudy notes. I wont give more spoils and will wait your article!!

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