7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Gay Men: Video

Hey All,

I know that most of you don’t need to see this, or when you see it you will be thinking, “OK I know this stuff”

DW2_0053Photo Stolen DaveyWaveyFitness

Having said that I did like the way they deal with some of the issies and Davey Wavey always gives me a smile.

Be careful at work, there is adult content.

Underneath that is the most hilarious parody, watch it. Ha Ha Ha ha

Portia xx

7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Gay Men

Bromance Parody

4 comments on “7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Gay Men: Video

  1. Musette says:

    LOL! HOT bods! and omg – nothing quite like a straight guy in a bromance, bless their hearts. Sometimes it’s not with a guy, either. Sometimes it’s with a dog. Or a cat. Anybody who is NOT the wife.


    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Oh yes, bromance is a funny one isn’t it. Quite often I have sweet, platonic bromances with straight guys.
      Portia xx

  2. Tara C says:

    That bromance video was hilarious. 🙂 very hot too!

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