Romano Ricci and the Aussie launch of Gentlewoman for JHaG


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Romano Ricci and the Aussie launch of Gentlewoman

Breathe in deeply next time you put your nose near someone who is wearing fresh clean cotton clothing on a warm day, especially if they are wearing a citrus-based Eau de Cologne, like 4711, underneath. That innocent clean cotton scent mixed with citrus, a hint of musk and highly intriguing pheromones is largely my experience of Gentlewoman, the newest fragrance by Juliette Has A Gun.

Romano Ricci Gentlewoman JHaG #5

Last month “We” (Clayton – What Men Should Smell Like, Catherine – Sydney Perfume Lovers Meet Up and Portia Turbo – APJ) met with Romano Ricci in Sydney, thanks to Agence de Parfums (Libertine Parfumerie). We started chatting as champagne was poured, with Romano requesting a ‘piscine’ – champagne on ice – apparently the “In” drink amongst champagne guzzlers in Europe. Romano was lovely, hilarious, and super handsome (we all noticed..!!) Easy to talk to, I enjoyed the facts he shared with us.

Romano Ricci Gentlewoman JHaG #2

Romano does not like to talk about his “fragrance royalty” lineage, however we all know Nina Ricci is his grandmother – I found this picture(<JUMP) I think they look so similar!!

Romano initially avoided working in the fragrance industry, spending 10 years exploring alternatives, including racecar driving, however he was eventually drawn back to his roots. Romano has since forged his own unique pathway, developing his brand alongside a perfumery apprenticeship of sorts.

In 2006 the Juliette Has A Gun concept was born with Romano wanting to shake up the current world of Niche Fragrance. He wanted to “throw a rock in a pond” and become the alternative niche brand for fragrance connoisseurs. He describes his branding as “dynamic and punchy with the composition and quality of ingredients falling into niche.” Colette, one of the coolest stores in Paris, quickly became his first stockist.

Romano Ricci Gentlewoman JHaG #1

Romano only wanted Francis Kurkdjian as his perfumer and asked him initially for two modern rose flower scents. Romano had no creative role in these and spent his time compounding (mixing) for Francis. The outcome was; Lady Vengeance; the sexy, deep rose. Strong, dark, sexual and powdered. Rose, vanilla, patchouli and musk provide a vibe of strong, sexually confident woman/man to me. AND Miss Charming contrastingly, the very pretty, innocent rose with its fresh dewy fruit-rose notes.

Romano Ricci Gentlewoman JHaG #4

Romano felt ready to be the perfumer for the next release. He aimed to modernize aldehydes; he loves the volume and sophistication of fragrances such as Chanel no 5. It took 1.5 years to make the “chypre aldehyde with animalic dose” (fragrantica). Of the process he swears he “will never do it again, it took away part of my youth!!” I predict one day we will see more from this naturally gifted perfumer.

He explained his best selling, Not a Perfume, rumored to be just 1 ingredient, is in fact a musk molecule combination which is intensified with slowly developed back notes. The juice is macerated for 16 weeks!!

Romano Ricci Gentlewoman JHaG #6

Romano Ricci Gentlewoman JHaG #3

We asked why Calamity J had been delisted and Romano said “the fragrances decide and this one did not work” I have never smelt it and I am sad I may never get the chance!

Have any of you smelt any of the Juliette Has A Gun frags? Favourites? What did you think?
Ainslie Walker XX

15 comments on “Romano Ricci and the Aussie launch of Gentlewoman for JHaG

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Wasn’t he an absolute freaking SPUNK Ainslie. OMG! So sexy, such a flirt, I loved him.
    Portia xx

  2. Azar says:

    Thank you for this review, Ainslie. My initial impression of Gentlewoman was all soap but I knew I must be missing something and I was! I have been living with it this morning and am getting the clean, cotton vibe you mentioned as well as a beautiful citrus bloom.
    Azar xx

  3. poodle says:

    I quite like a few of their perfumes. I have not tried this one yet. I almost bought a bottle of Lady Vengeance but then I tried Midnight Oud and couldn’t make up my mind.

  4. Ingeborg says:

    I bought the sample set in early 2013, so several perfumes have been issued since. For a full bottle I had to decide between my two favourites, Lady Vengeance and Citizen Quuen, and ended up with Citizen Queen. It is one of very few rose perfumes in my collection (perhaps exactly because it is not a traditional rose).

  5. Stefanie says:

    I have Lady Vengeance as part of my rose scents collection. I really like it. Suitable for work and perfect for any other time as well, as it’s not overpowering. I sometimes spritz my decolletage before bed with this lovely rose to help me relax.

  6. Holly says:

    Hi Ainslie! I haven’t tried a thing from this line. I take total responsibility for interpreting the brand as J-Hag. I have not embraced that concept yet, but I’m getting there. Portia will be pleased that I’m announcing that I have not a single sample of any of these floating in my Sample Sea.

    Could you please clarify the meaning of SPUNK? I will refrain from being indelicate on that topic lest I offend anyone.

  7. Trésor says:

    What an incredible piece and what a handsome fellow! Oh, my! The JHAG fragrance I adore most of all would have to be Lady Vengeance Extreme. All dat patch and rose. I love the candles as well! Lucifer is incredible.

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