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In lieu of my usual style of review I’ve decided to try something new this time around and take you guys on a little journey with me as I eschew my usual diet of niche obscurity and inky subversion for something a bit different. Instead I’ve decided to take 5 days to explore an area of fragrance which has become a bit maligned within the fragrance community: the pop star perfume. Here we go!

Pop Star Perfume Challenge


Day One: “Fame” by Lady Gaga (2012)

What I find so fascinating about Fame is what an incredible departure the actual composition itself is from the flacon in which it is contained. Judging from the inky black fluid and particularly aggressive, claw-like cap one would be coaxed into thinking that upon pressing the atomizer they would be met with a rather subversive brew but that’s simply not the case at all. Jammy apricots doused in saccharine sweet honey, bathed in the gentle aura of incense holograms and swirling tendrils of saffron spice. I’ve found this little potion rather pleasant to wear and I can see myself exploring it further in the future.

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Killer Queen Spring Reign

Day Two: “Killer Queen: Spring Reign” from Katy Perry (2015)

I actually purchased a bottle of Killer Queen: Spring Reign just for the packaging alone, I thought the facets of the jewel-like bottle reflected light in the most lovely way; dancing off the edges of the glass in lambent pirouettes. I am saddened to to say, however, that I didn’t have the same affection for what was contained inside. On my skin Killer Queen: Spring Reign reads very much as a functional fragrance, something that is in my humble opinion better suited to a fabric softener or shampoo; laden with screeching laundry musks and nondescript candyfloss florals. Though the formula isn’t without beauty, graced with a delicate flourish of may rose, I found that on my skin it registered at a rather jarring pitch that remained present the majority of its life on my skin.

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Day Three: “M” by Mariah Carey (2007)

I will admit right now, M by Mariah is one of my absolute favourite celebrity fragrances and one I have worn consistently since its launch back in 2007. I would easily count it among my roster of favourite comfort scents. Before you take away all of my fumehead street cred, do try to remember that it was authored by Carlos Benaim who’s also responsible for gems like Frederic Malle’s Eau de Magnolia and A Lab On Fire’s Liquidnight. M opens on the skin in a delicious, beautifully confectionary cloud of toasted sugar and unctuous marshmallow. Delicate threads of creamy gardenia weave throughout and a gossamer haze of salty skin musks that cascade gracefully upon tendrils of luminous incense.

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Incredible Things

Day Four: “Incredible Things” by Taylor Swift (2014)

First impression: Boy, is this ever sweet! Sweet and rather sharp but beneath this visceral flashbang of neon saccharine there is something that I find so incredibly comforting. It takes me a few minutes to recalibrate and begin to decipher just what that is. Dewy grapefruit makes way for a dense, oozing vanilla and unexpectedly…suede! A genuinely lovely, buttery soft suede hidden beneath layers and layers of tooth-aching sweetness. Did I mention that it’s sweet? There is a tender current of coconut running throughout as well which calls to mind the fragrance of vintage tanning oil. The dry down of this little potion also takes a rather unexpected twist, beneath the expected menagerie of clean musk and crystalline amber there is a twist of vetiver! How unusual for a fragrance of this nature. I look forward to wearing this again and seeing what other surprises it may have in store.

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Truth or Dare

Day Five: “Truth or Dare” by Madonna (2012)

Now this one, this one I like a lot! I am actually on my second bottle. Truth or Dare from Madonna is easily another of my favourite celebrity fragrances and if I am being absolutely honest it’s one of my favourite tuberose fragrances as well. Right out of the gate Truth or Dare captivates with one bloody gorgeous aria of voluptuous, dewy tuberose underscored by an exquisite gardenia; so creamy that you can almost imagine the glorious tactile sensation. Lush jasmine emerges from beneath, her essence in fusion with glistening droplets of oozing benzoin that dance sensually in radiant sunlight. Her last moments on the skin are spent as a plush cloud of warm, vanillic musk. I’d easily recommend this to any lover of tuberose. Top marks for Truth or Dare.

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Would you take the Pop Star Perfume Challenge? What fragrances would you choose?
Trésor xx

20 comments on “Pop Star Perfume Challenge

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    I wore Madonna Truth or Dare today. What a stunner.
    Lasting power and projection are freaking excellent.
    LOVE IT!
    Have you tried the new Lady Gaga? I like it much more than the original.
    Portia XXX

    • Tresor says:

      Isn’t it wonderful? My mind is still a bit blown by just how decadent it is at such a reasonable price point.

      I have! I thought it was incredibly well done and how brilliant would it be for summer? Violets and green tea, so beautiful. I will add a bottle to my collection in the future. 🙂

  2. Aelfrik says:

    I’d put a vote in for Jessica Simpson ‘Fancy Nights’. To date the only celebuscent I’ve really found intriguing. Still not something I’d wear – the heavy-handed patchouli puts me off – but I still think it’s an interesting, strong, and rather strange beast in a field of saccharine-sweet, cookie-cutter chemical soup.
    If it were packaged in something hipster and had a three figure price tag I rather suspect it would go over quite well.

    • Tresor says:

      I adore Fancy Nights and I actually just purchased a bottle after having doing this challenge and wishing I had some.

      I couldn’t agree more. Who would expect such a fragrance under the moniker of Jessica Simpson? I think that makes it all the more exciting!

  3. Kesbah says:

    Hi Tresor,

    Alain Delon’s “Le temps d’aimer”. (With the pink cap.) Quite lovely, despite the ghastly name and bottle.

    • Tresor says:


      I’ve never had the pleasure of trying that one but I will keep my eye out for a bottle! Thank you so much for sharing with me. 🙂

  4. Azar says:

    Hi Tresor,
    My pop star hit parade includes Queen by Queen Latifah, Nicole Ritchie by Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights (I am obviously attracted to the fragrance creations of Steve Demercado – and these three are somewhat similar), Madonna’s Truth or Dare, Elizabeth Taylor Black Pearls, Sophia Lauren Sophia (the first celebrity fragrance?) and most recently Taylor Swift Incredible Things. Which celebrity today? I think it will be Truth or Dare.
    Thanks for the fun.
    Azar xx

    • Tresor says:

      Hello lovely Azar!

      I enjoy so many of those you’ve listed! Queen Latifah in particular is so stunning. I am also really fond of the Adam Levine duo which Yann Vasnier did.

      The pleasure is mine! Thank you so much for your lovely comments.

  5. cookie queen says:

    Entertaining post. Interesting post. But no. Thanks. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. FeralJasmine says:

    I like and occasionally wear Truth or Dare; you’ve reminded me to locate my bottle and put it in a more visible place. And I am going to try “M.” On rare occasion, in strict privacy, I like to smell like a cupcake, but I already have “Vanilla Girls” for that.

    • Tresor says:

      You know, it makes me wonder just how many honest-to-goodness fume heads are secretly enamoured with all the things which are so maligned within the community. I quite like wearing a little bit of everything every once and a while, it makes the whole experience so much more exciting.

  7. poodle says:

    Truth or Dare is a good one. I’m a Fancy Nights fan too. One of the Jennifer Lopez perfumes wasn’t too awful either but I can’t remember off the top of my head which it was.

    • FeralJasmine says:

      My mother likes the J Lo scent Deseo. It has a light bamboo-fig accord, and as far as I can remember it isn’t very sweet at all. Overall it’s fairly different from most things in that category.

      • Tresor says:

        I find her fragrances very well done myself, A friend of mine wears her Glow so beautifully. 🙂

  8. axisskin says:

    Nicely done, dear friend.

  9. FeralJasmine says:

    Really enjoyed this post, Tresor. It’s good for us to be jolted out of our niche snobbery, and there’s no reason why inexpensive scents can’t be good, it’s just that often they aren’t. I ordered some M. I will try anything with a gardenia note. Thanks!

  10. Morrigan says:

    Gag’s Fame gets such a bad rap, glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

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