Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil


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When it comes to personal fragrance, I don’t think perfume body oils get enough love. They condition your hair, give your skin a healthy fresh-from-vacation glow, and smell ah-mazing for hours. A good quality perfume body oil will outlast any cologne, and most EDP’s.

And that’s the one I’m going to introduce to you today – Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil, nosed by none other than superstar perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil EscentualPhoto Stolen Escentual

Fragrantica gives these featured accords for the fragrance:
Top: Mandarin orange, grapefruit, cumin
Heart: Fig leaf, fig
Base: Fig nectar, cedar, musk

Now, the deal with body oil fragrances is they’re pretty linear. What you smell from the first spray is generally what you’re still smelling 5hrs later. No hidden unexpected notes. I know that some connoisseurs enjoy the three-stage transformative experience à la Serge Lutens, I personally prefer honest, linear fragrances that can hit the mark from the get go.

So what does Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier smell like? Is it fruity and florally? Yes and yes, but in a classy, expensive and French kind of way. Fleur de Figuier is not a green fig that recalls Diptyque Philosykos, nor a sweet milky one like L’artisan Premier Figuier. If you’re after a photorealistic, heavy lactonic and green fig fragrance, look to those houses. Fleur de Figuier is the sweet juicy inside of a fig, combined with sweet juicy mandarin and some grapefruit so it doesn’t become too saccharine. It’s the fruity floral fragrance for the fruity-floral loving gal (and older woman) who doesn’t want to smell so mass market generic.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil  Roger & GalletPhoto Stolen Roger & Gallet

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil is a dry oil so you can put clothes on right afterwards, and you’re not going to feel sticky or greasy. It’s made from a mixture of fruit oils and sweet almond oil. 96% natural origin ingredients, apparently. Sweet almond oil is thin and light, so it’s not as nourishing as other cult oils on the market but you shouldn’t use it primarily as a skincare product. This oil is so perfume concentrated, you’re going to knock your nose out.
Instead, treat it as a perfume body oil, another way to deliver fine fragrance to your person. I tend to do two sprays on each arm and get juicy sweet scent wafting throughout the whole day. And even picking up the bottle is nice because Roger & Gallet is a proud French company that cares about how its products are presented. This oil comes in an attractive, quality glass bottle with a solid clear Perspex lid. Very dignified.

Roger & Gallet does other fragranced body oils in its line. Even if you’re not a fruity floral person, I recommend giving the other dry oils a go. You might just get converted.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil   Figs _Nini_ PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

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Escentual has £25/100ml

Now, do you have a favourite perfume body oil?
Willa Zheng x

15 comments on “Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Hey there Willa,
    Love a body oil. Have you tried the L’Artisan dry oils? So freaking yummy. I buy them for my male non perfumista buddies and they love them.
    You have inspired me to grab a bottle of this too. I couldn’t find it in Oz, do you have a seller here?
    Portia xx

    • willa says:

      No I haven’t tried the L’Artisan dry oils. I imagine that they’d be to die for!

      I buy mine from Escentual when they have 1/3 or 25% off French pharmacy products. I believe there’s one coming soon, so hold onto your credit card!

      • australianperfumejunkies says:

        Yes, the sale is on now Willa, I have put the regular price in the post but there are discounts at Escentual NOW!!
        Portia xx

      • willa says:

        Don’t get too excited. It’s not as cheap as it was last month, when it was 1/3 off. It looks like 20% off atm.

  2. Kesbah says:

    Willa, I adore this stuff! It’s everything you said and I enjoyed it immensely last summer. The soap is divine too. Cheers, Kes.

    • willa says:

      Hi Kes, I haven’t tried this fragrance in soap form but I generally LOVE R&G’s soaps. The body creams from this line is superb quality too. Like on par with luxury brands.

  3. Azar says:

    Hi Willa,
    I love using Lierac oil with Three Flowers (the scent of white camellia, gardenia and jasmine) on my hair to tame the frizz. It is supposed to be for face and body as well but I only use it on my hair. Ellen Covey will sometimes make bath/body oils scented with her fragrances or a few fragrance notes. I have a Tropic of Capricorn oil, an Amber and Labdanum oil as well as Midsummer Days Dream (Elektra). I use these for hair and for bath oil. Now I will have to try the Rogers & Gallet Ultra-Nourishing and the L’artisan dry oils. I really enjoyed the review!
    Azar xx

  4. poodle says:

    I love oils and if they smell great, even better. With this frizzy mess I call hair I love using oils to try and tame it down.

  5. Cerulean says:

    R&G Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil sounds gorgeous, especially being a dry oil. I’m going to buy this.
    In spring I love to wear Mor Marshmallow body oil. And lately I’ve been applying Avon Skin-So-Soft bath oil after my night shower. Have loved that comforting scent since I was a child.

    • willa says:

      Oh I have a full bottle of Avon Skin-so-soft oil too! I haven’t opened it though, saving it for summer because apparently it’s a surprisingly effective mozzie/tick repellent.

  6. Fazal Cheema says:

    my favorite oil are vintage Youth Dew but among modern creations Narciso Rodriguez has done good job with musc oils

  7. Ainslie says:

    Great! I’m going to try this! ATM I have bronze goddess and Nuxe body oils – both are very summery/sunscreen/coconut/beachy.
    Ainslie recently posted…Australian Launch of Creed's Aqua Originale Collection reviewed for Australian Perfume Junkies and InstagramMy Profile

  8. Anna says:

    This has made me keen on trying out some perfumed body oils, thanks

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