Hey there Crew,

I loved doing this so much, LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!

There are a bunch a samples & decants that sit here, tested but now in the discard pile. Some of the reasons for being there? Maybe I bought a FB, it had an issue that renders it unwearable, I liked it but have something similar, somehow I have double, I hated it, I LOVED it and completely forgot about it, I’ve moved on. So many reasons, so MANY samples. They are all used a bit but they have heaps for testing and trying. This pack has mainly dabs rather than spritzers but there are some with atomisers. I know you’re going to love at least something in this pack.

Most of these samples have been purchased from Perfume Niche, LuckyScent, Posh Peasant, My Perfume Samples and Surrender To Chance since 2010, but some are gifts or manufacturers samples.

SAMPLE PACK #2 17.6.15


  1. Champagne de bois by Sonoma Scent Studio
  2. Charogne by Etat Libre de Orange
  3. Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne
  4. Amber Woods (oil) by Seplasia by Bruno Acampora
  5. Opardu by Puredistance
  6. Dark purple by Montale
  7. What We Do In Paris Is Secret by A Lab On Fire
  8. Precious Oud by Van Cleef & Arpels
  9. Aromatics Elixer Gel by Clinique
  10. Plume Manufacturers Sample
  11. Tubereuse by Le Galion Manufacturers Sample
  12. L’Homme Infini by Divine Manufacturers Sample
  13. Ambre Rayonner by SOIVOHLE Manufacturers Sample
  14. Mad Madame by Juliette Has A Gun Manufacturers Sample
  15. A Taste of Heaven by Kilian Manufacturers Sample
  16. Flora Azteca by Primordial Scents
  17. Tobacco & Tulle by SOIVOHLE
  18. Vamp a NY by Honore des Pres
  19. Shalimar by Guerlain
  20. Mitsouko by Guerlain

Please help me with another little clear out.
Portia xx

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SAMPLE PACK #2 Giveaway


This week we will have 1 winner who will receive:
P&H Anywhere in the world


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me (portia underscore turbo @ yahoo dot com dot au) so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell us what you sampled recently that took your fancy

Extra Chance?


Entries Close Sunday 21st June 2015 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winner will be chosen by
The winner will have till Thursday 25th June 2015 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

44 comments on “SAMPLE PACK #2

  1. Annet says:

    I follow via email.

  2. Esperanza says:

    What a wonderful give away, Portia ! I have been sampling Frederic Malles lately. Would love to win this set, as Precious Oud has been on my wish list for Some time. I follow via mail and FB.

  3. jalesley says:

    Bloglovin – jalesley;
    I got a sample of Sicily D&G – now planning to find a bottle on ebay:)

  4. Rene Groyer says:

    Hi Portia
    Follow by twitter,facebook and e mail.Sampled Aerin Lauders four new scents and loved the rose scented one.Cant remember the name exactly of the Rose one but its nice.

  5. greennote2 says:

    Hey Portia, an amazing set of samples you’re giving away!

    I recently sampled Kerosene Santalum Slivers. First time around it didn’t do it for me. But this time I got a lovely great big whack of lemon (lemon!) on the opening and then a nice ride through to the drydown. I’m glad I persevered.

    I follow by email and RSS feed.

  6. Gina Tabasso says:

    I follow via email. The last decant that I tested was by Solstice Scents. She makes interesting, lovely things and is a nice person!

  7. Jaybee says:

    Oooh, droolworthy samples! Annick Goutal’s Vent de Folie was a nice sample, a raspberry-scented breeze. Follow by email. 🙂

  8. Lyubov says:

    Dearest, Portia,
    thanks again for a good chance! I am most curious about the two from SOIVOHLE, but the whole pack is gorgeous, and I would pay the ones I know forward to someone else to enjoy!
    The last time I fell for a new (to me, of course) fragrance to the extent of craving a full bottle was when I tested White Zagora from The Different Company! It’s almost a mono fragrance, a study in neroli, but it gave me butterflies in the stomach! I am so easy sometimes… 😛
    I follow by email, on the FB page, and in Google +.
    Lyubov recently posted…Prima annusata 7My Profile

  9. Bernadette Winfield-Gray says:

    Hello Portia, Thanks for this chance. We followers are lucky to read such a generous blogger. Last month,as a newcomer to the scent scene I wanted to try a ‘classic’ so went for a sample of Bandit by Robert Piguet. Its Initial whiff was quite a whack to the nostrils but quietened down mid way though. Now working up the courage to test Fracas, also Robert Piguet! I follow via email.

  10. willa says:

    I want to win this pack! 🙂 My favourite samples of late are from Aerin Lauder. Email

  11. FeralJasmine says:

    Sure, enter me! My most recent sample that I loved was Feve Delicieuse from fact, despite my no-buy, I am thinking about one of those vat-sized bottles. I follow by email.
    FeralJasmine recently posted…Unexpected Dolmas, and Notes on Grape LeavesMy Profile

  12. Bec says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway! My most recent decant is Tilda Swindon – like this, which I am loving. Am tempted to get a full bottle. The only downside is that it doesn’t last too long on me.

    I follow via email

  13. Jane says:

    I recently samples Cuir de Russie by Chanel and ended up buying a FB. I follow by email.

  14. Nikki says:

    I follow by email.

    I recently tried CB I Hate Perfume ‘Tea/Rose’ – simply beautiful.

  15. Ramona says:

    I recently sampled Daim Rouge by Sentifique..lovely scent!
    I follow by email. Thank you!!

  16. Sherry Parker says:

    I follow by email. The most recent sample which I really liked was Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Thank you for the opportunity.

  17. Cerulean says:

    What a stunning giveaway! Recently got a decant of Kalemat by Arabian Oud and love it. It is very much like Chergui by SL only stronger and a tad sweeter. I follow by email.

  18. Aelfrik says:

    I follow via email – And my most recent sampling that tickled my fancy was Coven by Andrea Maack. Come summer Imma gonna need a full bottle methinks.

  19. Patty Pong says:

    I follow by e-mail. A recent sample I quite liked a lot was Tom of Finland. These sample pack give-aways are the best ideas in the history of the universe. 🙂

  20. Gavin Smith says:

    Hi Portia,
    I sampled & fell in live with Annick Goutal Vetiver recent and also something from this group of samples, Montale Dark Purple – mysterious burning bakhoor. Love it! Thanks for the generous raffle!
    I follow in email & Facebook.


  21. NKT says:

    I followed by email. Just tried Enchanted forest & I like it very much.
    Thank you.

  22. TL Reiber says:

    What a beautiful way to welcome your followers, to taste delicious samplers of fragrances and tickle ones nose with scented notes of fancy. I follow you by email and think this is divine. I recently tried Dolce by Dolce and Gabanna, I am enjoying its light and feminine touch.

  23. jamie s says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I follow via email. I recently tried the scent that Barbara Herman created for the vintage perfume project. Night flower is fabulous!

  24. Jessi bowler says:

    I follow by Email. I recently sampled Aerins lilac path and fell in love. Already purchased FB!
    Thank you

  25. Fifi says:

    Hi, Portia – thanks for another fun giveaway! I follow by email. Recently got hold of Hermes Equipage sample and fell in love. Will have to buy the FB because a guy in my office keeps stopping by to spritz the sample and it will soon be gone.
    Much aloha,

  26. Teri Singer says:

    I follow your lovely site via email and I recently sampled ‘Rose Lipstick’ -Frederic Malle.

  27. Winterlude says:

    Man oh man, I almost want to sign up for Twitter just so I can get an extra crack at these beauties! There are a bunch here I’ve been wanting to try.
    I just got a bit of Tom Ford’s Shanghai Lily and it is lovely. It came in a grab bag and I’m really happy I got it. I follow via email, thanks for the draw!

  28. Fazal Cheema says:

    I recently sampled Christian Tortu Eau Fraiche and first whiff told me why it must not be in production is nothing but high quality citrus essential oils…I love eau sauvage in vintage formula but it is so difficult to create a marvelous citrus creation that doesn’t merely smell like lime or pinesol. Tortu’s Eau Fraiche is simply breathtaking but unfortunately nonexistent now..i wonder how many have smelled this.

    I follow APJ through email

  29. Morrigan says:

    Imogen by Evocative Perfumes. Not at all the kind of scent I normally go for, it’s very powdery, floral and feminine, but I’m really enjoying the sample while it lasts.
    I follow by email.

  30. puhfume says:

    Thanks for the draw Portia. I follow by email. The perfume I sampled recently that really took my breath away was Frederic Malle’s Une Fleur de Cassie. I love that it feels very classical and yet retains a modern sensibility – luminous and not too powdery.

  31. Irina says:

    I follow via e-mail
    my last “wow” was Chanel-Misia
    thanks for the draw

  32. Ricky Blue says:

    I follow through Bloglovin’ and I recently got a sample of Tauer’s PHI-Une Rose de Kandahar, which I thought was gorgeous. Now that I think of it, in the same LuckyScent order I got a vial of Keiko Mecheri Lunea and liked that quite a bit as well.
    Ricky Blue recently posted…Summer FragrancesMy Profile

  33. Damir says:

    I’ve tried many beautiful perfumes recently: NVC Pichola, Rubini’s Fundamental, Canoe’s Skive, Aftelier’s Oud Luban are some of them. I’m very curious about the newest En Voyage perfume that will be launched next month – July, 6. I see so many interesting perfumes in your bag, a gorgeous selection of samples. Following as usual: RSS, WordPress, mail, FB, twitter.

  34. Laurels says:

    I follow with Bloglovin. I recently got a very reasonably priced decant of Robert Piguet Futur from MyPerfumeSamples, largely thanks to your review (I think at OT), and I loved it. It is indeed wonderfully green, but the underlying florals read warm to me, which makes it much more wearable for me than, say, Chanel No.19. Thanks for the recommendation, and all your giveaways! xx

  35. Elizabeth says:

    I recently sampled Russian Tea by Masque and now I want a bottle or two)))
    I follow by email. Thank you for the opportunity.

  36. Connie says:

    I follow by emaila nd recently sampled some from La Via del Profumo. Favorites were Oud Caravan, Arabia, Tasneem, Venezia, and Tawaf.

  37. Katherine Mittas says:

    I recently sampled nude by costume nationale and gin fizz by lubin.. and am now confused as to my next purchase.. .
    i follow by email newsletter and Facebook


  38. Anabel says:

    Le Baiser du Dragon!!! loved everything.. the smell, the bottle is gorgeous! I want it :B
    I follow via email and facebook
    Thank you (:

  39. Belle Forest says:

    That sample pack looks amazing! I discovered you via EauMG and will now be following you via email. I recently got a bunch of the Chanel Exclusifs and have been sampling away, loving some and scrubbing a few – always having fun and sniffing away! Thanks so much for your wonderful reviews and perfume updates.

  40. Nemo says:

    Thank you so much! I haven’t been sniffing new perfumes as much recently but I recently discovered I love Eau d’Orange Vert, which I promptly “borrowed” permanently from my housemate (who didn’t like it much to begin with). I follow by email:)

  41. Lubka K. says:

    Following via bloglovin (and also via emails). Tweeted as @mejlik. Recently I have sampled Infusion d’Iris Prada and I d like to add it to my wardrobe. Thanks

  42. Lindaloo says:

    Following by email.
    Just re-discovered my Neela Vermeire samples. Bombay Bling! brings me joy.
    Thanks for the generous draw offer. (I think I managed to slip in under the wire.)

  43. Lena says:

    Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Theorema; it just blew me away! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it had me at hello, instantly attaining ‘go-to’ status. (Oh, and I follow by email). Thanks!

  44. Cristian Leal says:

    Following by email.I recently got a sample of Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel Misia.

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