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I am a particularly ritualistic creature, the practice of taking the time to do something in that beautifully precise way has always fascinated me so deeply and afforded me a great sense of ease during moments of chaos and turmoil. An abating constant, a precious microcosm in which time seems to abandon its seemingly accelerated continuity and allows one a glorious moment to simply inhale in the midst of life’s often mercurial orbit. My most cherished ritual and the one which offers me the greatest pleasure is the one in which I partake before I lay my head to rest at night; applying my most treasured potions of beauty, writing in my journal and anointing myself with a fragrance to carry me gracefully into the arms of sleep. Most crucial though, is the final step, which as of late has has been dominated by the inimitable cimmerian beauty of a fiercely hypnotic brew masterfully composed by Brooklyn indie perfumer Hans Hendley. A fragrance by the name of …..

Fume by Hans Hendley

Fume Hans HendleyPhoto Stolen Hendley Perfumes

Hendley Perfumes give these featured accords in one line:
Conifer resins, smoked tea, galbanum, ruh khus, nagarmotha, oakmoss

Fume touches my soul. From the very first push of the atomizer, I am transported to a sylvan landscape bathed in hues of exquisite emerald and blackened by the sprawling shadows of towering conifers releasing their very essence into the atmosphere as if beckoned by hallowed incantations of the Earth goddess Gaia herself. Chanting in mellifluous harmony with these empyrean conifer resins is the umbral redolence of bonfire smoke, gossamer tendrils of which exist as zephyrs flowing through the undulating branches of this enchanted forest. Such incredible beauty, I wept.

Fume Hans Hendley Panel_Fonte_Gaia_Siena WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Leaves of luxuriant, smoky tea long act as harbinger to your fortune; weaving in effortless synchronicity with utterly haunting beauty Fume’s sonorous incipience. This is a fragrance which radiates like the gentle velvet glow of lambent embers, unfolding in subtle shifts much like the daylight bleeding into placid twilight. An amaranthine scythe of galbanum ricochets fractals of kaleidoscopic light into the onyx sky, a breathtaking aurora borealis to illuminate the glistening bed of luxuriant oakmoss and dulcet vetiver which lay below. I am so profoundly bewitched by this extraordinarily mesmeric sequence that I am at loss for sufficient words to describe just how enamored I am. It is here that my journey with Fume begins to reach its immaculate conclusion and I return to the tangible realm once again.

Northern LightsPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Fume wears as a delicately effulgent cloak of fragrance, celestially rich but deeply intimate, intensifying beautifully as one’s body heat begins to rise. I get a proper 8-10 hours of life from Fume, often catching pulchritudinous whispers of beguiling aroma when I wake the next morning. If you happen to be in the market for an indie perfume or simply looking to have your breath taken away I wholeheartedly urge you to get you hands on a sample of this truly remarkable composition, I know I’m smitten.

Hendley Perfumes has $64/15ml and samples

Until next time, my darlings.

Trésor xx

7 comments on “Fume by Hans Hendley

  1. Robert H. says:

    Tressor! Gorgeous write-up as always! And you KNOW how I love Hans Hendley’s work. So glad to see a creation of his getting some well-deserved love!

    • Tresor says:

      Gosh, thank you so much Robert!

      He is so incredibly brilliant. I’ve loved absolutely everything I have tried.

  2. Robert H. says:

    *Tresor. ONE “s”!

  3. Holly says:

    Lovely review, Tresor! Fume sounds absolutely stunning. I’ve never heard of this line, and I’m looking forward to checking them out. Thank you!

    Holly xo

  4. Anna Maria says:

    Beautifully described, and lasts 10 to 12 hours that’s what I like

  5. Sharon says:

    Tresor, apart from your evocative perfume description, your words on time and ritual bring me back to that. Thank you.

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