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Warning! This is NOT a review.

Hello APJers,

I just have to say it: There are way too many perfumes out there! The old ones never die and news ones seem to be born every six hours or so. The world is overpopulated with fragrance creations and, like the human population, the creation of perfumes seems to be out of control and perhaps even threatening the world as we know it. (Only part of my tongue is in my cheek.)

Can we be too productive? Yes I think we can and we are, in the real world and in perfume land. Many of us, myself included, in an effort to keep up with current trends, have amassed hundreds (if not thousands) of samples and huge collections of perfume. The passion for perfume is a most interesting habit in that the perfumista not only collects a thing but collects an experience as well. While collecting is fun and not inherently bad there is a tipping point where people begin to lose interest. To prevent market saturation perhaps IFRA should intervene and limit every perfumer or company to the production of one new fragrance – and one new ad campaign – per year? The resulting unused creative energy might be redirected toward solving the planet’s truly serious problems.

I, for one, have become so jaded and overloaded that it takes something very different to sell me a fragrance. Exclusivity does not have the appeal of, well, a rat’s ass and I have come to be inured to the images of gorgeous lithe bodies, the suggestions of power, fields of flowers, bouquets of roses, images of the sea that populate today’s video and prints ads. However…a couple of weeks ago, while working on my last post, I came across something that so piqued my interest that I almost fell victim to a new kind of clever advertising. I discovered the world of officially licensed movie and TV fragrances, in particular Sex Panther by Romane.

Sex Panther Cologne by Romane 2008

Sex Panther Cologne: The Un-Review

Sex Panther Romane FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Juniper
Middle: Lavender, musk
Base, Cedar, sandalwood

Sex Panther is a scent created as a pendant to a scene in the 2004 comedy Anchorman. The scene in the movie does a fabulous job of mocking the advertising and pretense associated with fragrance.

The video ads for the perfume take up where the movie left off and use comedy and novelty to sell what seems to be a rather ordinary fresh, woodsy fragrance.

After enjoying the Sex Panther fun I found that the television series Star Trek had also officially licensed several fragrances, namely Tiberius, Red Shirt, Sulu and Pon Farr. This was a whole new smelly universe that I had never imagined existed, but despite the promise of Pon Farr, I decided not to boldly go there and, in the future, try to avoid splitting infinitives whenever possible.

Now dear APJ pals, here are a few things that this inquiring mind would like to know: Do you think there are too many perfumes out there? Is there such a thing as the danger of over production? Have you experienced Sex Panther or any officially licensed fragrance related to a movie or TV series?

“Live long and prosper.” and remember that “60 % of the time it works every time!”

Azar xx

paulrudd7You’re welcome. Portia XXX

28 comments on “Sex Panther Cologne by Romane 2008

  1. Ainslie says:

    Thanks for this story Azar. I think there is 2 fragrances from The Grand Budepest Hotel. L’Air De Panache is the one I remember and was curious about x
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    • Azar says:

      Hi Ainslie,
      I think these are going for $600 to $1000 USD – if you can get them in the US, that is. A little pricey for an officially licensed novelty but it makes me curious too ;)!
      Azar xx

      • ElizabethC says:

        I sooo want to try the fragrances from The Grand Budapest Hotel. (Hubby and I are huge fans of the movie.) However, at that price, won’t be happening 🙁

  2. australianperfumejunkies says:

    I LOVE this post. HEAVEN!
    Paul Rudd is one of my favourite celebrities and I love him in everything.
    Thanks for the smiles.
    Portia xx

  3. Holly says:

    Hi Azar!

    Yep, there’s just too much stuff out there for sure. I don’t follow trends, but I have too many samples, mostly from niche and indie lines. I’m not influenced by marketing targeting the general populace, but I’ve definitely been influenced by reviews on perfume blogs.

    I have absolutely no head for business, but I doubt that production will slow down. My pet peeve is when a house comes out with more than four new perfumes at a time (honestly more than one, but I’m trying to be generous.) I have no idea what that’s about, but I can guess that one reason is that a “line” is easier to sell. You go to the shop and the SA focuses on one line. That’s not my style at all, but perhaps it works on the business end. No clue.

    Holly xo

    • Azar says:

      Hi Holly!
      I am SO influenced by the reviews on the blogs, especially here on APJ. I don’t think I have ever regretted a purchase that was prompted by an APJ review. That being said, I know I have to slow down even if production doesn’t (and the great reviews keep coming). Sometimes I wonder just how many ml of fragrance are are here in this house…maybe I don’t really want to know;)
      Azar xx

  4. cookie queen says:

    Hi Azar!
    There is way too much stuff out there. Just going to the shows in Italy is enough to cause a complete breakdown. And it is 90% rubbish – and that is being kind. Really. A large number of the bases are bought in bulk, and the middle and top note decoration added. Lots and lots of top notes, so it`s wow – technicolour yeah, I love this. But twenty minutes later it sucks. Too many fragrances, too many perfumers who aren´t perfumers. The industry is heading for an epic breakdown. Lines are being cut left, right and center. I will fill you in on nice gossip when we meet. Great post. I have never experienced any licensed fragrance from a movie, unless you can count Cheech and Chong. Hugs. xxx

    • Azar says:

      Hi Val,
      I think a Cheech and Chong Fragrance could now be legally licensed here in WA state (as well as in Colorado). I wonder if someone will step up to the plate on that one? It will be interesting to see who survives the up-coming perfume apocalypse. I have been preparing for it for years. Can’t wait to hear the gossip!
      Azar xx and X

  5. willa says:

    Hi Azar, yes! There’s too much and too much of the same. I wouldn’t have minded as much if it wasn’t for the fact that a lot of these mediocre fragrances are flying under the ‘niche’ flag and charging you dearly for it. Niche has cannibalized itself.

    I wore Impulse ‘Spice World – the movie’ body spray back in 1997

    • Azar says:

      You are so right, Willa! Niche IS eating itself alive. Sadly I am reminded of Pizza the Hut from the movie Spaceballs. (I wonder if there was an officially licensed Spaceballs fragrance?) Regarding prices: I doubt many of the high prices are in any way justified. The “niche” designation seems to have morphed into a kind of catch-all for mediocrity. Too bad!

  6. HI Azar. Loved this post and love Paul Rudd and Anchorman. Can I just add that I took the kids to see Ant-Man the other day and it starred Paul Rudd – yes he has now made it to the superhero category. I think I’ve tried a Spiderman perfume or one of the super hero ones. Seriously the stuff that is marketed to kids is quite scary. Like you I’ve amassed a lot of samples now and have cut way back on purchasing after going all out in my first year of perfume mania. Mostly I think I can live with a sample and see how I go with that. Then I realise that perhaps I would like a new pair of boots instead of another bottle. Anyway I’m still in love with perfume but feel like I’m slowing down a bit in the acquisition stakes. xx
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    • Azar says:

      Hi Megan,

      Thank you for dropping by! Anchorman still makes me laugh! I have not yet seen Ant-Man. Would you recommend it?

      Yes, there are so many other things that I, too, want and really need. Why is it that perfume seems to top the list…with shoes and orchids 😉

      Azar xx

  7. Maya says:

    Hey Azar. Great post! There are way way way way too many perfumes out there. I limit my full bottles, get larger decants for those I may or may not continue liking and never keep samples more that 6 months. I trade or give them all away. As for the rest, I don’t sample any celebrity fragrances and only a few designer scents. If I don’t like the first 2 or 3 from a house, I drop that house, but if the opposite happens, I continue sampling. I seem to really love the British perfumers. And yes, sometimes it becomes – enjoy what you have and let it be for a while.

    PS When Val tells you her gossip, pass it on!!! XXX

    • Azar says:

      Your discipline is amazing, Maya! I have perfumes and samples in my stash that I personally purchased new in the mid 1970s. I rarely wear them but I always have a hard time parting with them, even for give-aways here on APJ or to family and best friends.
      Yes! I would be happy to be a conduit! All the gossip that is fit to print…?
      Azar xx and X

  8. Donelle Talintyre says:

    Azar, thanks for your post, very timely! I turned into a perfume junkie over the last few years while the Australian dollar was good, now that it is falling through the floor, A reality check is that I have to completely change my addiction and spending pattern. I no longer regret buying all that I have done, as it is unlikely that the AUD will ever be in the same position again. Meanwhile I have to ration myself to no more than 10 new bottles per year, at least half of which have to be heavily discounted. This means a reduction in 1 ml samples, as if I really love something it will increase the frustration of not being able to buy it. Decants are probably the way to go now and treat them as experiences, and if they become true loves, they will go on the very exclusive to buy in future list! With the Australian government likely adding GST on
    top, a lot of purchases will be out of the question. I guess the focus will have to be on quality not quantity and whether a bottle is truly necessary, it has to be very special, nice to have is just not good enough anymore. Telling myself that my collection is sufficient and now the focus needs to be enjoying what I already have.

    • Azar says:

      Hi Donelle,
      The US dollar goes up a little only to sag again. Does that sound familiar? No matter what country we live in financial insecurity and fear are being used to control the public. Buying new perfume really is a luxury that some day I might have to forego. But if that ever happens I am ready. My stash is enormous and certainly sufficient for several lifetimes.
      Azar xx

      • Donelle Talintyre says:

        That makes me feel so much better Azar. You are right, perfume is becoming a luxury again for many of us perfumistas. Like you I have more than enough, so the occasional topping up with the odd bottle here and there looks like being the reality for quite sometime. If the trend continues, the perfume market might start to contract as there won’t be enough customers to support it. Though the classics will probably still be produced as they don’t tend to be at the whim of fashion. Or perhaps IFRA will finally kill off the perfume industry and everything we own becomes vintage! Very interesting discussion Azar, thanks, Donelle xx

  9. Undina says:

    What a delightful post, Azar! 🙂

    I stopped even following all the new releases – let alone trying to test them. When I come across something interesting I try to share it (information or the actual juice) with others and rely a lot on my friends’ reciprocation in that respect. I recently caught myself on the realization that I do not recognize most of the brands that people are splitting in some of the FB perfume groups – and I do not care to.
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  10. Fazal says:

    has anyone smelled Sex Panther? I am so curious…btw, love that scene in the movie and the reactions of office workers that follow 😀

    • Azar says:

      Hi Fazal,
      I tried and tried to find a sample or a decant of Sex Panther but had no luck – and I absolutely refuse to buy a bottle of this one blind! I too would love a review.
      Azar xx

      • Fazal says:

        exactly, it is not something I expect to be impressed with, hence, my refusal to buy the bottle..but stil curious how it the movie, it is supposed to be skanky but commercial version could not be more different

  11. Lauren says:

    LOL love this post! I agree… perfume commercials / advertisements don’t usually catch my attention. The Sex Panther commercial is much more fun! I’m really curious about how it actually smells. Oh and that’s an awesome Paul Rudd picture at the end!

    • Azar says:

      Hi Lauren,
      I’m really curious about the smell of Sex Panther too. But, like I mentioned to Fazal, I couldn’t find a sample or a decant anywhere, and although Sex Panther is not at all expensive I just can’t bring myself to purchase a full bottle. I read a number of comments about Sex Panther and that’s where I came up with the “fresh, woody” description in the post. And YES! …Paul Rudd is awesome AND funny!
      Mommy Azar xx and X

  12. Melita says:

    I’ve smelt it, but I can’t remember the smell. All I remember is the box with the lid that roars when you open it! Kind of hard to forget that 😀
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  13. Sun Mi says:

    Hehehehe, I love this post Azar. I had no idea there were officially licensed scents from movies – how hilarious! (And that line about the 60%, it was the first thing my husband spouted when I mentioned some cologne in Anchorman). I think there probably is too much, but what do I know, I’m still relatively new! It’s hard picking out what I should try and what I shouldn’t though, and since I’m not working anymore I have to be a lot more selective. Oh well though, I bet there’s overproduction in everything these days – I guess that’s the world we live in. Cheers 🙂

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