A Few to Sniff at Gino’s

Hi there Fragrant Fellowship,

You know those really great days? So today was a REALLY great day (I’m writing now and you’re reading a couple of days away). I was able to have a pretty good sleep in after working last night, then I lazed around the house for an hour before trotting off to a mini sniff at my mate Gino’s house with a very fun crew of people including MsKerri, KerriC & SimonC, SonyaY & JedY, Scott and our beautiful host Gino who had gone to outrageous lengths on the food and refreshments and had the house spotless.

A Few to Sniff at Gino’s


11755651_10153022236911762_3275968211012684420_nThe crew arrived willy-nilly and there was some coming & going but EVERYONE brought some gems from their fragrant hoard for us to share & sniff. There were pasties, cheeses and dips, biscuits and a slew of other yummy munchies. Gino did percolated coffee, my favourite. I still have my Mum’s Cornflower Corningware percolator and love to get it on the hob. Gino’s was perfection.


11778060_914079175316637_1434991574_nThere was some major sniffing and sharing going on. Lonestar Memories and L`Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer Perfumes, Gentlewoman by JHaG, Dubai Next To Me by Ramon Monegal, Bull’s Blood and Violet Disguise by Imaginary Authors. There were many different incarnations of  Tabu, Magie Noir, Bal a Versailles and some rare vintage finds like Fille d’Eve by Nina Ricci and Gino has a mini collection hat would make you weep. We also got to try Antonia and M by Puredistance, some Frederic Malles and a slew of stuff that I’ve completely forgotten. It was a hoot and a half and I can’t wait to hang with them all again.


11059422_10153458648267456_4117980043175918533_nOne of my favourite moments of the day was Jed & my “Who can scream the loudest competition”. I may have just edged Jed out and taken the prize but it was a very close race. So much fun. He kept creeing up on me and saying, “I’m going to get you.” Before he could even finish the sentence I would grab him and scream it at him. Then I was acting scared of him and when he got close I would scream full throttle in his face and he would nearly shit himself. The above picture is us both trying to be the loudest but Jed is laughing too hard to really make a bid for the trophy. To be honest I don’t think he’d ever met an adult who is such a baffoon and he loved it.

Then Jin & I went for dinner to a very clean but cheap & cheerful Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered some stuff and Jin tried to remind me what I liked there but I really thought I was on top of the whole game and ordered something that came out and was DISGUSTING!! BLAH! So I ended up eating Spring Rolls and Fried Rice, it was yummy. There he is below, really tired after a LONG days work and just happy to be eating and hanging out.

11760202_10153458775537456_8023303727829475259_nAfter that we went to BUNNINGs. It’s our version of a giant hardware store and they have everything. Jin bought some shelves and then he put them up in our new garage. I helped a little bit but then Jin was like, “You go do your blog and I’ll finish here” so I have and I did, and he did. Then he came into my office and kissed me goodnight before he went off to the land of nod. I can hear him snoring from here.

Most of the mentioned fragrances are available as samples on Surrender To Chance or My Perfume Samples.

I walked the dog and now I too am ready for bed. Goodnight all.
Portia xx

6 comments on “A Few to Sniff at Gino’s

  1. Tara says:

    Aaah, what a lovely “slice of life” post, Portia. The Good Life for sure. Gino sounds like the perfect host and everyone really did bring along some gems.

    The pic with Jed is super cute and I can just imagine him getting a real kick out of you.

    Let me know if you’d like some Antonia of your own.

    P.S. Jin is looking trim!

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Hey tara,
      We are so lucky here in Sydney. Even in the dead of winter we all just run around with a jumper on. It makes all sorts of get togethers much easier.
      Jed is the bomb.
      Thanks for the offer but we have overload here currently.
      Jin is a major spunk right now.
      Portia xx

  2. Azar says:

    I love days like this, Portia…just moving from one good thing to the next! Brad has the summer “off” fixing and building things around the house. We have a chance to work together on project too and it’s fun, but sometimes he knows I need a break and sends me off to do blogging or music or just rest from the heat.
    Azar xx

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Brad is a clever boy Azar. Once the party is over best to go do what you love and come back refreshed.
      Portia xx

  3. Esperanza says:

    What a lovely day !
    Esperanza recently posted…Oliver & Co Santalum Scented CandleMy Profile

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