L’Occitane Immortelle: 28 Day Divine Renewal Skin Program


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L’Occitane Immortelle

28 Day Divine Renewal Skin Program

Opening the product was VERY EXCITING. I had no idea what was in the box, it being given to me by the lovely Portia to review. I cracked the cellophane and opened the box and saw the four panels of oil before me. Quite possibly the most extravagant packing I’ve ever seen for what amounts to 28ml of oil!

L’Occitane Immortelle 28 day #1

L’Occitane Immortelle First week: Gentle Exfoliation

My first point of note was the instruction booklet which detailed very specific instructions on how to apply the oil, down to a pre-application inhalation of the oil aromas. The first oil smells very green and plant-like, not unpleasant. The second, and most surprising revelation was that 1ml of oil is a HUGE amount. I did as instructed, dropped the oil into my hands, rubbed, inhaled and applied – and lo, I was an oil slick! The oil felt a little grainy and took a while to settle in. Having applied at night, it did sink in overnight, but I was still a bit oily in the morning. At this point I wasn’t using any other moisturiser on top of the oil. Towards the end of the week I realised I was starting to get tiny spots on my cheeks and forehead.

L’Occitane Immortelle Week Two: Hydration and Nutrition

Immediately on this week I noticed the aroma was a lot sweeter than the previous week, much less plant-like and more flower. I really liked this week’s oil although, given the choice, I would probably only choose to apply half the amount. Because the pods are “single serve” there is no choice but to apply once open.

L’Occitane Immortelle Week Three: Balance

At the start of this week, I’ve not noticed a huge difference in the oil from week two. The aroma is comparable, still sweet and light. The texture is slightly less fine than week two, but this is almost imperceptible. Nightly, I am still an oil slick but the spots have ceased.

L’Occitane Immortelle Week Four: Renewal

By week four I had started to apply a tiny amount of moisturiser on top of the oil in an attempt to encourage more absorption and to prevent the oily residue on the skin. At week four, I can’t tell the difference between the previous three weeks in both texture and aroma.
But with all this, how was my skin? That’s really the question! Well…. overall, not great. Towards week four I had started to dwindle in my commitment to the product. My skin texture had lost some smoothness and I was really missing my usual routine. I didn’t perceive the benefits each week proposed to offer. But in defence of this product, I used it in almost isolation, just after cleansing my face each night, unlike almost any other product in my arsenal. And in fairness, the reviews of the product on the L’Occitane website shows that people truly love it – I am completely open to accepting that not every product works in the same way for everyone.

L’Occitane Immortelle 28 day #2

I would love to see the best oil in this collection sold in a bottle by itself with a dropper and to be able to use that oil in amongst other products. (And now I check, I see they now do this at L’Occitane)

Will you try this set? Do you use other facial oils? Which ones and how do they suit you?
AF Beauty xx

12 comments on “L’Occitane Immortelle: 28 Day Divine Renewal Skin Program

  1. willa says:

    Hi AF, how committed of you to soldier on with the program in spite of the oil slick and spots you were getting! Very grateful that you reviewed it – as I can tell this is much too oily for my own oily, breakout-prone skin.

    I have a bottle of sanctuary facial oil, of which I’ve yet to break open the seal. I only really use oils in winter or when my skin needs rest from various harsh products I’m using. Oils don’t irritate or sting.

    I blend my own – camelia, argan, jojoba, rosehip, grapeseed, vit E and lavender essential oil.

    • AF says:

      I think your point about oils not stinging is a really good point – and definitely something I hadn’t even really thought about to that extent before. I also use oils, mainly in winter – but as a treatment and you’re right about it being a rest – I think the same for me too.

  2. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Hey there AF Beauty,
    What a ride, thanks for sticking it out. You are the Beauty Champion.
    When I did the Divine Immortelle 2 week challenge a couple of years ago there were some people who were unable to do the two weeks due to irritation or breakouts. It’s interesting. My skin was sheer perfection from it.
    Portia xx

    • AF says:

      I have to admit, by the end of it, I was almost depressed at the way my skin had changed and was desperate to revert back to “normal”.

      This is actually a very difficult item to review because it has such specific requirements over very short timespans and the amount dispensed was difficult to control. Had it been a dropper bottle, I could have potentially mixed up different combinations of testing – but in this set, each week of oils had a specific target, so I felt if I started adding in my own previous routine, then I was interfering with the potential result.

      Did I overthink it?!!

      Oils are a very interesting trend in skincare, counter-intuitive to all the things I was told in my youth! But I have had some success with oils – I think I have an article in the pipeline about a Clarins one…. 🙂

  3. Jackie b says:

    Like Willa, I also blend my own, according to what I feel my skin needs. I am outraged at the money some companies charge for very simple and inexpensive blends.
    But immortelle is an incredible skin care oil, and it has worked a treat on my husband’s psoriasis.

    • AF says:

      This is interesting, about the psoriasis, I think Portia may have this occasionally – and his response was positive to Immortelle as well. Perhaps there’s something in that – my brother also has psoriasis, so I might take him a bottle to try for his birthday.

  4. annemarie says:

    Ack! That took some determination. Is there are different benefit for each oil? Are you supposed to start again with week one’s oil?

    I’ve used rose hip oil a bit but noticed no benefit. My skin actually felt drier afterwards. I started applying it after using a moisturiser and that was better, but also rather pointless I thought.

    I’ve recently switched from a Nivea moisturiser to a Paula’s Choice. The Nivea was good but not quite moisturising enough. Very happy with the Paula’s Choice. She could be renamed No Nonsense Paula! (Needless to say her remarks on L’Occitane’s skin care range are pretty blunt!)

    • AF says:

      Yes, each oil – or weekly portion was intended to have a new effect on the skin. I think Rosehip is intended to help with skin colourations/pigmentation, if I remember correctly. I bought one a long time ago, but never got on with it and ended up using it very sparingly.

      Yes Paula is very much a tough crowd, I’m on the fence about her approach – I’ve never tried her products (one day!) but if they work, that’s good enough for me. Doesn’t mean other products won’t work I don’t think.

  5. Hazel says:

    I only use them during winter months. I use Tarte’s Maracuju oil.

  6. poodle says:

    I use lots of oils but not all at the same time. I mix it up depending on what I feel my skin needs. I do buy the Caudalie, Tarte, and Fresh oils and also use avocado, olive, safflower, rosehip, tamanu…the list goes on. Whichever I use, I mix a few drops with my usual moisturizer. I have found that works better than using the oil in isolation.
    I’m surprised you stuck it out for four weeks. I would have transferred the oil to a dropper bottle and used less so as not to feel like an oil slick. Plus, I like to stretch my products, especially if they aren’t cheap. I think I’d have stopped at the first sign of spots.

    • AF says:

      I admit, Poodle, I didn’t even consider transferring the oils, a good idea! But it would have been difficult as there were four different types, so would have needed four different dropper bottles – and you may be sure as much as a single ml is in your hand, 7ml would have bee small to decant!

      I really wanted to give the product the best opportunity – by using it as instructed. Four weeks was difficult! 🙂

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