3rd Annual Art and Olfaction Awards 2016 – open for entries!!


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3rd Annual Art and Olfaction Awards 2016
Open for entries!!


Entries must be in between October 5th and December 4th 2015

Artisan, independent and experimental scent projects which were / will be released to public between January 1 and December 31, 2015 are eligible to enter.

The awards celebrate innovation, excellence and experimentation in perfumery. Four perfumes and one creative project are awarded each year. An international panel of perfumers, artists, critics, curators and scientists (announced in early October) judge submissions blindly.

Art and Olfaction Awards 2016 Categories:

The Artisan Award will be presented to two outstanding artisanal perfumes out of five finalists. Artisan perfume is defined as a scent created by a perfumer who has direct ownership in the company, and blends every formulation – without the use of a fragrance house at any stage of the process. Learn more about the Artisan Award here: http://artandolfactionawards.com/artisan-award/

The Independent Award will be presented to two outstanding independently created perfumes out of five finalists. An independent perfume is defined as a scent created for or by a privately-owned company with no more than three separate perfume companies in its holdings, and formulated by a perfumer who does not have a direct hand in every aspect of the production run of the perfume. Learn more about the Independent Award here: http://artandolfactionawards.com/independent-award/

The Sadakichi Award for Experimental Use of Scent will be presented to one outstanding experimental scent project out of five finalists. This award honors the work of people who engage with scent outside of the realm of commercial perfumery. We define an experimental scent project as a project in any arts practice that incorporates the use of scent in a significant manner. Learn more about the Sadakichi Award here: http://artandolfactionawards.com/experimental-award/


The finalists will be announced at Esxence perfumery trade-show, in Milan in late March 2016.

The winners will be announced at an award ceremony in Los Angeles on May 6, 2016

Past Winners include:

Artisan Award
Woodcut by Olympic Orchids
(Perfumer: Ellen Covey, USA), 2015
Eau de Céleri by Monsillage
Perf: Isabelle Michaud, Canada), 2015
Calling All Angels by April Aromatics (Perf: Tanja Bochnig, Germany), 2014
John Frum by Aether Arts Perfumes (Perf: Amber Jobin, USA), 2014

Independent Award
Black Pepper & Sandalwood by Acca Kappa
(Perf: Luca Maffei, Italy), 2015
Skive by Canoe
 (Perf: Jessica Hannah, USA), 2015
Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations (Perf: Bertrand Duchaufour, France), 2014
KÖNIG by YOSH (Perf: Olivia Jan, USA), 2014

Sadakichi Award for Experimental Use of Scent
Famous Deaths
by Marcel van Brakel, Frederik Duerinck, Mark Meeuwenoord, Wander Eikelboom, with Marcel Boonman, Daan Rijnkels, Caro Verbeek, Jorg Hempenius, Peter de Cupere, Thijs Eerens, Simon Kentgens, Martijn de Ruiter (Holland), 2015



The twitter handle for the awards is https://twitter.com/AOAwards

The Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/ArtandOlfactionAwards

General Awards website: artandolfactionawards.com


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