Dior Prestige: From the Rose to the Skin: Film


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DIOR. One of the great western fashion houses that even the name gives me a thrill of lux. Its history, even its modern change from Galliano to Simmons. I love the current way the house is moving, though now that the Exclusives line is available in department stores it doesn’t feel so exclusive. The crew down at our Sydney DIOR standalone store are wonderful, always ask for Jolanta when you’re there (she doesn’t work Mondays) because she will take extra special care if you tell her Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies sent you.

Dior Prestige Christian Dior 1

Anyway, I love the DIOR ads and this one is no exception,

I hope you enjoy it,
Portia xx

Dior Prestige – From the Rose to the Skin


Dior Prestige Christian Dior

No, not affiliated, just love their stuff.

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  1. DebB says:

    So do I ! ?

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