MudAustralia Candles: Re-Priced in time for Christmas 2015!!


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As some of you know I’m involved in a scented candle collaboration with Mud Australia, who are an all Australian designer porcelain company based in Sydney. Recent expansions see Mud Australia stand alone stores in New York, London, Melbourne and a new Double Bay location in Sydney opening next week.

MudAustralia Candles

Re-Priced in time for Christmas 2015!!

I am happy to announce today that we have been able to reduce the price of the candles in time for your Christmas shopping

From $100 to $85!! at Ainslie Walker<<JUMP

Here is some further information from Portia’s APJ introduction & APJ Christmas Guide 2014

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #5

All their gorgeous porcelain designs (plates, bowls, mugs pendant lights, fruit bowls, vases etc.) are handmade in small batches in their Marrickville workshop, including the vessels for the candles. The hues and textures are gorgeous and the reason why they are in demand worldwide.

The candles burn for more than 80 hours. The vessels are reusable either by refilling with a candle refill (also available $40) or through use as a vase, drinking vessel, toothbrush/pen holder etc.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #1

Mud01 – slate, milk or red

The collaboration Mud01 fragrance explores and draws from the soft hues and smooth textures of mud Australia’s porcelain. Ainslie uses a combination of white florals -tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom to create a smooth, creamy note, tolu Resin to add an earthy element, whilst green ginger and spices are used to add depth and warmth. The fragrance is feminine, yet strong, and reminiscent of Shelley Simpson, Mud Australia’s founder.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #3

Mud02 – plum, dust or bottle

Features a fragrance with cedar, leather, amber and musks forming the base with neroli, orange, fresh cut herbs and sun dried hay floating above. The whole combines to give the effect of warm amber and deep woods throughout your home

Available now from Ainslie Walker<<JUMP and Mud Australia stores and stockists worldwide.

2 comments on “MudAustralia Candles: Re-Priced in time for Christmas 2015!!

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Hey Ainslie,
    These make wonderful gifts. I think I gave out 5 or 6 last year and I’m onto my second refill of #1 and awaiting a refill for #2. I love them, and you.
    Portia xx

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