Kingdom by Jacques Cavallier for Alexander McQueen 2003


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Let’s talk about a very strong, dirty, sexy, peppery, unusual, raw, sweaty, skanky, mysterious, carnal, bold, unisex, subtle sweetness, with soft herbal and citric undertones. You know you want to….

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen 2003

Kingdom by Jacques Cavallier

Kingdom Alexander McQueen FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange, mandarin orange, mint, neroli, bergamot, lemon
Heart: Carnation, ginger, rhubarb, jasmine, celery seeds, rose
Base: Amber, musk, oakmoss

I get the Ginger, Cumin, Musk, Rhubarb, Rose and Incense, it opens up with a warm animalic musk and an spicy, earthy cumin, the musk and cumin are strong, the musk remains throughout the duration of the fragrance.

After fifteen minutes the musk and cumin soften and remain, in comes a fresh, tart rhubarb and a sharp, soapy ginger, the ginger has slight astringent smell, it quickly dissipates within ten minutes and becomes smooth, the rhubarb is strong, the ginger is mild. Then after three hours the cumin dissipates along with the ginger, the rhubarb softens and remains, in comes an aromatic, smoky incense, and a dusty with a touch of green rose, the incense and rose are mild.

Kingdom reminds me of Penhaligon’s No.9, and Christian Dior’s Dune for Women, No.9 is softer, stronger floral notes and spicier, Dune is sweeter, with aldehydes and comes off powdery, they all have similar, musky, floral and citric notes.

Alexander_McQueen_last_show_dress_V&A_museum WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Alexander McQueen, your Kingdom has spoken to me, and taken my very last breath from me,
it’s a love affair that will never break, my soul will always be yours to take.
Enrapture me in your sultry cocoon, I never want to bid you sweet adieu.
Shackle my bones in your tender embrace, and transport me to that euphoric place.
Make love to me as you only could, and bring me to tears with your scent that makes me swoon
I want to feel you crawl deep inside my skin, and make me bellow in your eternal grace.
Like two souls enraptured and intertwined, slide your warm tongue up and down my spine,
don’t stop until you bring me to everlasting bliss, and I give you my soul with one gentle kiss,
here is Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom.

Kingdom would be gorgeous in the Fall and Winter, I get good projection and good longevity, this is a beautiful fragrance that you should sample. Kingdom is an Oriental Spicy fragrance


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Long discontinued, bottles still pop up on

Did you ever get to smell this wonder?
Joseph Sagona

(Ed: Joseph writes for The Scented Apprentice, go check him out there too.)

12 comments on “Kingdom by Jacques Cavallier for Alexander McQueen 2003

  1. Angela shepherd says:

    I have just finished reading the Alexander McQueen biog ‘blood beneath the skin’ ( read it in 1 day- could not put it down) and I really want to smell this… Sounds amazing and right up my alley… Love fragrances with amber in the base!

  2. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Great choice for a post Joseph. I love McQueen’s fashion and loved this frag.
    Portia xxx

  3. Marion says:

    Yes. Great piece. I scored a bottle on Aussie ebay a couple of months ago, and just now when reading this went off and sprayed. I must have known someone who wore it, because I’m ‘instantly transported’ back unto my rather wild youth. The design of the bottle I find jawdroppingly intimate and symbolic. It looks to me like a sort of chastity belt that would fit a woman’s sex and unlock her. Or protect her. Yes it is a close sibling of Dune, but warmer and sweatier… A Call on Me workout overheated and unforgettable.what was it…for my generation, that makes me think hopefully that the passion of love will return.

  4. cookie queen says:

    Would like to try it. Welcome to APJ!

  5. Hazel says:

    I don’t know this scent, great review!

  6. Joseph S says:

    Thank you to everyone for all the love and support, I’m very grateful, honored and excited to join the team, thank you all so very much!

  7. Azar says:

    Hi Joseph!
    I really enjoyed reading your post and the comments too. I’m hoping to find and read the bio. Also, I went over to e-bay to see if I could find Kingdom. It’s there, alright, but the prices are quite high, not surprising as the fragrance is discontinued and, from your description, totally amazing. Welcome to APJ!
    Azar xx

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