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Hey APJ!

I recently read yet again, that the Vero Profumo Rubj Extrait and Voile contain cumin and passionfruit notes. They do NOT. I hope that clears things up. Let´s talk about the Eau de Parfums shall we?

Vero Profumo EdPs. Kiki, Rubj, Onda

The Vero Profumo Eau de Parfums were launched in 2010, following on from the original three superb Rubj, Kiki and Onda Extraits. It is interesting to note that Vero created her extraits in 2007 long before it was fashionable to do so. Vero commented at the launch: “The new perfumes are not the diluted version of the extraits. An EdP needs a structure highlighting more the top notes as opposed to the base notes, the aim of course still being to the keep the original style of the extrait intact.”

Esxence 2010 Vero Kern 2

The EdPs are delightfully carnal. “I replaced the animals notes with the unique scent of the passion fruit …….. it lends a sensual and erotic
lightness to the composition.”

kiki eau de parfum Vero Profumo FragranticaFragrantica

KIKI EdP by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo

Lavender Ess, Bergamot, Citron, Passionfruit.
Lavender Absolute. Geranium.
Caramel. Patchouli. Ambre Gris.

onda eau de parfum Vero Profumo FragranticaFragrantica

ONDA EdP by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo

Bergamot, Citron, Mandarin, Ginger, Coriander, Basil, Passionfruit.
Iris, Ylang Ylang, Honey.
Vetiver Bourbon, Patchouli, Musk, Cedar Wood, Ambre Gris.

rubj eau de parfum Vero Profumo FragranticaFragrantica

RUBJ EdP by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo

Bergamot, Mandarin, Neroli, Passionfruit.
Orange Flower Absolute, Tuberose, Basil, Cumin.
Cedre, Mousse d. Chène, Musk.

Esxence 2010 Vero Kern 1

The luscious passionfruit links the three perfumes, adding to their communal seductiveness.

“……. The proximity of beauty to ugliness is never clearer than in tropical fruit. Perhaps because they have to compete with powerful smells of decay for the attention of birds, tropical fruits have decided to play dirty. Adding tiny amounts of rot on an otherwise conventional fruity smell is as invigorating as finding out that a theoretical physicist colleague was once a stripper ….” Luca Turin 2009

Lustful, earthy, warm, and voluptuous, the EdPs are very upbeat and sexy. For the eccentric, the flamboyant, and those who want to release their inner lasciviousness.

Esxence 2010 Vero Kern 3

LuckyScent has the range
First In Fragrance also
Surrender To Chance has samples

“He Who Dares, Wins.” Del Boy Trotter.

Passionate Bussis

28 comments on “Vero Profumo EdPs. Kiki, Rubj, Onda

  1. Tara says:

    Ha! Nice to see a quote from Del Boy – that’ll throw non-Brits.

    I’m in awe of the Voiles and Extraits but I should get to know the edps better. They are quite different, from what I’ve experienced, which I think is great. Unlike most, Vero takes the construction of the different concentrations of her perfumes seriously.
    Tara recently posted…Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances by Michael EdwardsMy Profile

    • cookie queen says:

      I dunno why some folk leave the edps out. They are sexy and fun. Sometimes a fun factor is good in a business that takes itself way too seriously. ❤️

  2. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Hey Val,
    One day we’ll have a week together so I can spend half a day in all of Veros magical elixirs. As always your love for the founder and brand shines through.
    Portia cxxx

  3. Azar says:

    Hi CQ,
    My favorite of these three is Onda and the one I tend to use the most is the Mito EdP. I always love reading your descriptions of Vero’s creations!
    Azar xx

    • cookie queen says:

      Hey favourite Azar! I adore Onda, although I don’t wear it too often. I often sniff from the bottle to ground me. Bussis.

  4. Holly says:

    You. Go. Girl.

    Holly xo

  5. Vanessa says:

    Still chuckling at ‘communal seductiveness’ – and having flashbacks to a unisex Finnish sauna where I didn’t linger.

    I am more of a Mito girl, but I must dig out my sample of Rubj again!
    Vanessa recently posted…Fountains and firemen’s hoses: En Voyage Perfumes Rainmaker reviewMy Profile

    • cookie queen says:

      I would not have lingered either. Hate saunas. Sitting around bucknaked sweating and unable to breathe is just not my thing. ?

  6. Sandra says:

    Hey Val! Excellent! I really need to smell the EdPs more thoroughly. My absolute love is Kiki Extrait. Rubj Extrait holds a special place in my heart too. Sandra xo

  7. Ingeborg says:

    Val, I enjoy reading nearly everything you write. I understand Vero’s creations are very special to you. I’ll get hold of samples pretty soon, I hope. We need such warm compositions in addition to all the fresh scents marketed at this time of the year.

    • cookie queen says:

      Hi Ingeborg. Hope you are feeling better these days? I know you wanna try them. …. ?
      Hugs xxxx

      • Ingeborg says:

        I am on the mend, thanka for asking! Have only been wearing light scents for nearly two months now, looking forward to getting back to normal and am planning what samples to buy next, some time next month.

  8. Neva says:

    Unfortunately I don’t know the Extraits only the EDPs so I cannot compare them. I like Vero Kern’s perfumes for their originality. They are all mature perfumes that are linked together – like a designer’s collection with a recognizable signature. Of the three you mention, I prefer Rubj because it’s so feminine, then Onda for its unusual ambivalence, but I didn’t like Kiki because of its bitter-saltiness.
    You made me curious for the Extraits so I’ll have to order some samples soon.

    • cookie queen says:

      Hi Neva! Are you maybe confusing Kiki and Onda? I know each nosr is different but …., ? Rubj is very feminine BUT the edp is good on a bloke too, just has to be the right one. Nice to see you. xxx

  9. poodle says:

    I’m the proud owner of Rubj and Onda EDP. I imagine eventually I’ll branch out in to the extraits or voiles but for now I’m perfectly content with the EDP’s. My skin really amps up the carnal aspects of these and I basically smell like I’ve been a very naughty girl so these are not perfumes I wear to work. Lol.
    I love your love for Vero and her perfumes.
    Xoxo and many hugs!

  10. Marion says:

    Gorgeous fumes all of them. Rubj is in my top five. And I adore the less cult rated Kiki too.

    • cookie queen says:

      I’ve been through 15 mls of the Kiki Extrait, one bottle of the Voile and am currently using a lot of the edp. Kiki is just fantastic. All of them actually. 🙂 xxxx

  11. I’m in love with Kiki and Rubj EDP, thanks to you. For some strange reasons, every time when I wear Rubj, I think of Egypt… How these two connected in my head, I have no idea. 😀
    I’m itching to try Naja soon. xxx

  12. Vero’s perfumes really are brilliant and your passion for them is too. My Rozy EDP is a beauty and the bottles are lovely too. Very talented woman. I tried all the Voiles in Milan but need to try the extraits next. x x
    meganinsaintemaxime recently posted…New Perfume Review : Angel Muse : Fluffy, Whipped Up And CosyMy Profile

    • cookie queen says:

      The Extraits are amaziing. The pinnacle of her work, the first creations. Nice see you Megan. xxxx 😉

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