White Spirit by Romano Ricci for Juliette Has A Gun 2016


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Hey Hey All,

Romano Ricci is a dead set spunk, so sexy and suave. We met him last year here in Sydney and I fell head over heels, we all did. He was warm, engaging, funny and composed. He had some great stories and through the whole afternoon his love for fragrance shone through. Coming down from the Nina Ricci line, she is his grandmother, he has a similar vein of conservative and quirky that I am only now discovering as I work my way through the vintage Nina Ricci catalogue.

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White Spirit by Juliette Has A Gun 2016

White Spirit by Romano Ricci

White Spirit Juliette Has A Gun FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Jasmine sambac, tuberose
Heart: Ambroxan, tuberose
Base: Amber, cedar, musk, sandalwood

This haute line from JHaG is lovely. I really like the bottles, fragrances and the whole idea behind them. Romano made up a crazy expensive fragrance for his girlfriend, everywhere they went people commented on it and wanted in. He then made up a small batch at a more moderate price to test the waters, still expensive but within reach. Sell Out! So the haute line was born.

The first two are big fragrances, head turning, walk in before you, notice me bitches style frags. On the third Romano has pared back the size and added a more industrial vibe. 21st century fragrance couture. Utterly unisex and, on my skin, devastatingly beautiful.


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White Spirit GIVEAWAY


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1 x White Spirit Manufacturers Sample (my review sample remnants)
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36 comments on “White Spirit by Romano Ricci for Juliette Has A Gun 2016

  1. Gina Tabasso says:

    via email and Facebook

    Isn’t every scent addictive? Most of the ones I own!!! I think my two faves from last year that are very special and unlike anything else for me are Boadicea’s Complex and Roja’s Enslaved.

  2. gabriela guidetti says:

    Following you by email

    My addictive scent? Only one?…. mumble mumble… I got it! Opus VII Amouage…..

  3. Koyel says:

    Oh good heavens, my most addictive scent is probably 10 Corso Como. That delicate incense-musk-rose is magnificent. This one sounds lovely, though. Thanks for the week of draws! I follow by e-mail.

  4. Jaybee says:

    I’m addicted to Creed’s Virgin Island Water, sadly I can’t afford a constant addiction! 😀 Like the sound of White Spirit too… follow by email.

  5. *sophi* says:

    My addictive scent:oh so hard to choose just one…Serge Lutens Datura noir 🙂
    Nice give away…i follow via email!Thanks 🙂

  6. Jo Fryer says:

    Oh this sounds incredible! I’m lying here dying of the flu (hopefully not literally) and even though my poor nose can’t smell a thing, I can conjure this delight in my head! I follow AJP blog via email subscription!

  7. Maria Theresa Santos says:

    Followed via email
    I love the scent of green tea

  8. Rincoglionita says:

    Ooh, ONE addictive fragrance? Today, I’m going to go with Masque Russian Tea. Tomorrow? Who knows!!
    I follow by email – thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Kandice says:

    This sounds intriguing, and I’d love to try it. The fragrance I’d most like to have right now is Magnolua Grandiflora Michel. Unfortunately, it’s hard to fund and rather expensive. Thanks for the opportunity to try this fragrance. I follow via email.

  10. Susan Farber says:

    I follow by email and find Tuscan Leather addicting.

  11. Ellen M. says:

    I follow by email. My most addictive scents are the flowers in my garden. I have lilies, roses, gardenias, magnolias, and a form of jasmine which flourishes in this area, just to name a few. Every morning I make the rounds sniffing the ones which are in bloom. As for perfume? I don’t think I have just one.

  12. Azar says:

    Hi Portia,
    This sounds very interesting but DNEM as I have a growing backlog of samples that I mean to try but just haven’t gotten around to. Right now all I want to do is aimlessly wander around in a cloud of my current addictive, the sadly defunct (except on e-bay) Estee Lauder Youth Dew Amber Nude.
    Azar xx

  13. Boris says:

    Addictive scent? Hmmm. This could be a long list. Grapefruit. Rose. And tobacco. I still have to find the best tobacco-fragrance. I DO love my Ambre Nargile by Hermes. I follow by e-mail. 😀

  14. Tarena says:

    My addictive scent is so embarrassing.. I honestly can’t get enough of anything with cotton candy. Sugary sweet but so perfect. 🙂 Following via email.

  15. Neva says:

    I find vintage perfumes addictive, because after so many years I still hunt them down and pay too much to be able to sniff them again and again.
    I follow APJ via email.

  16. Carolyn says:

    Follow mostly by email; most addictive scent? Shiseido’s Feminite du Bois…but most sparingly these days…

  17. Rene Groyer says:

    I follow by e mail.facebook and twitter and my addictive scent is Cinnabar by EL although I don’t wear it and the smell of marshmallows and liquorice.

  18. Ingeborg says:

    I found Chanel no. 19 in pure perfume totally beautiful when I tested it, but I still don’t own it.

    I like the design of the pictured bottle better than that of the ordinary JHaG perfumes, clean and unfussy in a good way.

    I follow via e-mail.

  19. Latai says:

    My addictive scent? I’m assuming you are making me choose one? How can I choose one?!
    Hmmm for me it would be KAI perfume oil and the fragrance. I am a BWF fan and the gardenia in KAI is utterly addictive. I find myself wrist-to-nose throughout the day just in awe for its deliciousness!
    The notes in this fragrance however are all right up my alley! Jasmin, tuberose, Amber, cedar, musk sandalwood.. It’s like I can almost imagine what it will smell like but I might also be surprised! Is it creamy and sweet? Is it heady? I don’t know but I’ll love to find out! 🙂
    Thank you for these wonderful giveaways!
    Follow by email, FB, bloglovin..

  20. Caroline says:

    Follow by email, and my current addiction is another blasted vintage frag (blasted because getting it in good condition can be a crapshoot)–the EdC version of no 5. The ylang-y drydown is heaven and actually lasts & lasts.

  21. MikasMinion says:

    I follow via RSS. My current addiction is Tabac Tabou. My first sniff was less than promising due to the over the top oiliness, I thought I could never wear more than a tiny dab. But, I couldn’t resist digging it out of the reject pile over and over and I finally caved and ordered a bottle.

  22. Bec says:

    My most addictive scent is memoir by amouage. It is stunning and I get comments every time I wear it!

    I follow by email

  23. Saffyishere says:

    Hello Portia…I’m not certain about a fragrance being addictive, but Romano himself sounds like he might be!!!
    I follow you via Facebook ,Twitter and email.
    If pushed for an addictive scent, it most certainly wouldn’t be Secretions Magnifique.

  24. Greennote2 says:

    I follow by email. This sounds utterly gorgeous Portia as does Romano. Addictive scent – incense, no vetiver, no incense. You really want me to choose just one perfume???

  25. Claudia says:

    Right now it’s probably Ryder. I follow by email. Thanks!

  26. Fazal says:

    It is a classic but I recently got another vintage Opium and it is off the charts when it comes to addiction. Def. need to get few more vintage opium because they become even scarcer or too expensive. I follow APJ through email.

  27. MJ Moore says:

    I don’t know what is my most addictive scent, except for my husband 🙂

    Following by email: butterflyrouge at yahoo dot com

  28. Trish says:

    I always go back to Chanel – give me a number:
    5; 19 or 22.
    I follow by email.

  29. Jc Loh says:

    I love Lavender, it’s heavenly.

    Following via email, fingers crossed.

  30. Katherine M says:

    my current addictive scent is Baghari by Aurelien Guichard for Robert Piguet .

    i picked this up recently in a boutique after spritzing it whilst browsing around the store. I went back hours later to purchase it . it reminds me of growing up and being forced to attend greek orthodox church.. the burning frankincense and amber was a constant.. Baghari has that same depth and strong intense smell which I adore
    I love it . I wear it everywhere am sure its far too strong for the office ..but i don’t care. 🙂

    I follow by newsletter and Facebook

  31. lena says:

    That’s not a fair question, Portia! How on earth am I supposed to pick just one?! I’ll go with the gorgeous Yvresse/Champagne 🙂

    Thank you; email 🙂

  32. ems says:

    Oohh… Iris Nazarena. Still.

    follow by email

  33. Tracy says:

    I follow by email, my addictive sent it Byredo Gypsy Water.

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