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Hello Gorgeous Smelling Peeps,

Whatever the purchase (or the path), I feel it absolutely necessary, as well as empowering, to have solid options and viable alternatives. This political season, I’m sure that many of “my fellow ‘Mericans” had hoped to make a good choice between solid, viable candidates in the 2016 presidential election. No such luck! Sadly, what we are being “offered” this time around is anything but viable, let alone believable. The recent political process has left me feeling not only powerless to effect any change but politically disenfranchised as well. The prospect of once again having to vote defensively simply to maintain the status quo is an abhorrent, although seemingly necessary, reality.

Fortunately for me, when the American political landscape is so bleak and devoid of honest, sweet smelling alternatives, I know that I have literally thousands of wonderful fragrances to choose from in Perfumeland. Also, to help me make the perfect full bottle
choice, there are now more than a score of services offering samples and decants for individual purchase or by subscription. I am currently subscribed to two of these and use a couple of the others for occasional sampling and collecting.

Sniffory: New Decant Service

Coming in November, 2016 there will be a new “candidate” for decant services on the sampler/decant ballot. Sniffory, the brainchild of perfume industry veteran Judah Abraham, will be a decant service website, offering an extensive selection, low prices and proposed great customer service. Here are a few of Sniffory’s campaign “promises”:

1 – $15 US for a 15 ml decant of your choice from Sniffory’s extensive collection of designer fragrances. Niche will be in their collection very soon.

2 – Every order, every time, will include a nifty, refillable travel case.

3 – A $15 promo code will be included with each order, good towards the purchase of a full bottle of your choice.

4 – The $15 cost includes US shipping. International shipping is in the works.

While Sniffory is not a subscription service, subscriptions will be rolled out soon and will include even better discounts on the 15 ml decants and the already low priced full bottles. Judah Abraham does not anticipate waiting lists or queues for most of the popular fragrances and plans to work hard to improve any glitches that may surface.

All of this sounds great to me and, unlike the promises of our US political candidates, these assurances seem good for everyone, totally doable and well within the realm of possibility.

Today’s give-away will be for one 15 ml decant of your choice from Sniffory’s designer collection. Sent ONLY TO THE USA. To be eligible to win you don’t have to tell us which candidate you are voting for.

Azar xx


AllSteele giveaway 1



This week we will have 1 winners who will receive:
1 x 15ml Sniffory designer sample (once they open for business)


Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me so I know. Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell us if you have used a sampling or decant service or what you like (or don’t like) about these companies.


Entries Close Thursday 6th October 2016 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winners will be chosen by
The winners will have till Sunday 9th October 2016 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit

34 comments on “Sniffory: New Decant Service

  1. Gina Tabasso says:

    Follow via email and FB

    Yes, I used Luckyscent, Surrender to Chance, The Perfumed Court and others.

    Expensive. That’s the problem. $3-7/decant? Why not divide out the per ML price?

    • Azar says:

      Hi Gina,
      Price per ml is a big deal for me too! That is one of the reasons that I end up buying FBs blind. I just can’t make myself pay the high prices per ml for the tiny samples. That being said, I can understand some kind of mark up added to the actual price per ml, especially for labor. As you probably know – those little vials can be a pain to deal with.
      Azar xx

  2. Julie F. says:

    I follow by email. I’ve gotten many 1ml decants from Perfumed Court. I don’t have access to many perfumes where I live, so that was the least expensive way to try before I buy. Expensive, but less so than blind buying a pricey scent that I might wind up not liking. Thanks for the draw.

    • Azar says:

      Hi Julie F.,
      Yes! It is less than buying a FB that might end up a scrubber – but it still rankles. 🙂
      Thank you for commenting and joining the draw!
      Azar xx

  3. DebB says:

    I have used several times. I am extremely happy with the service, reliability and reasonable prices. The range isn’t as extensive as some of the larger U.S sample suppliers but it has been keeping me happy, I follow by email.

  4. Patty Pong says:

    I follow by email. Yes I have used sample services. I don’t have any places near where I can smell anything other than some dept. store stuff. I’m never happy with the high per ml price of purchasing that way and I really don’t believe 1ml is enough to rule in or rule out a fragrance for bottle purchase. 🙂

    • Azar says:

      Hello Patty Pong,
      1 ml is definitely not enough to make an informed decision. I think the 2ml sprays are just about right. The difference between spray and dab can also change things. Thanks for joining the draw.
      Azar xx

  5. Claudia S. says:

    I’ve used two sampling services and while it’s a great opportunity to try before you buy, it’s very expensive! By email

    • Azar says:

      Hello Claudia S.
      Yes the subscription services are expensive but without them I don’t think I would have ever tried many of the fragrances that I’ve come to love. I rarely buy full bottle from the services, though, even with their discounts.
      Azar xx

  6. Shiva-woman says:

    I love decant services. I typically use Surrender to Chance, but have used Perfumed Court, and very occasionally Lucky Scent. My most recent (several orders last couple of months) has been from Posh Peasant. I love the name, and they have had good deals as they are going out of business which is very unfortunate. Your post is so timely because I was wondering what other back ups I had. Niche is really the issue. Most of us can get a Channel, Tom Ford, Estee or another sample, but how easy is it to get a niche perfume discussed only in these posts, not in the latest issue of Vogue, Cosmo or GQ? On another note, while this is certainly am unusual voting year, quite surreal, as many have noted, it is certainly not the status quo. The last 4 years have seen a black president, proof of progress of some kind, and a fine one. We now have the opportunity to vote for the first female, and anyone Really familiar with her whole (Life) history would vouschafe it is not status quo. She is not just any woman. I’m feeling very excited to cast my vote this year, much perhaps like women in the ’20’s! Don’t want to get too political, but we’ve heard men make promises before. Let’s give a lady a try. And yes, when life’s options seem limited, we can drown our sorrows in vintage Chanel!
    Shiva-woman recently posted…Sniffory: New Decant Service + GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  7. Lindaloo says:

    Do not enter me as I’m in Canada.
    I just wanted to sympathize about your voting options. I recall Trevor Noah’s assessment that each candidate is running against the only person they could beat.
    We can’t be smug in Canada, though the fact that we have three serious parties plus the occasional rising new one leads to less polarization and a more balanced opposition.
    I agree that voting defensively is a disenfranchising option.
    No matter what happens, our doors are always open to Americans. 🙂

    • Azar says:

      Thank you Lindaloo!
      You may be seeing us on your door step sooner than you think! I love Trevor’s Noah’s assessment. It gave me a good laugh and I need it right now in light of the current political scene.
      Azar xx

    • Shiva-woman says:

      My fiance and I are delighted at the welcome we’ve received from Canadians. He would bring architectural skills and I’m a teacher by trade. We love Canada! And yes after Bush, and the dire possibiliyy of The Troll, we are looking for a sponsor!!! He he….
      Shiva-woman recently posted…Sniffory: New Decant Service + GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  8. Ellen M. says:

    I follow by email. I’ve used Surrender to Chance, The Perfumed Court, Posh Peasant, and LuckyScent. The availability of niche fragrances and vintage fragrances is always a question, plus price. These places are expensive for what they give you. Sure it often keeps you from a blind buy and conversely tells you what might be FB worthy. Still, the price is high for what one gets. The problem with dealing with people in fragrance websites is that often they don’t have what you want at the time and sometimes, your request can just sit there with no one responding.

    • Azar says:

      Hi Ellen M.
      I really have a problem with the prices at the decant services. At least with curated subscriptions I get 2 ml sprays and sometimes newly or not yet released fragrances. I find that very helpful. And they tend to give the cost of the monthly subscription as a discount on full bottles. Unfortunately one of my favorite subscriptions is changing that. Sampling vintages is another matter 🙁
      Azar xx

  9. Fazal says:

    When I first wanted to try Malle, I used The Perfumed Court. But I didn’t use after that since their prices are not exactly low. I think these monthly subscription services are better since they allow you to test new ones and also cheaper. But I feel these make more sense for niche or newly released designer ones that are relatively expensive than older designers who become quite cheap online.

    • Azar says:

      Hi Fazal,
      I absolutely agree. Also, it pretty much tells the story when you can buy a 50 ml bottle of an older designer fragrance from the online discounters (with free shipping) for close to the same price as a decant with shipping.
      Azar xx

  10. Marguerite Gautier says:

    True in 2008, true now.

    I follow on email.

    • Azar says:

      Hello Marguerite,
      Thank you for the link! I can’t say that I’m undecided, just painfully aware that I will voting for a candidate I don’t want to see in office. But I have plenty of perfume, so despite politics, life is still good. 🙂
      Azar xx

  11. Nelle says:

    I follow by email and I have never used a decant service before.

    • Azar says:

      Thanks for joining the draw, Nelle!
      Do you use carded samples or go shopping to test perfume? Or,like me, do you (too often) just go for the blind full bottle buy? 🙂
      Azar xx

  12. Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

    Hi Azar,
    I am a blind buyer & never purchased a sample or a decant, as I get samples/decants from the seller for free with purchase of full bottle. Although I subscribed to Luckyscent, Twistedlily, The Perfumed Court & others but never bought any samples/decanys. There are also some other interesting decant service providers like and
    Thanks for the giveaway. I follow via email mostly.

    • Azar says:

      Hi Hikmat Sher Afridi,

      Sniffory looks like it will be somewhat like Scentbird and I like MaxForti’s selection and prices on full bottles. Thank you for the links!

      When I think about it I have probably wasted less money on blind buy full bottles (that didn’t work) than on all of the samples, sample packs and decants that never get more than one sniff. Hmm. Interesting…

      Azar xx

  13. Nemo says:

    Hi Azar,

    I follow by email, and I have purchased decants from ebay before, as well as Surrender to Chance and the Perfumed Court.These days I also take advantage of splitting perfume bottles with fellow perfumistas as well. This one sounds quite reasonably priced, so thanks for putting it on my radar!

    • Azar says:

      Hi Nemo,
      Thanks for commenting and joining the draw! Splitting is a great idea. I have also done trades and reciprocal gifts with fellow junkies and found some of my favorites that way.
      Azar xx

  14. Azar says:

    In case you were wondering … the closing date for this draw is probably Thursday the 6th of October 🙂

  15. Lauren says:

    Hi Mom – I follow by email. I’ve never used a decanting service but it sounds like a great way to try new things without busting the budget. I would think $15 is a fair price.

    • Azar says:

      Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for stopping by. I like the $15 shipping inclusive thing too. it will be interesting to see how Sniffory develops.
      Mom xx and X

  16. winterlude says:

    I have tried Surrender to Chance and the Perfumed Court. I agree they are a little pricey, but I live in a scent wasteland and don’t really have any other options aside from department store fragrances.
    I follow via email and I am certainly going to vote. The way I see it, there is only one option. Vote!

    • Azar says:

      Hi winterlude,
      Surrender to Chance and the Perfumed Court provide a much needed service even though the prices are a bit high. When I shop either site I like to buy the 5ml rollerballs, as they seem to last longer – when they work, that is 🙂 Re voting: It is too bad we don’t have more options. I hate politics!
      Azar xx

      • winterlude says:

        I haven’t tried any rollerballs, and I may be a little slow to the game, but I just realized you get a different result if you use dab or spray!

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