Perfumed Inbox Excitement!


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Heya APJ Crew,

It seems everyone is getting their news out this week. New fragrances, new packaging and the Christmas deals. Here are a few interesting things that arrived in my box that I thought you should know about.

Perfumed Inbox Excitement!

One Seed: Christmas Offerings

One Seed is an Australian perfume company, small batch, artisan. ONE SEED is original organic perfumery. I really enjoy their fragrances and am totally excited about their new Roller Ball applicators, perfect for on the run fragrancing and great to travel with. Here’s a link to the One Seed Best Sellers page. The range is surprisingly affordable for such beauty and they have a really good sample set. Last order date is December 12.


Library Of Flowers Free Gift

Margot Ellena is the perfumer at Library of Flowers, she also creates a bunch of other brands including Tokyo Milk, and I find her products extremely wearable. The different ranges explore varied thematic types and I especially like that the Library of Flowers brand has a bunch of adjacent products so Gift Giving looks lavish, even though the products are reasonably priced.

Here’s a link to the Library Of Flowers Field Kits. An excellent travel size set, perfect for gift giving.

library-of-flowers-free-gift-1 library-of-flowers-free-gift-2

Oliver & Co Free Gift

Oliver & Co are wildly under-rated. I love their freaky fragrances. They are both challenging and wearable, fun and lighthearted while often exploring scent combinations that feel like very serious creations. I love their bottles too, hefty and simple.
They currently have updated their website and are now offering 16ml sizes for only €30, including postage! Amazing right?

ALSO: if you buy any full bottle currently they will send you an extra 16ml bottle FOR FREE!

Here’s the link to the Oliver & Co Online Exclusive 16ml bottles (I just ordered Ambergreen and Vaninger……)

Oliver & Co Free Gift 1 Oliver & Co Free Gift 2

The 7 Virtues Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

So this one is canada-centric but I love Barb Stegemann so much and that she is making peoples l;ives better through fragrance that I really wanted to include it.

The once a year Canada-Wide holiday Buy 2 get 1 Free fragrance is on Nov 15 – 19. The free fragrance must be the same size as the two purchased. This short special offers a great way to stock up on gifts while supporting our farmers in nations rebuilding. Visit The 7 Virtues for the specials.

50ML3FOR2  – For 50ml fragrances 
100ML3FOR2 – For 100ml fragrances
BLENDBOX3FOR2 – For Blend Boxes 


Hope you found something interesting.
Portia xx

6 comments on “Perfumed Inbox Excitement!

  1. Neva says:

    Thank you for the great idea Portia. I’m not familiar with any of the mentioned houses and I’m going to check out their websites. It’s right on time for a Christmas gift to myself 🙂

  2. Robert H. says:

    Thanks P.! Three new houses I’ve never heard of on your list, but now must explore! (Oliver & Co.-those bottles! Yes please!) Do you suppose Margot Ellena is another JCE child? If so, she and her sister have been VERY busy girls lately! xoxo

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      Heya Robert,
      I’m not sure. The aesthetic seems pretty far from the other Ellen’s but maybe? I like all 3 of their work.
      Portia x

  3. LIZ COOK says:

    Thanks for sharing the love, Portia!

    Liz Cook
    perfumer & founder

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