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Have you ever wondered about the piece of skin that they put around the neck of perfume to keep the air out? Me too. So it’s called a Baudruchage and it used to be animal, then became vegetal and I think it’s a petroleum product now.


Anyway, here is a fascinating mini movie about how it’s done.
Portia xxx

CHANEL: Le Baudruchage

15 comments on “CHANEL: Le Baudruchage

  1. Joy De Shazo says:

    Ha! Well now I know. Thanks!

  2. Barbara Carter says:

    How cool! Thanks for sharing this! 😘

  3. Lisa Fox says:


  4. Gina says:

    Interesting. When I was in London, Guerlain had two women in the boutique from Paris who demonstrated how they do the tassel on each bottle and let you select and have yours personally wrapped.

  5. Robert H. says:

    THANK you! I’ve always wondered and even called the Chanel Boutique in NYC to ask about a year ago! They had No. Freaking. Clue. 😂 Xoxo

    • australianperfumejunkies says:

      YAY! Isn’t it good to find something you’ve wondered about. I’m glad to answer some questions Robert.
      Portia xxx

  6. Hazel Hoffman says:

    That was very interesting to watch.

  7. Neva says:

    Great piece of information. Thanks Portia!

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