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Hi all,
Since I heard that Annick Goutal is to be re-branded early next year, I’ve been carefully ticking off certain of its older offerings from my ‘to-try’ list. If, as has been reported, the line will be cut from around 45 fragrances to 25, at least some of the great classics are surely headed for the chop.

Annick Goutal Discontinuations

A wander through the Goutal catalogue


I tried and loved Eau du Sud at the airport on my way home from holidays in January. Unfortunately my excitement did not outlast the post-holiday glow. I bought a decant so as to give Sud a thorough test but, lovely though it is, I’ve found it collapses on skin in hot weather. As it is a summer scent, that’s a disappointment. I still like it, but I’m not going for a full bottle when there are plenty of other Goutals jostling for the attentions of my credit card.

One of those jostlers is Sables (immortelle, cinnamon, pepper, tea, sandalwood, amber). Now this one really could be on the endangered list. Already it seems to be in limited distribution because it’s hard to find and never cheap. You have to have a deep and abiding commitment to the curry-and-burnt-sugar effect of immortelle (or helichrysum) to enjoy Sables. The other notes are bit players, although a lot of people smell cinnamon distinctly (I don’t). Sables is absolutely outstanding but it would take me at least 147 years to get through a FB. A single spritz lasts all day and can survive a shower the next morning. A large decant may be all I’ll ever need.

Then there is Passion (tuberose, tomato leaf, jasmine, ylang, vanilla, oakmoss, patchouli). This is one of the early releases (1983) and it does reference some of the great florals and chypres of yore. Tropical notes are balanced by the green twang of tomato leaf and a mossy base. Overall, Passion has (for me) a slightly tailored, formal feel to it. It’s perfect for professional settings, being neither too stuffy nor too cosy and casual. FB-worthy, yes, and much cheaper than Sables.


Gardenia Passion (gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, vanilla). This should be named ‘tuberose passion’ really, but it is no less beautiful for that. The opening is so dramatic I gasped aloud. A white floral accord so buttery and so green it stole away the very breath I was trying to use to smell it. Then – it’s gone. Gardenia Passion leaves my skin, and the building, in under an hour. So, this one is off the list.

The last in my little clutch of Goutal samples is Grand Amour. . I think this may be a scrubber. The problem is the hyacinth, which normally I like but here it seems too cutting for my taste. But I’ve only tried Grand Armour on skin once, so who knows. It might improve.

Annick Goutal

So – over to you. Do you have great loves from the house of Goutal? Are you doing what I’m doing – snatching at them before they go?
Bye for now everyone!

25 comments on “Annick Goutal Discontinuations

  1. Gina says:

    I didn’t know they were going! Thanks for the info. I have quite a few of this line. My fave? Ambre Fetiche.

    • annemariec says:

      I should stress that I don’t know that these particular ones are for the chop, just that I’m making sure I check them out ahead of any big changes at Goutal.

      Ambre Fetiche is terrific! And surely safe, ambers usually being popular with many consumers.

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi Anne-Marie

    I absolutely adore and lurvvvv Heure Exquise, so when I read about possible discontinuations I immediately went on the hunt for a back-up, which I found at a good price. Then, because I absolutely have no shame, I went on and bought the following (via a special online selling programme that offers all kinds of good deals from week to week, although it pays to double-check!) at a very good price:
    Eau du Sud edt 100ml @ EUR 60; Eau de Charlotte edt 100ml @ EUR 60; Eau de Chevrefeille edt 100ml @ EUR 50; Petite Cherie edp 100ml @ EUR70. No idea if I am going to like them but who cares….. seemed a good deal and my other 300 bottles wanted new friends to play with… ahem…! Will be interesting to find out which of these are going to be discontinued next year!
    cheers, Wendy

  3. I already have a bottle of Le Muguet, which is probably plenty for me as I have so many other muguet-based fragrances, and I have a set of three small bottles (Petite Cherie, Songes and Grand Amour), but I’ve been yearning off and on for Nuit Etoilee. Maybe I will take the plunge now!

    • annemariec says:

      Yeah, I’ve been thinking about Nuit Etoilee as well. That and Ninfeo Mio. They are, so I hear, among the better of the more recent releases.

  4. rickyrebarco says:

    I love Gardenia Passion, Le Chevrefeuille, and Nuit Etoilee. I’ll buy another Chevrefeuille as that is my all time favorite, along with Nuit Etoilee.

  5. Kandice says:

    My all-time favorite is Gardenia Passion. I absolutely love it above all other AG’s I’ve tried. I have found the EDP lasts longer on me. The EDC isn’t worth buying at any price because it’s too fleeting. Thanks for the head’s up that it may be discontinued! I guess I better stock up 🙂

    • annemariec says:

      Ah, then that would explain it then. My sample of Gardenia Passion is the EDC (or EDT, not sure). It surprises me that something so strong at opening could collapse so fast. Still, white florals are popular usually, so hopefully GP will be safe.

  6. Vanessa says:

    I love Musc Nomade, Neroli, and Le Chevrefeuille too, and own a bottle of the latter. I have one of Grand Amour too, that isn’t a scrubber to me as such, but the hyacinth is rather cutting in the opening, I agree. I tried to sell it, but there were no takers, hehe.

    I suppose I could do without the whole line if it all got chopped, but I sure would miss the bottles.
    Vanessa recently posted…Guardian angel: how Truffle – and my stress levels – went through the (curate’s garage) roof (twice!)My Profile

    • annemariec says:

      It is, admittedly, a very crowded line and there is a degree of repetition within it. So perhaps we ought not be surprised that it may be trimmed.

      Musc Nomade! I can never get behind that one. Depends on how you react to the musk I suppose. Not well, in my case.

  7. Mary P. says:

    I’m so sad that Sables is leaving. I love that one! I also love Songes and Eau d’Hadrien (one of my favorite layered combinations), Ambre Fetiche, Myrrh Ardente, Musc Nomade, Gardenia Passion and I can’t forget about Ninfeo Mio. But Sables….. looks like I have to break out the pocketbook.

    • annemariec says:

      You may be safe after all. I’ve just noticed that on the AG website it’s listed as one of their bestsellers. But yes, that is the one I’d live on lentils for in order to buy, if I really needed a FB.

  8. Tara C says:

    I have all the Orientalistes, plus Songes, Nuit Étoilée edp and Mon Parfum Chéri. My husband has Sables. The only other one I like but don’t own is Passion, but with over 700 bottles I probably won’t buy it as I already have way too much!

  9. annemariec says:

    I hope they keep the Orientalistes, as they are so distinctive.

    Passion I’d be a bit worried about. I can imagine some younger customers finding it a bit dated.

  10. Saffyishere says:

    I recently received a sample of the Eau de Camille… will look for a bottle. Where ,other than Ebay, can one purchase these bottles?

    • annemariec says:

      Sadly, I think Eau de Camille may have been d/c some time ago. You’d have to do a sweep of the discounters –,,, etc. Good luck!

  11. australianperfumejunkies says:

    GAK!! I bloody nearly bought Sables yesterday. now I’m kicking myself.
    Portia xx

    • annemariec says:

      Do you get a sense that it’s easy to find in Europe? I only ask because I notice that it’s hard to get on at the discounters and on eBay, so that perhaps means that Goutal keep it rather tightly distributed. 🙁

  12. Greg says:

    My favourite from this house is Les Nuits d’Hadrien. Day or night, this one always works, other than maybe in the depths of winter. Eau d’Hadrien gets a regular run in the heat too.

    I have Grand Amour somewhere, but haven’t tried it.

    • annemariec says:

      I have not tried either of the Hadriens except the Eau, briefly. I hear that it is quite fleeting. You’ve got me interested in Les Nuits now!

  13. Undina says:

    The only two I would really miss are Petite Cherie and Heure Exquise. I have a couple more but I do not wear them enough – so those I’m OK with.
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