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Hi APJ! Hope everyone is having a lovely smelling spring or autumn. I am currently surrounded by beautiful spring flowers and blooming trees and all of my senses are in overdrive. Here are a few pictures of the mesmerizing spring in the Netherlands. Every turn I take and every day brings a new colourful image to lock away in my memory chest. What is your favorite part of spring or autumn?

Rotterdam Photos by Sandra

Xerjoff: Dipping My Toes In

I am sure you are all well ahead of me when it comes to Xerjoff. It is an overwhelming brand for me and I have only really sniffed and enjoyed the Casamorati line and a couple from the Join the Club line. As a Vienna farewell gift I received three minis from the Shooting Stars collection. (Thank you so much – you know who you are.)

So, here I am freezing my butt off in chilly and beautiful Rotterdam and eagerly sniffing these little gems from Xerjoff. They are harbingers of early summer days. Here are my thoughts.


Xerjoff: Shingl

Notes are: bergamot, basil, anise and artemisia, iris, rum, patchouli and vetiver, vanilla, amber and musk.
Shingl opens up quite sharp and spicey making my nose cringe. The sharp opening is herbal as well and it was confusing until the rum settled in. I always thought that rum or alcohol notes are not appealing, but the note here is subtle. It smooths out the opening together with the introduction of iris. What I find not only interesting but also addictive about Shingl is that it moves into a powdery, woody scent and is an intoxicatingly easy to wear good mood scent.


Xerjoff: Lua

Notes are: bergamot, orange, lemon, melon, rose, iris, pink pepper, lily, cedar, vanilla and musk.
Lua opens up fresh, floral and full of spring promises. I love the touch of melon here as it cuts into the citrus nicely. This is a perfume for spring days where the vast changing skies provide a dramatic backdrop to the new young green leaves and grass cropping up everywhere. I cannot help but smile when I smell Lua. It is a beautiful perfume full of hope for the next six months of gorgeous long days. I will be wearing this through the warmer months here.


Xerjoff: Dhajala

Notes are: african orange flower, galbanum, bergamot and orange, pink pepper, jasmine and rose, resin, amber, vanilla and musk.
To be perfectly honest with you, when I first spritzed Dhajala I recoiled. Something was not working for me. Perhaps it was the orange flower or the citrus vibe (which I normally have issues with), I do not know exactly. I promptly forgot about it being on my wrist and I put it in the pass pile. Well, after another hour or two I was taken aback of how good my wrist smelled. It was well rounded and very pretty but also easily unisex. I would love to smell this on a man.

I have been pleasantly surprised by these perfumes and would love to take the time to try others.

LuckyScent has the Xerjoff line
Surrender To Chance has a selection of Xerjoff samples

Do you know Xerjoff? Do you have any recommendations or favourites?


14 comments on “Xerjoff Xerjoff Xerjoff: Dipping My Toes In

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Hey Sandra,
    I used to hide from Xerjoff because it was so expensive. Seems like EVERYTHING caught up?
    Portia xxx

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Portia, it is expensive and don’t even get me started on the bottle cap. They are reasonable compared to others now. Sandra xoxo

  2. Gina says:

    The only one that I have tried is More than Words. It is between a love and like for me. It went on oud, rose and hint of creamy vanilla; dried down powerful, little sweet, still oud but not sharp or bitter with a little fruity floral.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Gina, Thanks for reading. I tried More Tyan Words and enjoyed it but jot enough to buy a bottle. If a bottle fell into my lap I would happily use it. Sandra xo

  3. Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

    The only perfume that I’ll recommend from Xerjoff is Pikovaya Dama. I smelled in a shop but unable to buy because of its abnormal price.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Hikmat, thanks for the recommendation. I will try to find a sample of ir. I find many perfume prices abnormal these days. Sandra xo

  4. Tina G says:

    Hi Sandra – wow, I haven’t even hear of these three! I’ve got some catching up to do. Thanks for the run down. Rotterdam in spring looks just lovely!
    Tina G xx

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Tina G, I find that Xerjoff has so many perfumes that I get easily lost. Rotterdam is beautiful and I have been told that it lasts until November. Fingers crossed. Sandra xo

  5. cookie queen says:

    Hey Sandra! Such beautiful photos. I have tried several Xerjoff but they are most certainly not my cuppa. And the prices are ridiculous. I found a sample of Irisss the other day. Having read so much about it I had high hopes. No way. Iris Silver Mist knocks spots off of it. ❤

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Val. The prices are ridiculous! But that is the case with perfume these days. Lucky you – you got to try Irisss. Envious. Sandra xo

  6. lady jane grey says:

    Hi Sandra,
    I’m sure the only time I tried a Xerjoff – was with you at MdP 😀
    I found the brand overwhelming, with that huge amount of scents I couldn’t find a system to bild my own picture about the brand. And don’t get me started on the price…
    I can remember Shingl (which I quite liked), but nothing really got stuck or tingled for more testing or buying…

    • Sandra says:

      Hi LJG, I remember sniffing a few with you. Can’t for the life of me picture them anymore. The prices are truly silly IMHO. Sandra xoxo

  7. Neva says:

    Hi Sandra, I have tried a few Xerjoffs from the Casamorati line – Dama Bianca, which is a big white flower, Fiore d’Ulivo, green but not citrusy and Gran Ballo, a powdery flower bouquet. Although they are all nice and well done, they are not perfect for me and at that price they must be a 10 out of 10. Fiore d’Ulivo had a poor longevity…
    Rotterdam in spring looks beautiful through your eyes. I hope you enjoy it.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Neva, Thanks for reading and giving me your recommendations. I quite like the Casamorati libe because I find them so easy to wear. Also, the bottles are all different and I can therefore distinguish between them all. Dama Bianca is a favorite of mine. I admit- I love Rotterdam in the spring. A little bit of sun and a lot of green has given the city a magnificent facelift. Sandra xoxo

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