Botticelli by Teone Reinthal for Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume 2015


Kate Apted


Hi APJ family!

One year, my poor mother gave up on her garden and in frustration, she threw all her seeds all over the remains of her failed attempt. She left nature to do its thing, unimpeded. She happens to like manicured English cottage gardens, where each plant is put in a spot for a purpose. She takes delight in tending to them and nurturing them with supports and regular feeding of nutrients. I, on the other hand, have an incredible attachment to wild cottage gardens that are overgrown and have eclectic flora. I relish with absolute delight in the surprise of finding new things and exploring the life within the seeming chaos. The scents are unpredictable and haphazard.

The garden worked. By next spring, nature had created a veritable oasis of flourishing peace. My mother was a little jealous that she had never quite executed a garden with the expertise nature had shown. The colours were exquisite, everything was healthy and there was space for so much to grow in complete harmony. The insect life that year was rich and abundant.


I found a natural perfume a few months ago that replicates such a garden. It is called Botticelli and is made by a talented and highly creative woman named Teone Reinthal.

Botticelli by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume 2015

Botticelli by Teone Reinthal


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, lemon, petitgrain
Heart: Jasmine sambac, damask rose, juniper berries
Base: Patchouli, ambrette (musk mallow), oakmoss, labdanum, vetiver

It opens with a creamy warmth that comes from a musk and oakmoss heat, while radiating a citrus heart that stays around for hours. Much like a breeze brings gentle scents in waves from a rich garden, Botticelli does the same. It weaves around with facets of citrus and rose and jasmine, with a lightness of a butterfly. Just when I think I’ve understood Botticelli, there is a shift and the musk reigns for a moment. While each of the notes are lovely, it is the waft of the whole composition that makes Botticelli incredible.


I have a set of rules I use with this scent. I cannot wear this outside my home. I must apply it with a cotton ball that then gets stuffed inside my bra. I cannot wear it in the morning. I do not reapply it. It is almost as if Botticelli has its own nature that I cannot control and master. I cannot possibly know better! I suspect I get a little ‘away with the fairies’ whilst wearing Botticelli, so I think my rules are to protect me from dwelling in my inner universe when it isn’t appropriate. It meshes with my inner world in a way no other scent does, so when I need to be completely self composed I avoid Botticelli.
There is a wild woman, tribal elder quality to Botticelli that makes it sensuous, feminine and celebrates fertility in all its forms. At the same time, it has a barely constrained politeness to it that will not offend those in your presence. Mildly zesty and tart, yet mellow and creamy.

Teone Reinthal has Botticelli from $10/2ml Sample

Do you have scents that transport you to a place of personal happiness, where no one else can reach you? Or do you have quirky rules regarding a particular fragrance?

Until next time… Kate xx

22 comments on “Botticelli by Teone Reinthal for Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume 2015

  1. australianperfumejunkies says:

    Everyone seems well addicted to the Teone Reinthal perfumes Kate. Quite a few Aussies are very reverent about her work.
    I’ve not smelled them yet but I have a feeling I might really love them.
    Portia xx

    • Kate Apted says:

      Hi Portia,

      I’m sure that Teone would be more than happy to supply you with some samples. She woild be tickled pink to send you some.

      I HATED naturals. Loathed them as ambery messes. But I tried Teone’s with bated breath and fell in love from first sniff. Her Rose Embers is VERY popular with the guys at work. Whenever I wear it, I get a dozen compliments.

      But I will admit that her style takes a few to get the gist of. Us supporters stand by her scents, though.

      Much love,
      K xx

      • australianperfumejunkies says:

        Hey Kate,
        Yes, Teone and I have been in touch today. She comes across as a lovely woman, from the little we’ve eMailed.
        Very excited to get my huff on her frags.
        Portia xx

  2. Jackie b says:

    I love your quirky! That perfume now knows its place!
    The only rules I have are centred around where certain scents are worn, like Sultan Pasha oil only to yoga, Chanel Jersey on my neck to bed, stuff like that.
    I have sampled some of Teone’s work, some of them are really lovely, but some a bit floral for me.

    • Kate Apted says:

      Hi Jackie!

      Yeah, Teone’s scents are their own genre and can be a bit much for some. Understandable. I’m glad you gave them a go.

      Funny how some scents belong with certain events and situations. I can see Jersey as a highly personal scent that would lull the nervous system.

      ❤ K

  3. cookie queen says:

    Hi Kate.
    I’ve not heard of this fragrance or the perfumer. The notes sound lovely but I never trust a note list. 😅 I never reapply any perfume, ever. Dunno if that is quirky or not. Tempting review. I would love a wild garden, but already have enough watering my windowboxes in the summer. One day. Hugs. xxx

    • Saffyishere says:

      The beauty of a wild garden … it is just that… wild… one let’s nature do the work

      • Kate Apted says:

        Hi ho Saffy!

        Yes, nature tends to know best…and do better. I find the word wild considered somehow chaotic and an undesirable state. Like everything has to be tamed. We need more natural states of being to help calm ourselves now than we ever have done. Botticelli will do for me.

        K xx

    • Kate Apted says:

      Val, you always bring me a smile!

      Teone is a home based producer. She hand makes it all. Does her own promotion etc too. I am really surprised she isn’t more well known, but in Australian perfume circles, she’s gaining more recognition.

      How come you don’t reapply?

      K xx

      • cookie queen says:

        Reapplying would take away from wearing the perfume to the very end. And to be honest I never feel the need to as most stuff lasts hours and hours on me. I seldom wear more than one perfume in a day because of that. I wish it didn‘t sometimes. Oh well, life‘s little challenges huh? 😆

      • Kate Apted says:

        That makes sense, Val. Reapplying is like starting a song over before the solo guitar riff half way through. Have you a scent that you love just for that last development?

    • cookie queen says:

      Not really. But I do seriously love the drydown of Malles Superstitious. xx

  4. Al Manlé says:

    Beautifully written, Kate!
    It was an entertaining read full of your requisite quirkiness and charm.
    I’m looking forward to sampling some of Teone’s work.

    • Kate Apted says:

      AL!! What??! You have not tried Teone’s perfumes?? Tut tut, young man! If you see Damien, ask him to please bring some along. Let him know I have suggested it. 😉😘

  5. Greennote says:

    I love your rules Kate, they seem very you.
    I love the serendipity of random gardens where the seeds have done their own thing in their own way.
    And great writing.
    Pretty much my only rule is to wear perfumes that won’t be too much for the people I’m with, which I guess is much more about constraining my impact rather than constraining myself. Other than that, it’s no holds barred.

    • Kate Apted says:

      Hallooo Greennote,

      Thank you for the compliments. My rules are not something I can stop myself from having. Peace of mind and inmer balance are the key factors in helping me keep my more “problematic” autism elements under control. I think it stems from some scents giving me permission to enter my inner world. Not a great thing when I have a heavy clutch to assemble into a waist height bell housing!

      I, in turn, love your generous approach to your fragrances! Unfettered freedom is the most sublime state! But I respect your choice to keep some consideration for your company. That is sweet of you. I wish some *cough* children would be considerate in that way too. Smelly feet, flatulence etc… Maybe I need to see it differently and find humour in it. Bahahaha!

      Enjoy your day. K xx

  6. Anna Maria says:

    I love the garden story Kate.
    Perfume is very personal, but also love to share when its so beautiful. Botticelli, what a great name for a fragrance.

    • Kate Apted says:

      Anna Maria! Hi there!

      How good does it feel to share that beauty?! I get an absolute buzz of bliss when people share their stories of beauty with me. Truly! It is a natural high that is bonding and pure. Peoples’ faces light with radiance… It is even better when a person is at a loss for words, but they beam. And we know exactly how that feels.

      Bottocelli IS a magnificent name for this scent. Lush, natural, bounteous and golden.

      ❤ K

  7. Teone says:

    Thanks Kate for the wonderful review of Botti’. I struggled with that fragrance for a long time. Some fragrances just ‘click’ together like a puzzle with very defined pieces, but this one was a test of endurance – mine against hers. It started as a lemon chypre but just lacked the body and the longevity I was chasing. The key to bringing it all together was the late addition of a large amount of a really intense batch of Indian vetiver that smelled like damp black soil. Not the baked earth scent of mitti attar, but the rainforest floor after a deluge. I lived in the rainforest for 10 years so it’s a really familiar smell to me. This is the ground of Botticelli upon which all the florals and the natural aldehydes of citrus rise from. Loved your review and especially loved “There is a wild woman, tribal elder quality to Botticelli that makes it sensuous, feminine and celebrates fertility in all its forms.” A lingering assocation and one that’s now fully installed in my imagination as the heroine of Botticelli.

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