Forever Now (Gucci Museo) by Lorenzo Villoresi for Gucci 2013





Another place I had fun on our USA holiday was the Gucci outlet store in Desert Hills. They had the Diamond Editions of Gucci Guilty, along with some really fab travel sprays of Gucci by Gucci Sport and Guuci Made to Measure. These travel sprays felt light but robust and had a rubberised coating for a firm grip. Great for the gym, but unfortunately not refillable.

The perfume which caught my eye of course was on the top shelf out of reach so I had two assistants helping me with a ladder to get it down. This was “Forever Now” – Gucci Museo, released in 2013 as a tribute to the Gucci Museum in Florence. The museum itself seems to be temporarily closed so don’t get too excited if you’re in the area. I tried some on skin as I walked away from what could have been an expensive US$200 impulse buy.

Forever Now (Gucci Museo) by Gucci 2013

Forever Now (Gucci Museo) by Lorenzo Villoresi


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, mandarin, lavender, black pepper, orange blossom
Heart: Leather, florals, Florentine iris, Morroccan and Bulgarian rose, jasmine from Grasse, ylang-ylang, nutmeg
Base: Vetiver, patchouli, precious woods, amber, musk

Out in the foothills of the desert with a dry and dusty warm wind, Gucci Museo opened with a smooth black pepper and a clean leather, having touches of amber behind it. It didn’t strike me as overly masculine, it was soft and well balanced. A subtle ylang ylang came through on my sun-struck skin over the next half hour, and honestly that is about as far as I got with it as we got swept up with making the most of our shopping time. So, sorry, that’s it for my review but I liked what I got out of it in the first hour and it would have been a purchase I’d have been happy with – if my funds stretched that far at that time…..

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Feeling Sexy Australia has $229/100ml with FREE Australian Delivery

Which is your favourite Gucci scent?

(Ed: TinaG photos unless otherwise noted. Thanks XXX)

Mon Guerlain by Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk for Guerlain 2017 + GIVEAWAY




Hey Hey Frag Heads,

Well, hasn’t there been uproar on the scentbloggosphere around this one? Guerlain’s first stand alone pillar fragrance since the Limited Edition turned regular range Terracotta Le Parfum and L’Homme Ideal, both arriving in 2014. It seems though that this one was to be launched in the grandest of old styles like back in the 20th century. All over Europe and Australia the bus stations, buses, cinema ads and TV showed Mon Guerlain. They picked a controversial celebrity, Angelina Jolie, to be the face of it and then made her a silhouette. It all seemed like we had returned to the golden age of fragrance and because of all the hype, it being a Guerlain and the strange lack of hype for anything else they’ve done except those fun cartoon ads for La Petit Robe Noire (how CHANEL didn’t think of that I’ll never know) we were all expecting a masterpiece, a stroke of genius. Could it be the new Jicky, Shalimar, Mitsouko or Samsara? How could anything live up to such wild expectation?

Mon Guerlain by Guerlain 2017

Mon Guerlain by Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk

Mon Guerlain Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives thee featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Provençal lavender
Heart: Paradisone®, Jasmine sambac, Coumarin
Base: Iris, Tahitian vanilla, White sandalwood

OK, I need to tell you that I bought my bottle of Mon Guerlain 100% for the bottle. I had sniffed it in passing and found it to be a fairly predictable rehash of most of what is on the market currently. Sweet, candy like cordial with little to help it rise above the celebuscented fairy floss storm except the bottle, which I adore. So, while in a small corner perfumery across the road from Luxembourg’s central station earlier in the year they had a 20% off Guerlain sale. Could I resist? No I could not. With my purchase I was also gifted a 5ml Boxed mini of Mon Guerlain EdP and a 30ml Mon Guerlain Body Lotion. Both of which are up for grabs in our giveaway tonight.

Once I had bought it I was able to wear it on my own, had time to really enjoy it and get to know the personality buried under the uninspiring scent it feels like in the mall or airport. Suddenly I found myself not only enjoying wearing Mon Guerlain but choosing it over other favourites.

I am reminded strongly of recently D/Cd Guerlain beauty Oriental Brulant with added Lavender. Mon Guerlain sparkles with lavender and it makes the whole fragrances gourmand-ness less stickily sweet and adds a historical linkage to one of its all time most popular scents Jicky. Not the same as Jicky but a passing reference to Guerlains history. The dry down is a 21st century Guerlinade reinvention with the same or similar vanilla in pride of place, cooled by iris and creamed by sandalwood.

Is Mon Guerlain a masterpiece? No, not in my opinion. Is it a modern LVMH money making adaptation of a Guerlain? Yes. Some of the heart has been removed but the soul remains.

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David Jones Australia has $102/30ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $4.25/ml

Want to try it? Now’s your chance.

Mon Guerlain GIVEAWAY


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1 x 5ml Mon Guerlain EdP Boxed Mini
1 x 30ml Mon Guerlain Body Lotion

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Please tell us in the comments which Guerlain fragrance is your favourite?


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Saturday Question: What Are Your Two Go-To Scents?




Hello Fellow Fumies,

I have had an idea. Well, actually I’m copying an idea from Olfactoria’s Travels. Once a week there used to be a Question. Everyone would chime in with an answer, chat with other responders and it would be a generally fun events each week. Taking sides never meant taking offence and everyone kept it respectful and light.

I’d like to carry on that tradition, maybe you’ll see it on the weekend or chime in through the week. Hopefully you will come back and see if anyone has responded to your comment and you can reply to them.

If we get over 150 responses I will draw a $20 Surrender To Chance Gift Card. Every comment will get a place in the draw, so if you comment purposefully on your own or another comment you’ll have a chance, will draw the winner on Friday and the winner will be announced in next Saturdays question.

Last Weeks Winner: Sadly we only made it to 113 comments. I did try and bump it along by replying and replying again. Fingers crossed for this week. 

Saturday Question:

What Are Your Two Go-To Scents?

OK, so let’s get the playing field clear this week so your head doesn’t explode. We are talking currently. What are the two fragrances that you grab and spritz right now when making a clearly defined scent decision is either too brain consuming or more worry than it’s worth. The days where you just need to smell good, no questions asked, and probably will only notice what you’re wearing a few times throughout the day in between business.

Usually a Go-To will also not hijack your train of thought while you’re in a meeting or art gallery. It needs to be nice and smell good but not dominate the conversation or thought process. Maybe you wear it to the movies or dinner so it doesn’t cloud the sensual pleasures of letting yourself go completely to the moment.

Remember, we are talking about right now. What do you reach for instinctively, with no questions asked.

My answer:
Lately my two most spritzed when on the go have been

Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka FragranticaFragrantica

Lolita Lempicka EdP

It’s so easy to wear. A gentle fun fizz to begin. Sweet liquorice and violet in the heart and a softly sweet vanilla woodsy base. Projection is moderate, the story is very nice but not overwhelming and I can focus on other things while wearing it. Yet, should I take a moment to sniff myself I smell lovely, comfortable and yummy.


Parfum d’Empire Equistrius

I know, this is a funny choice for a Go-To. What happened was I fell madly in love with this fragrance. Obsessed. Went through two 5ml decants quite quickly. It just seemed to fit me so perfectly. Anyway, I saw it selling on a friends Sale Doc overseas and purchased it but it took weeks to get here and I completely forgot my purchase. At the same time I also saw it on another friends Sale Doc and thinking I hadn’t bought it yet I grabbed that too. While both of those arrived yet another Sale Doc had it from a mate that was selling hers for an unbelievably low price, so you know what I did right? So having such largess and loving it to bits I will often multi sprite as I leave the house. It’s still beautiful to me, I love its iris plus the works attitude and it stays relatively back seat till I consciously sniff.

So my question to you is

What Are Your Two Go-To Scents?

Gucci Guilty Absolute by Alberto Morillas for Gucci 2017




Hey there Designer Frag Fiends,

Normally a 21st century message about a Gucci flanker would draw single eyebrow raised type archness from the grand perfumista community. Stick of shocks the word on the scentbloggosphere is that this newly released creature is Da Bomb! Even noses I’ve revered forever are calling this a return to Tom Ford time form for Gucci. High praise.

I did try it in the Duty Free area on our latest jaunt and found it nice enough. What I didn’t realise was that when I was buying some stuff in Luxembourg the SA had given me a sample to take home. YIPPEE!

One thing I have noticed is that this is an incredibly well priced fragrance. Kudos to the creative director at Gucci, Alessandro Michele, for keeping it so affordable. The scent is Coty group, does anyone know if they have the whole Gucci line under lock & key or is this new?

Gucci Guilty Absolute by Gucci 2017

Gucci Guilty Absolute by Alberto Morillas

Gucci Guilty Absolute Gucci FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Woodleather®, Goldenwood®, Nootka cypress, Patchouli, Vetiver

Woodsiness, a little bit sharp like pine. Behind the crisp new planks of wood it’s smoky and dry. Very niche smelling and the leather is expensive clothing leather, finished and new. Though Gucci Guilty Absolute is fragrant there is a modern sheerness that reminds me of the way a Jean Claude Ellena Hermessence would smell if he chose to do this style. There’s something spare and unearthly about the treatment of woods and leather here.

During the heart I also get metallic and oily hints, like old, well used machinery running but not working. Also sawdust, you know how mixed wood sawdust has a dry and dusty wood smell? Like that.


When the patchouli arrives it is waxy and clean, a very nice background noise that adds a smoothness to Gucci Guilty Absolute.

I bet this is a major hit for Gucci. Everyone could wear it, easy to wear, smells expensive and refined. I can imagine school kids, office workers, ladies who lunch and gym bodies all spritzing and wearing Gucci Guilty Absolute beautifully.

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Gucci Australia has $108/50ml

What was the last Gucci scent you liked or bought?
Portia xx

Citrus Ester by Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel for Aether 2016




Hiya Frag Freaks,

Modern is the catch cry of Aether, these guys use nothing but captured and created molecules in their scents. A far cry from the old school beauty of naturals and their multifaceted wearings. Here we have industrial scent for the 21st century that manages to remain beautiful, interesting and wearable. When the range first came out I judged them to be ghastly without ever trying one, just because of the concept, but every time I wear one my incredulity falls away and I’m swayed towards their concept.

I grabbed this sample from Surrender To Chance.

Citrus Ester by Aether 2016

Citrus Ester by Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel

Citrus Ester Aether FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Grapefruit, rhubarb, methyl pamplemousse

Sharp sweetness, ferociously clean, cold spoon on tongue, clean sink, fresh air, metal, citrus, ropey greenness. I have never smelled citrus done like this. Captivating and obnoxious. HA! A non animalic grapefruit with a never grown in the earth rhubarb.

I can imagine people who loved L’Eau d’Issey in the 1990s but found it too of its time to continue wearing it will love Citrus Ester. It’s a modern reimagining of the classic but with added sugar and airiness.

Great staying power and fresh to the last whiff, but a different to what we’re used to fresh. This fresh is still invigorating, doesn’t really move around much, nods to cologne as it flies past in a space ship.

Perfect work scent, I can especially imagine it being an excellent after gym scent. Once your body has heated up with a workout, you’ve showered off but this over your bodies innate humanity will be excellent.

Citrus Ester Aether metallic-platter BlueSnap pixabayPDI


Citrus Ester Aether Fragrantica pic

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Aether has AUD$145/50ml and delivers to the world
Surrender To Chance has samples from $3.60/0.5ml

Do you like the idea of a fragrance made entirely of captured and created molecules?
Portia xx





Hello APJers,

Thanks for getting involved.
Let’s see who won.

Portia xxx


Le Sillage Blanc Parfums Dusita FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Orange blossom, Neroli, Tobacco, Artemisia, Galbanum, Leather, Ambrette, Patchouli, Oakmoss


This week there will be 1 winner who will receive:
1 x Carded Manufacturers Sample of Le Sillage Blanc (Hopefully I can find the card)
1 x Porcelain Esxence Bracelet (Perfect fragrant handbag jewellery)
P&H Anywhere in the world


Entries Closed Wednesday 10th May 2017 10pm Australian EdsT
Winner was chosen by

Hage Kay

The winner will have till Wednesday 17th May 2017 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit

Madawi by Arabian Oud


Erica Golding


Joyfully scented greetings to you all!

I must say, tonight I had planned to write up a different fragrance, but a special delivery landed that smashed my plans into smithereens. Are you into Arabian perfumery yet? If so, you would squee with delight over this hidden gem! If not, seek out this bottle, it will blow your mind from the inside out:

Madawi by Arabian Oud

My gorgeous goddess friend Cyndi has brought tears to my eyes with her incredible friendship, and I am so thrilled that we have bonded thanks to our shared love of scent. Because of her kickassery of sample enabling, I unboxed a presentation today that I already knew housed a scent worthy of the glitz. The packaging is totally over the top, but it dazzled me tenfold because I fell in love with this perfume in a nondescript little 5 mL hex bottle.

What does it smell like? Well, miraculous is one way to put it. Rose petals cascade into an upswell of luscious fruit nectar, precious woods, a tasteful kiss of smoothly aged patchouli, and a silky white musk haze. It is insanely balanced, a very carefully composed blend that really is effortlessly sexy. It screams evening wear, this is a date night perfume for sure – but I know I will be rocking Madawi whenever I want to feel the power of feminine intensity.

From Arabian OudA Special fragrance inspired by the character of the contemporary women, the pride of time Al Aseel including the aromatic bouquet of apple, peach, pineapple melted memories of last longing, an anchor on the base of roses and flowers, patchouli and musk, deeply feeling of real satisfaction .

Have you heard of Madawi? Have you scored any other gems from Arabian Oud, whether hidden or a cult favorite or a fragrance legend? An Arabian Oud storefront opened in New York City not too long ago, I am physically aching to go. 🙂 Have you been? Tantalize me with your tales!

Arabian Oud has $150/90ml

Talk to you all soon, hope you spritzed wisely today!

Hugs, Erica