Scent Diary: 3.7 – 9.7.2017




Heya Fumies, Friends & Family,

This week was kind of unexpected. Stuff broke down at the Tasmania property so we had to go fix it. Sadly Jin was working so it was done without my personal tradie. He was missed.

A couple of things I forgot to put in last weeks Scent Diary from Sunday. Anna-Maria and Kim from the team Sluts United and me in full halo/God mode. Also Coffee Creme Brûlée with Cream and Ice-Cream. Hello heart failure, so worth it.

Scent Diary: 3.7 – 9.7.2017

Monday 3:

This morning I was up bright and early because my mate David asked me to speak to the seniors group from the RSL at their Church Hall. I was scared the whole thing was going to cave in around me. It was a lovely morning, the oldest in the group is 101 and they were all totally together and with it. Firstly I gave about a 15 minutes potted history of my life and family history which they loved and even laughed at my crap jokes, I even said bullshit and there were some hearty giggles. Then we did 12 Trivia Q&A and boy did they get into it. They were even giving me cheek! I was there around 40 minutes with them and enjoyed every moment. So sorry I didn’t take a picture of the group but I did get a shot outside.

I wore Divine EdP for the event and I smelled beautiful.

Then I was chained to the computer for the rest of the day with some quick breaks for four, dogs, washing some towels & mats and Jin was home so we had chats too.  Really good day. When life is this calm & good, it’s great to be alive.

Late in the evening I took some time to pack my bag for Tasmania with Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling, Guerlain Ambre Eternal, Hermès Muguet Porcelaine and Boucheron original parfum. A varied selection that should keep me interested over a three day stint.

Made some dinner and had a long hot soak in the tub.

Tuesday 4:

Up and walking the dogs in the very cool morning darkness of 4.20am. They were quite surprised at my early awakening. Me too.

Jin drove me to the airport on his way to work and we were both a bit bleary on the drive in. Met up with Johnny, the best plumber in town, and we hopped a 7am plane to Launceston, Tasmania. How cool is it that Sydney Airport runway is right next to the water, could not have asked for a more perfect winter day. Johnny and I both had windows so the views were spectacular till we hit the Tasmanian clouds, which were still lovely in their own way.

Once there we hired a car and drove up to George Town, there to fix an ailing kitchen and bring the laundry from the garage into the house.

It was a busy scramble and our tenant Dale worked solidly beside Johnny and the boys got loads done. We had a few conferences through the day and had to do some surprise shopping but so far we have only blown out the shopping budget by 15-20%. Not bad considering there were some surprises.

For dinner I had talked up the local burger joint. I was so excited to get back there and have one of the best burgers in my memory. Sadly the shop had been so quiet that they turned off the stoves 1.5 hours early and we had to make do with some very ordinary schnitzel sandwiches. BUMMER!

The cottage I rented us was super cute. 2 bedrooms and a beautifully comfortable living room. The bathroom was a bit weird though and not very private. We were fine and staggered our ablutions so it was all above board.

So it’s 9pm, I’ve been running on under 3 hours sleep all day and now I’m bushed.

Wednesday 5:

BLOODY HELL! Early morning, straight to it. I ran Johnny to the house then came back to our cottage and showered. It was lovely to have a moment of peace amongst the madness. After the shower I doused myself in Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling. So funny. Down here in Tasmania the air is so clean and clear that the fragrance was 100% huger. It was like I had done 20 sprays.

After the shower I went and bought some postcards and organised the mens lunches. In both shops I apologised to the shopkeepers for wearing so much perfume. Really it felt like I had 1980s amounts of scent on. Fortunately both women said they loved my fragrance and that I was wearing exactly the right amount (Sweet lies).

Johnny and our tenant Dale got so much done today and then we went to Bunnings in Launceston as a group with Katie (Dale’s wife) and their two kids. We had Bunnings Sausage Sandwiches, a total win. The men were like kids in a candy store and took hours to get their shit organised. Katie, the kids and I went through the garden section and then had coffees & cakes while one of the kids jumped around in the kids playground.

This is my new husband Craig, really Jin couldn’t complain if I brought home a tomboy, could he? I’m nice, I share my toys.

We came home at 6pm and Johnny cooked himself some bacon sandwiches. He was so freaking proud of himself and happy eating them. Then we had cream buns for dessert! Not my favourite bakeries ones but pretty good nonetheless.

Now it’s time for bed. Goodnight.

Thursday 6:

If you think yesterday was full then today was 150% more action packed. We had plumbing, electrician and helper doing the garage, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We added extra things in all day long and still managed to finish 20 minutes early. It was a wonderful day, everyone working together and helping. Sure, I spent a bunch of money, basically a years rent but we expected to have big bills in the first year and these are them. Fingers crossed that we can leave the houses alone to rent peacefully for the next couple of years.

First we went to the Simpson house where the tenants are moving out Monday. They have left the house about 170% more beautiful than it was when we bought it. Even the gardens are pristine.

Johnny the plumber works fast, is clever and I trust him to go full steam ahead all day long. The extra it cost me to bring him was easily made up for in sheer hard work and the joy of having him around. Can’t praise hips work ethic enough. He knows all the tricks to shortcut expense yet end up with a perfect finished result. Calarco Plumbing if you need him.

We used Tasmanian Electrical Services for the sparky work because Jin was working. Greg came and he was a lovely man, full of fun and went to with gusto. Though he is a bit slower than Jin he did his best and got all our extras done in tidy and finished manner. I’d call him again.

The big surprise though was Dale, our tenant, who took three days off work and was the best supporter we could have asked for. Nothing was too hard, dirty or boring for him. He ran to the hardware to get extras, helped, joked, worked like a house elf and was excellent company.

I know, I’m raving but the three men got five days worth of jobs done in three, with a bit of time to spare.

Our cottage let us keep the room till 7pm for only a $50 extra charge and were very accommodating.

While Johnny took a last minute shower before we left I went and watched the sunset from the waterfront which is two streets away from the cottages. Heavenly. It was a serene moment and I probably shouldn’t have ruined the spell by clicking pics but I wanted to share the magic with you lot. No filters have been used to enhance these shots in any way. Not even cropped, this is how they came on the phone.

All in all a successful and productive adventure. Currently Johnny and I are at Launceston Airport ready to go home on the 8.40pm flight. I am bushed, and I hardly did anything except point, organise and pay. He must be shattered.

Can you believe it? We arrive at Sydney Airport and standing one taxi rank away from us is Andrew Denton. I told Johnny and he was so excited because he and Anna-Maria LOVE him. So I sent him off with my camera to take a selfie and tell Andrew how much his family love him. Watching it was beautiful, I think it made Johnny’s whole trip and Andrew Denton looked really pleased that someone had bothered to go thank him for all his hard work.

It was a really nice moment. Thank you Andrew Denton for treating Johnny with such affable respect.

Friday 7:

My head is not right today. I’m not sure what’s going on but my focus is bad. I’m going to rest for the day because we have a crew coming tonight. See you later. I’m going for a big long soak in the bath. Bath and Body Works Pretty As A Peach bubbles, Madonna Truth or Dare Naked lotion and Guerlain Mitsouko EdT. I am a peach princess.

Tonight was HUGE. A whole crew of us got together for Pumpkin Soup dinner at ours then we all went to Parramatta Winterlight. There was Ice Skating, Rides, Food, Fun and general mayhem aplenty. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account but we had a ball then trundled off to McDonalds for a midnight snack before bed. Yes, I know. we’re disgusting, but it was really fun. Here’s some pics.

Saturday 8:

Lazy morning.

Tim came out to Parramatta for lunch. We sniffed and laughed but I bloody forgot to take pics. SORRY!

No, I tell a lie. We did take a pic of my newest new arrival. Arielle Shoshana EdP. WOW! It is the fruitiest damn thing EVAH! People are saying it loses its strength after a short time but I can smell it HOURS later.

Dinner with Hyun, Steve and Alice. I’d never had Hot Pot before and though it’s not going to bump Korean BarBQ, Pizza or KFC on my faves list it was fun and delicious. We had fun chattering and eating, conversation jumped all over the place.

From there we trotted off to Messina Ice Cream and went CRAZY! It was bloody delicious.

Caught the bus home and while walking from it noticed the moon was giving full rings like a circular rainbow. The picture hardly captures the magic but does give an idea.

Phew. Home now and bushed.

Jacomo Silences PdT was my evening frag choice because Mals86 was talking about it in her Scent Diary on Muse In Wooden Shoes. Its sharp green fuzz is beautiful in the cool of a Sydney winter. Crystaline.

Sunday 9:

Beautiful morning. The dog walk was lovely. I do wish other people with dogs would pick up the poo though. I picked up three not my dog poos this morning just left in the walkways. Some people are assholes.

It’s pretty cool here in Sydney but not really cool enough for the heater so we are both rugged up. Jin finishes nights tomorrow so I’ll get some quality time with him hopefully.

I went to a local barber today. Problem is I’m getting so blind that my beard is going in all directions. So I thought I’d get an expert in to do the shape and I can maintain. He did an OK job but really it’s not perfect. Once I dyed it and did a little bit of reshaping it seems to be nearly OK. Not a biggie but all I asked for was a reshape.

Used the last of my LUSH Rose Jam bubble bath (I’m going to miss it), Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and Keiko Mecheri Un Jour d’Ete fragrance.


OK Crew! It’s your turn. What’s your week been like? Did you spritz, meet, hang or go anywhere? What about your family & friends, see them, do stuff? Maybe you read a book that we all need to know about.
Please comment and share something of yourself, we love it.
Feel free to comment respectfully on someone elses comment too. This is all about sharing ourselves and communication. Yours may be the only positive interaction that someone has all day, take the plunge.
Portia xx

5 Sexy Scents for Seduction! 2013

Hey Hey Y’All,

One of the things that I sometimes get asked is, “Which perfume should I wear to get lucky?” The short answer is the sweet smell of success and happiness. Of course, sometimes romance needs a little push or maybe we need to smell a certain way to have the confidence to create the opportunity. I have a few frags in my weaponry that I like to wear when being noticed in the right way is important. You also need to have a bit of strategy too. What kind of person do you want to smell like? Here are 5 types and fragrances to go with them. Remember, this is all in fun, it’s not just about the way you smell that’s going to hook your intended but it might just be the final push they need…….

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche 2010 Estee Lauder FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

1: Having a ball with my friends: Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder

I have the 2010 version of Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche but they are all a fun holiday tropical type spritz that is extremely pretty, has good sillage and projection and they last well too. Coconut and/or jasmine seem to be the standout notes in the whole set and it’s the kind of carefree summery scent that smells like you are out for fun and an uncomplicated, happy, breezy person ready for what ever the night holds.

Chanel No 19 EDP Chanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

2: I may look a bit uptight but underneath…..: CHANEL No 19

This is a good old fashioned beauty. The cool, crisp snap of a green fragrance at once aloof and haughty. You want to smell like an ice king/queen that needs a bit of thawing. That iris undercut by warm woods and leather, all frost and fire will keep your partner a little off balance till you want to show them the way. CHANEL No 19 is a wonderful back straightener and focus fragrance if you need to feel in control of the situation while waiting to exhale.

La Collection Couturier Parfumeur Milly-la-Foret FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

3: I am a soft silken dove: DIOR La Collection Couturier Parfumeur Milly-la-Foret

Sometimes being quietly, tastefully understated is the best way to get someone to come close and stay there. That first waft as they come in close to you could be the clincher. Milly-la-Foret is a beautiful soft musky powder, it’s there but only up close, and it smells so good and expensive, a winner. So soft and light that it will give an impression of fragility yet if you sniff a bit closer you can tell it’s real quality and perfectly at peace. Milly-la-Foret is the scent of success and the contented wind down after the celebration parties.

Trouble Boucheron FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

4: If you grab this there will be all sorts of: Trouble by Boucheron

Trouble is one of my all time favourite siren scents. Sweet jasmine over a hefty amber base. This is the scent of a heartbreaker, and men go crazy for it. You can find Trouble at the discounters but soon it will be all gone, it’s getting harder and harder to find for a reasonable price. Slated by Turin/Sanchez but a fabulously outrageous and over the top fragrance that will certainly bring you attention. Smells especially great on the men, believe it.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrantica

5: Seriously seeking physical attentions, all offers considered: Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

This smells so good I follow people around in venues that wear it just to catch an errant whiff. Le Male is the most sensual, engaging and stridently sexual scent I know on both sexes. Ignore the ad spiel ladies, Le Male is killer on everyone and in today’s age of scentless fragrant wash you will stand out like dogs balls, ready to be licked. Be careful when you spritz Le Male, you may need security guards. Looking for action, then this is your choice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun look at how to smell for seduction. Fragrance does not care who wears it, never be mislead by the advertising copy or who a fragrance is aimed at. If they smell good, wear them. Cross the gender divide,you’ll be glad you did,

What are your special seduction fragrances? Please add to the list in the comments. Share your hard won knowledge please.

See you tomorrow,
Portia xx


Jaipur Homme EdP by Annick Menardo for Boucheron 1998

Hello World Travelers Through Fragrance,

Today we are looking at a fragrance named for a city very dear to my heart. I have been lucky enough to be taken by my last partner, an Indian hotelier, to the fabled Pink City of India as a luxe tourist at the Rambagh Palace and as a local staying in run for Indians hotels where a months stay would be about equal to an night at Rambagh. In gratitude I recently sent him a bottle of today’s fragrance and he is loving it. My BFF Kath and I were also blessed to spend some time in the Rajasthani capital city just after Richard Gere had been and bought an enormous amount of stuff from my favourite ex-Raj antique store, the workers were absolutely fit to burst.

rambaghJaipur TajHotelsRambagh Palace Photo Stolen TajHotels

Jaipur Homme for Boucheron 1998

JaipurHomme FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lime, bergamot, cardamom, lemon
Heart: Carnation, cinnamon, jasmine, rose
Base: Tonka bean, patchouli, benzoin and cedar.

Boucheron’s site says: Jaïpur Homme takes inspiration from the marvelous gardens of the Maharajas and bears all of the precious codes of Maison Boucheron: the golden gadroons, the sapphire cabochon… An Oriental Spicy fragrance, with a fresh start and spicy notes softened by an intense woody signature, it was created for a modern man with a pioneer spirit.

You may already know that I am a Boucheron fan. You may also have guessed I am and Indiaphile. Imagine bringing the two together, it is one of the greatest frag ideas for me. The opening spritz is a great sensual gust of citrus and spice, very human smelling and as a prelude the patchouli says HI up front before fading back again behind the scenes. If this is Jaipur it is a Jaipur of the upper middle classes, very clean marble, the staff cooking in a far away kitchen, A/C cooled homes and beautifully carved wood on the furniture,  The flowers are muted and tastefully never give themselves up to my nose but rather stay huddled together hiding behind the cinnamon and the citrus remnants. The cinnamon stays front and centre throughout the heart and then the powdery woods and patchouli flood through quietly until they are all that’s left, with the merest hint of vanilla, and then gone.

I get about 2 hours of full on fragrance and another 3 or so of powdery, woodsy base. After the initial rush I think Jaipur would be a perfect masculine work scent, great after the gym, dinner, cinema etc only truly frag-phobic workplaces would disapprove of this lovely scent.

JaipurHomme DealMatesPhoto Stolen DealMates

FragranceNet starts at 50ml EdT $35
MyPerfumeSamples starts at 1ml/$2 up to 5ml/$7

Have you traveled to Rajasthan or any part of India? What were your experiences? Have you tried Jaipur Homme?

As we begin 2013 I would like to wish you and all those in your orbit and safe and prosperous 2013 filled with loads of the good stuff that you love. Thanks for your support, friendship, comments, love and fragrant advice. I feel part of a great big fragrant family that spans our beautiful globe.
Loads of love back at you,
Portia xx

Jaipur PanoramioPhoto Stolen panoramio

Jaipur Doco

Giselle talks Liberte by Cacharel, WEEKLY WINNER ANNOUNCED

Hi Gang,

We had a wonderful set of COMPETITION GIVEAWAY responses this week and I enjoyed reading them all. Some great and personal stories you shared. In the prize pack;

Opus Oils Jitterbug Perfume Parlour Venus perfume oil sample

1.5ml decant spray of Miss Boucheron EdP

1.5ml decant spray of Guerlain Terracotta Voile d’Ete EdT

Part manufacturers samples of Parfum d’Empire Cuir Ottoman EdP and Ambre Russe EdP

plus postage and packing to anywhere in the world


Photo Stolen from

is Penny Cascio

Congratulations Penny! Please get in touch by Wednesday May 9 or I’ll give your prize to someone else.

In the video offering tonight Giselle Bundchen talks about life, love and Liberte by Cacharel (orange, patchouli, white flowers, vetiver, bergamot). A surprisingly effortless conversation with depth and understanding, Giselle shows she is more than the images we get of her in the press. I enjoyed watching it and I LOVE Liberte (Portia’s APJ Review), which is sadly discontinued but available at many of the online fragrance sale stores (FragranceNet 2.5oz under $40)

Have a great Saturday, see you tomorrow,
Portia xx

PS> I am not affiliated with any of the companies I extoll.


Hey all,

What a week we’ve had here at AustralianPerfumeJunkies. As the weather cools here we are probably doing temperature crossovers with the Northern Hemisphere.

When I was a teenager still in Fashion School but working weekends I bought myself a bottle of JAZZ by YSL. Although I’d had different fragrances before from family and friends this was the first time I felt like I had a scent of my own. I still keep a bottle but much of the oomph seems to have left it over time and reformulation sadly. There is still a lingering thrill though when I put it on, a frission of excitement when that spicy, sparkly, herbal squeak as you spray that is both warm and cool hits your nostrils, its steady progression through musky, resinous florals to its leather, earth and woods base. More people should wear this lovely 1986 Woody Aromatic by Jean-Francois Latty for Yves Saint Laurent, a lovely fit for discerning men and women everywhere, not to mention dirt cheap online. And being so yesterday hardly anyone will recognise it, it will be your own scent as it has been mine on and off for over 25 years (OMFG! How did that happen?). When I wear JAZZ, then as now, you can bounce rocks off my self confidence. JAZZ is the scent of centre, the cool calm feeling of being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right thing to say. Although there were plenty of other times I wore JAZZ when things went regularly, or horribly wrong, more often than not it was JAZZ that was there during my early wins.

Photo Stolen from shoppingheavendotnet

This week we’ve done some interesting stuff and we’d like to share some of our discoveries with you in our Thursday GIVEAWAY COMPETITION!

How to enter?

Please give us a short perfume memory in the comments about your first scent that you really feel you owned, that you felt supremely comfortable in.

As we met the Opus Oils Jitterbug Perfume Parlour and their all natural Divine Collection I thought I’d give the rest of my Venus perfume oil sample for you to try.

Then we talked about Miss Boucheron EdP, how about a 1.5ml decant spray so you can have a go at that

Guerlain Terracotta Voile d’Ete was our next target so a 1.5ml decant spray of that also

And then we had our huge 2 day special on Parfum d’Empire so you can have what’s left of my Cuir Ottoman and Ambre Russe manufacturers samples, which were generous to begin with (I have Full Bottles, I’m not depriving myself)

plus postage and packing to anywhere in the world

We want to thank you all for returning each day. Today after you’ve entered the draw please enjoy the 1992 ad for JAZZ by YSL.

Much love and hope for your well being,

Portia xx

Miss Boucheron review, Competition WINNER ANNOUNCED

Hey gang

I hope your weekend is treating you well. Life is good here in sunny autumnal Sydney, crisp and cool. We keep having Bar B Q’s in case it’s the last one before winter really digs in. I love Bar B Q’d sausages and mushrooms. We even ate outside in the sunshine

I’m wearing Miss Boucheron today for fun. It’s a fruity flowery nothing that was so discounted on the net that I blind bought a 50ml refill Eau de Parfum. The noses behind this scent have such good stuff in their repertoires that I felt justified in ignoring Luca Turin’s one star scathing dismissal of the whole product. Anne Flipo (2012 Lady Million Eau de Toilette, 2010 Acqua di Gioia, 2006 YSL  L’Homme, 2005 Fleur D’Oranger) and Dominique Ropion (2012 What We Do In Paris Is Secret, 2005  Carnal Flower, 2005 Alien, 2004 Pure Poison, 1991 Amarige) have such an outstanding history that I wanted him to be wrong. He’s not 100% wrong, in all honesty. It’s similar to plenty of other fragrances, has pink pepper, bergamot and pomegranate as its top notes and is supposed to go through the floral to white suede; but all I get is a waxy flower after a couple of hours that stays for a while, quite nice, and then gone.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a perfectly wearable scent and nobody will be hurt by your wearing of it. It was designed to be an inexpensive fresh fragrance to bring some younger custom to house Boucheron.  You will smell bright and flowery with a little musky & pink peppery sparkle. I will use this bottle up but will probably not buy another. I may become addicted to it though and have to. Never say….

Photo Stolen from

Now Smell This has done a wonderful review back when Miss Boucheron first appeared, Fragrantica has the skinny.


Here’s what you had to do and what you’ll be winning should you be our lucky contestant. I’m so sad we don’t have prizes for everyone who entered, thank you all for contributing. I enjoy reading your responses more than you could know. THANK YOU! We’ll have another giveaway next Thursday, see you then.

Please give us a short perfume memory in the comments about you, a friend, colleague or relative’s favourite old school perfume (pre 2000) WINNER Lindaloo for her beautiful Mum story.

1.5ml spray decant Casmir by Chopard
Manufacturers sample COURAGE by One seed
1.5ml Posh Peasant decant spray of Parfumerie Generale; Jardin de Kerylos
1.5ml Posh Peasant decant spray of Diptyque; Philosykos
1ml Posh Peasant decant of Ambre Russe by Parfum d”Empire

Tell your fave CELEBUSCENT WINNER Mark Evans for SJP’s Lovely

1.5ml manufacturers sample spray Haute Claire by Aftelier Perfumes
Aftelier Perfumes Apricot and Lemon Candle in a Tin
Gucci; 2ml decanted sample spray Gucci by Gucci pour homme
Estee Lauder; 2ml decanted sample spray Brasil Dreams
Jessica Simpson; 2ml decanted sample spray Fancy Nights
LUSH Cosmetics; 1.5ml decanted sample spray Orange Blossom

Plus postage and packing to anywhere in the world. You must get in touch before Wednesday 2.5.12 to claim your prize or I’ll give it to someone in the street!

Have a wonderful fragrant weekend all. Enjoy!

Portia xx

Scents Of Memory, Big Time Floral Self Love!

Hey all,

Wasn’t Evie C’s blog awesome yesterday? I am so happy for her. Now that she is enthroned in her new home (read Cape Cod Mansion. Party at Evie C’s!!!) we’ll be seeing an Evie C post every Monday!! YAY!

I have a bunch of fragrances that I wear only for myself, even though I may be wearing them in company. They are either personal memory jogs, scents that are too out there for close contact with other human beings on a number of different levels, fragrances that I feel like certain internally different people when I wear them (a bit like the United Fragrances Of Tara) or maybe just because I don’t want to be interrupted while enjoying the story they tell me in olfactoric terms. I know, I just invented a word, call me William Shakespeare and paint me plum. This is not a complete list but a smattering of ones I’ve put on today and yesterday.

Byzance by Rochas; In 1987 this perfume was released and my parents bought it for my younger sister. It is a dizzying Floral Chypre confection full of spices, woods and flowers. Byzance has such gusto and is quite a force of nature. So 80’s in its size and character that it is almost a parody. When I put it on it fills the room with memories. Mum used to steal it too and when both girls were wearing Byzance the whole house smelled like it had been transported to my idea, at the time, of a night market in India, Saudi Arabia or Persia. With dancing women wearing enormous copper jeweled bracelets and gauzy nothings and the mustachioed men all armed and dangerous. I recently bought a replacement 100ml EDT bottle that is so far inferior to my last Mini EDP that it fair makes me want to weep. I have corrected the error this evening ordering a BIG, FAT 100ml EDP. Budget BLOWN! We are not eating till next Friday, we’ll have to scour the suburbs bins for left overs. Fragrantica and Bonkers About Perfume can give you notes and stories and reviews.

Sung by Alfred Sung; In 1986 the world was first graced with this huge Classic Floral. It is like wearing a jewel bright, shoulder padded jacket with a peplum and gold buttons, spike heels and has a certain breath of air in the hair. Unlike Byzance though, Sung is dreamy and floaty, there is no earth or spice market, just fruit, flowers and sky. Nothing smoky here. It is flowers and the lightest of woods, vanilla and balms. I always feel transported somewhere beautiful when I wear Sung. It has probably been reformulated 100 times but all those past formulations I have no reference for, sorry, this Sung is the one. A bright coruscating trill of warm summer that leaves me dazzled by its effervescent radiance. This is a good Nana nap fragrance for me, I can really lose myself in the scent as I drift off. What’s more, this juice is CHEAP! Fragrantica and Fragrance Bouquet have the nitty gritty and stories, go see them, you’ll learn stuff.

Salvador Dali  by Salvador Dali; We seem to be jumping back in time by a year for each of these scents, and here we are in 1985! Here we have a rerun of a fragrant milestone. Salvador Dali and his perfumista wife Gala had designed this glorious Floral Chypre together before she tragically died in 1983, it was so successful as a limited edition that Dali decided to make it commercially available. I have only heard of the original scent and must content myself with the modern remake until I win the lottery. It is hardly a settle for though. Rose, citrus, musk and jasmine with a breathy vanilla and musk all give a lighter and lovelier tone and is a little more modern than our last 2 offerings, though it does have a slightly grungy undertone if you look for it. There is air between the notes here giving it room to show itself to best advantage. Very linear and it is not a long lasting scent, maximum 2 hours on my skin, which is great because by then I want a change usually. I am sending you to the Fragrantica Dali page, the whole Dali shebang.

Lastly I want to offer you a fragrance that came to me through another love. A few years ago one of the guys I was in ballet school with as a kid made it into the Vienna State Opera Ballet. At the time I was living in the UK so it was the work of a moment to trot over and spend a week with him. Hey David! Of course, he was at rehearsals all day so I was largely left to explore a foreign city alone and without the local language, not even a sprinkling. Fortunately Vienna at that time was a lavish and glorious city with friendly, welcoming people who were used to language dunderheads coming up to them and trying to make themselves understood. It was not a big city then either and mostly you kept within walking distance of the Ringstrasse when doing touristy stuff, so I felt cocooned within a friendly and safe environment. So that is how I met and fell in love with Empress Elisabeth, on my solitary wanders around Vienna. Something she would become famous for as her madness descended into its depths, walking till she dropped of exhaustion. Famed as the most beautiful woman in Europe at the time, the first at the jumps in the hunt (riding side saddle no less), an exercise junkie who had terrible trouble getting to sleep, Creed made a perfume especially for her. It was Fantasia de Fleurs. As soon as I found out the story of this perfume I wanted it in my fragrance wardrobe. It is the most hauntingly beautiful perfume I own, certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Surprising that the Empress was wearing a bouquet of flowers, rose and iris, rather than a soliflor and it is tooth achingly sweet. As with most Creed perfumes, fleeting, at most I get an hour of scent but the joy of holding this heavy embossed bottle and spritzing with abandon is enormous, so spritz again right. Fragrantica and I Smell Therefore I Am will give you notes, breakdowns and buying ideas, Abigail is also the Posh Peasant where you can get samples and decants of these and a gazillion other things.

I’m thrilled you’ve shared my fragrant thoughts today. Do you have a selfish perfume that you wear only for you but sometimes in company? Please tell us in the comments. We are dying to read your secret loves,

Portia xxx

All photos today are stolen from Fragrantica with these exceptions

Byzance ad stolen from PharmacyAtHand

Sung stolen from stylebugs

Empress Elisabeth stolen from Wikipedia

I am not affiliated with any of the companies I mention in my posts.