Scent Diary: 3.4 – 9.4.17





Home in Sydney. Back in Jin & my bed after weeks of hotels, having super luxurious baths and getting my head back around the work/life/friends balance.

Scent Diary: 3.4 – 9.4.17

Monday 3:

It’s 6am am I’m wide awake. So I thought I’d come spritz myself with something lovely, grab a chamomile tea and head back to bed for a couple of extra hours shut eye. I’m thinking sweet and engulfing so Guerlain is probably a good house to go with. Now discontinued Guerlain Oriental Brulant is my choice, so sweet and over the top. Perfect.

Had a funny off & on nights sleep and then went to the dentist. Through the last week or so of our holiday I had a tooth really giving me some pain, it was wobbling and coming out proud of its usual position. Hot and cold would hurt like I was being stabbed and eating became torment. I was dosing myself with daily pain killers to mask it all. My gums have been pretty poor since my many years as a drug addict and today I lost my third tooth to gum disease and poor choices. Very sobering and I am sad. Thank everything that my dentist is the most profession, caring, calm and lovely man. We are fighting a rear guard action to save two more but the prognosis is not good.

To lift my spirits I multispritzed vintage Miss Dior parfum. Hard to be sad when you smell this glorious. Here is my hoard.

Trivia Q&A writing all night long. Fuzzy brain from pain killers.

On the Up Side, I got confirmation that I’m a Korean Air Morning Calm Elite Member today! That means I get Double Baggage, Priority Seating and a whole bunch of other great stuff. VERY excited about that. I wish Korean Air were paying me for all the name dropping I do for them.

Tuesday 4:

It’s 3.53am and I’ve finished my Trivia Q&A, sent the packs out, printed my own Q&A and Answer Sheets for the week. It’s raining softly here in Parramatta and I can hear big drips hitting cement from threes around my apartment. Everything else is quiet and still except the tap tapping of my one fingered typing. For bedtime I have triple spritzed vintage CHANEL Antaeus. It’s a perfect fit for the coolish evening here.

Spent the day hanging with my mate who is up from Melbourne, Margeaux. It was super fun to catch up and laugh over coffee and biscuits even though the reason for his Sydney visit is sad.

We had to stay home because I’m waiting for a delivery, it never bloody came. Expecting it early this morning I basically wasted my day waiting GRRR! Only a problem because I need to get to the barber to shave my beard right so I can dye it for work. Can’t be a lovely lady with a salt & pepper beard, it looks wrong. So off to work as a guy tonight.

I had a glorious bubble bath in Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson bubbles, it always surprises me when an ultra cheap shower gel becomes yummy smelling bubble bath. This one smelt just as luxurious as the expensive stuff. Over that I went crazy with the Jacomo Art Collection #02. It;’s freaky plastic vanilla is a perfect overlay to Fancy Nights base.


Wednesday 5:

3am and time for bed. Today I need to find a barber to even my beard up and also start a brand new trivia with me as a guy. Very exciting. SOTBed is Neela Vermeire Creations Ashoka. Figs and cream, balmy woods; a perfect way to lullaby land.

FUCK! Today was supposed to be a lazy day before getting an opening night together but drama struck. Jin’s sister in law, who we had been laughing and generally having a wonderful time with three weeks ago, chose to end her life leaving two kids and a grieving, shell shocked husband. PLEASE if you suffer depression, see someone, call a help line or call a friend. PLEASE!

In Australia Call BeyondBlue 1300 22 46 36

The gig at Greystanes Hotel went really well and I think it’s going to be a winner. the staff, patrons and food were all great.

I wore vintage Guerlain Vol de Nuit parfum to work in honour of our lost girl, hoping her spirit will now be free to fly.

Jin was supposed to be home tomorrow morning but now he is flying back to Europe to help. What an amazing man, he was on the train to catch the plane to Sydney when he heard. Thanks go out to Korean Air, who had to deal with his crying melt down and flight changes, all in the middle of Incheon Airport. Now he’s headed back to Slovakia to be with his brother & family. Thanks also to NSW Rail who said when he called to ask for more leave that he should take as much time as he needs to do what he had to and that he would have a job when he returns. Amazing.

SOTBed tonight was Bal a Versailles and it was perfect!

Thursday 6:

Sorry. Not really with it today. I did dye my beard and had a fragrant bubble bath in Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant.

Dying my beard Bath April 2017

Annick Goutal Encens Flamboyant Gel

Talked to Jin on his sad adventure, got the invoices done for March and sent them off, made Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup (it’s not been blended yet in the pot) and have been wearing New Study (PostCard) by Miller & Bertaux to review.

Tonight at work I wore an old favourite Un Jour d’ere by Keiko Mecheri from 2012. I bought my own bottle way back because I love it’s creamy, white floral, beachy goodness and I love to spritz about 15 times when I wear it. So whenever I see it for sale on the FaceBook frag docs I always buy it because I go through it. YUMMY! On my second bottle currently.

Friday 7:

It’s nearly 4am. I’m not sleeping because I’m worried about Jin who has finally arrived in Slovakia to be with his brother’s family. It was a 30+ hours gruelling set of flights and trains to get there so Jin has basically been awake for two days non stop.

SOTBed is Vanille Marine by M Micallef and I love it’s salty, wet, shimmery, vanilla goodness. Why don’t I have a bottle of this gem? Going Trolling for one now. UM, seems to have been discontinued and disappeared. GRRRR!

Had Anna-Maria, Johnny and Domenica Calarco over for brunch today. They are super special people and we chatted, sniffed fragrance, drank tea and ate the yummy sweets they brought. Time flew by and suddenly it was 2pm. Best fun and perfect light among the shadows this week has cast. Thank you all for being my mates.

Kiki Vero Johnny Portia April 2017 Photo Anna-Maria


We opened my Kiki extrait by Vero Profumo. GAWD! It’s even better at home. Also opened my new Guerlain Santal Royal, also very nice. Spent time with Detaille Rose d’Oud, vintage Guerlain Shalimar extrait, Mon Guerlain and a whole host of others.

Portia Perfume Brunch April 2017 Photo Anna-Maria

After the guys left I fell asleep on the couch for 5 hours, now I’m wide awake and still fully fragrant from brunch. The Calarcos brough oodles of food so we didn’t get to eat the soup I made for us. It’s a Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup and tastes delicious with Buttered Toast. YUMMY!!

Curried Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup with Buttered Toast

Tonight decanting the Dityque Rose de Mai for a split I’m hosting. The bloody puffer stopped spraying after 3 x 10ml decants with 6 more to go. I’m furious, had to jimmy the whole apparatus off to continue. The scent is good but the puffer is a load of shit. GRRR!

Saturday 8:

It’s 4am here in Sydney and I’m not sleepy at all. Serves me right for having a 5 hour nap today. I plonked myself in front of the TV and watch pap for a few hours. Now I’m missing Jin so having cleaned my teeth and readied myself for bed I’m going to spritz lavishly with L’Artisan Perfumer L’Eau d’amber. I know it’s simple but I love it.

Well sleep didn’t happen till after 10am. Below is me sending MISSING YOU pics to Jin from our super comfy TV couch. The had the service and cremation yesterday, so sad.

Slept from about 10.30am – 6pm and then had to get up and go to a combined 50th birthday party for two mates Neil & Patrick. My evenings choice of scent was Methaldone by Aether Parfums and it got 3 unsolicited compliments, which rarely happens for me in party situations. One friend coming in for an extra cuddle so they could smell it more. So Methaldone is a WIN!

It was a white party with Justin Scott DJing, fairy lights, bunting, all you could eat & drink, and a host of the world’s coolest kids having a ball. I think only about 30% at the event were Sydneysiders, the rest had flown in especially. There was a cabaret singer flown in from the Solomon Islands and all the waiters were from Butlers In The Buff. Yes, you read right. The air staff were all naked with aprons as modesty shields. It was a freaking hoot.

It’s late, I’m home from the party. I’m going to make some Squishy Sandwiches and a cup of Chamomile Tea. Then I’ll watch a little TV, do my teeth and go to bed.

Sunday 9:

Woke up late. Doing some household chores and soon will get ready for work. Sun is shining, it’s warm and a perfect Sunday.

Tonight for work I went crazy spritzing Lolita Lempicka EdP and every group I stood or sat with commented how great I smelled. It was unreal. I’m wondering if I put too much on? It’s a new bottle and smells quite a bit more chemical than my previous one. Maybe the older one was reformulated or had aged quite a bit? Doesn’t matter, this still smells good.


So how was your week? Do anything interesting or smell something new? I love to read your stories too so leave me a message in the comments.
Portia xx.

Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Fabrice Pellegrin for Diptyque 2016




Hey there Rose lovers,

There’s been a LOT of rose chatter on the blogs for February is now the month of roses. Chemist In A Bottle, Undina’s Looking Glass and others are doing roses, roses, roses. The guys at LuckyScent do samples and this rose fragrance arrived recently so I thought I could do a one wear share of how it was. That’s right, the whole 0.7ml decanted and spritzed in one go.

Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Diptyque 2016

Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Fabrice Pellegrin


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Rose essence, Rosa centifolia absolute, Rose oil, Red fruits, Honey

HA! Roses. Burying your head in a sweet, fruity garden rose. If roses straight up are your thing then this would be a great addition to your collection.

You know the feeling in the back of your throat when you have been sucking honey straight off your spoon? Add that to a slightly dry, tea-ish, sweet rose. The berries aren’t fresh, they’re glacé and sticky. The honey comes front and centre through the heart and it creates an animalic overlay that is quite wild. Happily ferocious honey drizzled roses. Bloody good stuff. The price is super good too.

I can imagine this glorious rose/honey combo becoming a signature scent and for those that have one display bottle at a time this is so fabulous. I bet it feels amazing in your hand too.


From LuckyScent: For 2016, Fabrice Pellegrin chose perhaps Grasse’s most iconic flower, the soft, sensual and spirited Rose de Mai. And what an interpretation it is: Essences Insensees seems to positively sweep us into the springtime meadows of southeastern France, to sunstruck bucolic countrysides where men and women in straw hats weave through fields awash in stunning pink flowers, selecting the lushest and freshest among them for the honor of undergoing the intricate steam distillation that will help them live forever.

Essences Insensees Rose De Mai by Diptyque Pierre-Auguste_Renoir WikiCommonsWikiCommons

Further reading: Colognoisseur
LuckyScent has $180/120ml & Samples

I know some of you love your roses. Are you wearing them for rose month? Which ones?
Portia xx

Eau Des Sens by Olivier Pescheux for Diptyque 2016


Post by Ainslie Walker


A Scent to make you Sparkle and Shine – even in winter!

The most sparkling, fresh and vibrating fragrance I have come across recently is Diptyque’s 2016 release, Eau Des Sens. (Water of Senses). The opening notes are so crystal clear, sparkling away, uplifting, amplified yet remaining true to nature. I was knocked sideways as I compared its effervescent and natural nuances to that of Jean Claude Ellena’s work for Hermes and Frederic Malle. Perfumer Olivier Pescheux has really nailed a similar effervescence, yet added even more glistening sparkle to the citrus genre.

 Eau Des Sens by Diptyque 2016

 Eau Des Sens by Olivier Pescheux

Eau des Sens Diptyque FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange blossom, bitter orange
Heart: Juniper berries
Base: Patchouli, angelica

Inspired by and encompassing all parts of the whole of a flowering bitter orange tree, Eau des Sens hummmmmmms. In the best possible way.

Overdoses of orange blossom absolute, petitgrain and bitter orange make me feel like I am buzzing. Or even that I should have a cloud of bees surrounding me. I see orange, maybe some green and feel instantly healthier and brighter on first sniff. (Fragrant Berocca anyone?!) I can almost feel the warmth of sun on my skin and I feel transported to the South of Spain/France during the height of Summer. It is officially late autumn here in Australia, however and still this fragrance works. Spice and wood notes of angelica, patchouli and juniper bring with them an edge of coziness, a touch of softer, powdered late afternoon sunshine and ensuring the sunny fragrance is not to glaring.

Eau des Sens Diptyque back

A beautiful floral presence weaves throughout the fragrance; a clean soapiness enters midway, with musk and amber adding undertones of more sensuality than I first anticipated during the opening. I’m reminded of skin after a day in the sun, freshly washed and moisturized.

The spirit of the scent does seem to replicate, even amplify nature and there is a feeling of lively health and happiness each time I smell it – perhaps green ginger contributes to this.

Eau des Sens Diptyque Monkeys

Diptyque aim to touch our emotions with each of their scents, evoking olfactory moments and memories of travel. In this case an extraordinary tree – the whole tree – fruit, leaves, wood, peel and blossoms. Fresh, zesty and sparkling with an underlying caress which is sensual and soft. Perhaps the senses evoked the most are happiness and humor,

Packaging features drawings of all parts of the bitter orange tree on the front label and on the back, a spiral design perhaps indicating vibration or movement? Promotional material features and a silvery black moving optical illusion. Something I had not experienced before was, appearing suddenly on the scent blotter card, once sprayed, is the three cheeky monkeys hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Over the dry down they again disappear and the paper becomes white…until you top up again! HOURS of entertainment inspired by the three founders of Diptyque – who originally met as art students in the 1960’s.

Eau des Sens Diptyque Fresh lotion

Available in 50ml, 100ml, a soap. The closest candle to this fragrance is Choisya. If you want to pair a lotion under for longevity I would suggest Diptyque’s Fresh lotion.
In Australia Diptyque is available exclusively from Mecca. (not on the site yet)
LuckyScent has $125/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3.75/ml

What’s your favorite uplifting fragrance to put a spring in your step? Have you stumbled upon a new release recently, which has captured your attention?

Thanks for stopping by,
Ainslie X

Eau Moheli by Olivier Pescheux for Diptyque 2013


Post by Portia


Hey Fumie Family,

Do you ever look through your samples and find something you have absolutely no recollection of acquiring? Today’s fragrance was in a lovely little box with a 2ml manufacturers spritz sample inside, about 70% full. So I did what any self respecting perfumista would do, I spritzed……

Yes, I know the northern hemisphere is gripped by winter but todays offering will have you dreaming that you’re seated at the bar in the pool ordering dacquiris from the half naked barman at your favourite equatorial resort.

Eau Moheli by Diptyque 2013

Eau Moheli by Olivier Pescheux

Eau Moheli Diptyque FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Floral notes, ylang-ylang, patchouli, pink pepper, ginger, vetiver, benzoin, incense

Green ginger, pink pepper and I would have picked coriander to open, a lovely sweet green fragrance with a hint of ylang’s creamy/banana/white flower underneath (Yes I know ylang is yellow but it gives definite white floral attitude). A lush and tropical opening. Here in Sydney we have some rain today and the world is muggy, Eau Moheli seems perfectly placed for the temperature and perfectly fits my mood of languid relaxation.

Once the opening fireworks burn down a bit Eau Moheli becomes more about the ylang but now it’s riding a crisp green vetiver and cleanest patchouli. This is my favourite part of the fragrance life. Not groundbreaking but extremely pleasant to wear, Eau Moheli becomes a fresh green with white flowers, still tropical and maintaining it’s island paradise holiday feel. I’m surprised coconut isn’t mentioned as a note.

Eau Moheli by Diptyque Pool_Bar WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

I feel that Diptyque, once at the vanguard of niche perfumery, has become a much more mainstream offering. If you were not a perfumista and you asked an SA for something tropical but more grown up and elegant than the Escada or Bronze Goddess lines then it would be a complete revelation to be shown Eau Moheli. It’s a beautifully smooth, easy wearing tropical fragrance that never skews to over ripe fruit of suntan lotion and would be excellent sniffed as someone walked past you.

As the fragrance progresses it gets a sweet resinous patchouli glow and I would say a healthy dose of musks for smooth vetiver dry down, very pretty but completely unchallenging for the hardcore perfume enthusiast. Ultimately an extremely wearable beauty with good projection and longevity.

Eau Moheli by Diptyque Frederic_Edwin_Church_-_Morning_in_the_Tropics WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Further reading: Now Smell This and Bois de Jasmin
LuckyScent has $98/100ml and Samples

Do you have an easy wear tropical fragrance?
Portia xx

Portia’s Christmas Giving Guide 2014

Hey there gang,

Yes, 2 weeks till Christmas! Crazy how it comes up so quickly. I have been thinking long and hard about things I would like to gift my friends and family with, some are fragrant, some not.

Portia’s Christmas Giving Guide 2014


What candles do I burn in my house? These are the ones I burn and the ones I gift. A candle is an excellent gift because it lasts for ages, they are lovely and for people who already have everything they need a candle is something they may not think to buy themselves. I like to have my bath with candlelight whenever possible, so glamorous.

MudAustralia Candle Ainslie Walker #3

MudAustralia Candle #1: Ainslie Walker: Our very own Ainslie Walker designed and produced these gorgeous candles for MudAustralia. They have a beautiful scent with a white floral/woody tone that clears out all the bad juju in my house/apartment in about 30 minutes. The porcelain container can be re-purposed as a vase or glass and you can buy candle refills too. This lush and creamy candle fragrance gives me a rich satisfying fragrance in the whole apartment and comes in a super great range of colours too. Everyone that I have gifted one of these to has fallen instantly in love with it.


Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle: Mecca Australia: When I need something calming and soothing in the air that won’t overwhelm but will allow me to really centre myself then I choose the 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle by Diptyque. This is what I used to scent my house while it was for sale and one of the things that ALL the prospective buyers said was that the house smelled beautiful. I have had this candle for over a year and use it often, there is still about a quarter left, that is serious lasting power.

34 Blvd St. Germain celebrates the brands 50th anniversary since their original boutique opened in Paris. Green notes, moss, blackcurrant, fig leaves, exotic spices, fresh flowers, woods


Yes, most of you know I have a ridiculous collection of soaps too. Here are two that I use regularly and a new brand I discovered in the USA recently at Twisted Lily.


Rancé Acqua di Colonia Soap: Rancé Soaps: Billed as Made Originally for Catherine di Medici, that may even be true. What really matters though is how freaking LAVISH you will feel when you use Rancé Acqua di Colonia Soap. Super creamy and scented with mainly citruses, white flowers and spices. If ever you need to feel like the king or queen of your world then this is the soap that will send you on your way.

Tabac Original Soap by Maurer & Wirtz

Tabac Original Soap by Maurer & Wirtz: All Beauty: Yes, I bang on about this one quite a bit. I love it. Gorgeous scent, lathers beautifully, leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. Anyone who has touched my skin can tell you that soap has not ruined it over the years (nor has all the other stuff I’ve done to my poor self), it’s as soft and supple as it was in my teens, just stretched a bit tighter. Did I mention Cheap As Chips? Unbelievably good value.

Sandalo-SoapNEW!!! Sandalo Soap by Ortigia: Twisted Lily: I have not used this yet but the packaging is exquisite, so glamorous with its heavy silver card and picture of a Rajasthani elephant. The whole presentation is luxurious and the Italian form Ortigia is also very reasonably priced. 4 x 100g bars of glycerine soap that smell heavenly.

From Twisted Lily: The essential oil of this exotic tree with narcissus, cedar, teak, vetiver, rose and jasmine. Rich, complex and sophisticated. Bars of pure vegetable glycerine; wonderfully translucent, naturally coloured, and generously fragranced with the cool and spicy Sandalo perfume


The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu is one of my all time favourite fragrance books. Filled with fragrance, romance, insider perfumer information and a wonderful stary of a woman finding herself, and some company along the way. Great read. I have read it twice now.

The Perfume Lover Denyse Beaulieu BookDepositoryBuy The Perfume Lover from Book Depository in paperback for around AUD$16 delivered to your door.

The Perfect Scent by Chandler Burr is the story of two fragrances from opposite ends of the spectrum. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely and Hermès Un Jardin sur le Nil come to life as you read the book. It’s an eye opening insiders fast track and a really great read. I started rereading this on my holiday but there was no time, I will complete it this week.

The Perfect Scent Chandler Burr BookDepository
Buy The Perfect Scent from Book Depository in paperback for around AUD$20 delivered to your door.

Revelation!: Reveal Your Destiny With Essential Oils by Suzanne R Banks is a really interesting look at creating a new life for yourself with Essential Oils. Aroma-Life-Therapy that gets you to become more mindful and present in your own space through scent, personal and ambient. It’s all about the naturals and very natural specific, shunning chemicals and synthetics, to use the energy of the plants and nature to help propel you to a higher level. Our very own APJ contributor Suzanne R Banks is a published author!! COOL!

Revelation Reveal Your Destiny With Essential Oils Suzanne R Banks Amazon
Buy Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny With Essential Oils from Amazon for $3.30 on Kindle, also available as a book $11

Oh, My God, Am I Alright? by Michael El-Bacha is the ‘coming out’ story of a young confused man growing up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney to strict Lebanese Christian parents. From the outside looking in, Michael El-Bacha seemed like any other Lebanese boy from a large family with strong values and an appetite for football, fast cars and chicky babes. But after his parents notice that Michael is not like other ‘typical’ Lebanese boys, he is whisked off to Lebanon to marry his first cousin. Young Michael struggles to deny his true sexuality and leaves his young bride and infant child to find his identity. He embarks on a downward spiral until losing a lover leads him back home. Sex, drugs, homosexuality and love potions are what make this tale of self-discovery so tantalising. Michael’s story will make you laugh, cringe and cry.

Oh, My God, Am I Alright? by Michael El-Bacha Bookshop Darlinghurst

Do you know any kids/adults on the cusp? Maybe they need a story like this to ease the heartache of coming out? Extra plus? I have a whole chapter! Michael was my friend when much of this was happening for him.

Buy Oh, My God, Am I Alright? from The Bookshop Darlinghurst AUD$20

Hopefully this has helped you in your Christmas Shopping in 2014.
Portia xx

PS> Just so you know, I love these products because they are really good. Yes, I am affiliated with some of the people who have produced these lovely gifts. They are my friends and I am justifiably proud of their efforts, no one is paying me to write about them. Fingers crossed they are thrilled I wrote about them and that some of you go buy their shit.

Madeleine’s Christmas Wish List 2014


Post by Madeleine


Hello perfumed peeps!
Well can you believe that another year has gone by? I can’t for sure. Today, I’m bringing you a top-five Christmas wish list and it’s a luxurious one, well because, this year’s been a tough one and if you can’t be decadent at Christmas, well when can you?
So here goes:

Chritmas Wish List Merry-Christmas turnbacktogodPhoto Stolen TurnBackToGod

Madeleine’s Christmas Wish List 2014

DIA_BODY_CREAM_WITH_BOX 012Photo Stolen Libertine

1. Dia body crème by Amouage:

I haven’t done scented layering since they produced those Anais Anais soap and body lotion gift sets all those years ago, but if there’s any excuse to get back in the habit, then it’s Amouage. The brand’s supremely elegant body and bath line surpasses no other in terms of sophistication and being true to the matching fragance. I’ve already waxed lyrical about my love for Dia, and the body crème would just take its uber feminity and chicness to another level.
Libertine Parfumerie has $169/200ml

EIGHT & BOB EIGHT & BOB FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

2. Eight & Bob by Albert Fouquet for Eight & Bob 2012

Ok, prima facie, I would choose this as a gift for Mr M, but even if I were to buy it for him, it doesn’t mean I can’t steal it, right? Eight and Bob has a complicated backstory which would leave many a perfumista rolling their eyes, but this scent had me at hello. If you read Fragrantica, it will give you the low down on the history, John F Kennedy and all, and that the main note is a secretive plant called Andrea. But all you need to know is that this is a lovely, happy, sunshine-laden, very unisex fragrance with fruity, violet and woody notes. Wear it with a linen shirt on a hot day, gin and tonic in hand, and a smile.
Luckyscent has $195/100ml

Chanel No 18 Chanel fragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

3. Les Exclusifs de Chanel No. 18 by Jacques Polge for CHANEL 2007

So, I may borrow the Eight and Bob, but I’ll have a grand spanking 200ml flacon of this beauty for Christmas all to myself, thank you. I’m not the biggest fan of the Exclusifs collection, but No. 18 has to be one of the most unusual and startlingly beautiful fragrances I have come across. No 18 is all about the fruity and woody ambrette seed and manages to be resonant, green, sweet, sublime and supremely chic all at the same time.
CHANEL Boutiques have $350/200ml

rodin_olio_lusso naturisimoPhoto Stolen Naturisimo

4. Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil

Olio Lusso Face Oil is technically skincare, but its glorious scent means it definitely straddles the skincare/perfume divide for me. The story goes like this: Linda Rodin, a stylist at Harper’s Bazaar, was sick of all the outlandish claims of all the skincare that came across her desk. So, Olio Lusso was born, a face oil that would make one look and feel good. And, it’s a perfumista and skincare junkies dream, a face oil that doesn’t upset sensitive skin, makes you glow, and above all, has the most opulent, heavenly scent of jasmine that indole lovers will just swoon.
Peony Melbourne has $185/30ml

Tubereuse candle DiptyquePhoto Stolen Diptyque

5. Tubereuse candle by Diptyque

I’m not a candle fan by any means, but a mini Tubereuse candle by Diptyque might have just changed all that. It sat, unlit in my living room for ages and my whole house was filled with the intoxicating scent of green white petals for months. A proper big one is expensive, but worth it (and the glass container makes for a chic brush or pencil holder once you’re done with the candle).
Mecca Cosmetica has it for $78

So, APJ crew, what’s on your Christmas wish list this year?
Happy holidays and a fabulous New Year to you all and see you in 2015!
With much love,
M x

L’Eau De Tarocco EdC by Diptyque 2009

Hiya Sniffers,

I ordered a decant of L’Eau De Tarocco EdC by Olivier Pescheux for Diptyque because the name is SO good. The Water of Tarot. Tarocco is also an Italian blood orange so they are probably talking about this being a citrus water, and yes it is, but there is so much more here.

From the Diptyque site: A fruity Eau de Cologne that is sweet yet vibrant and spicy. It carries the exhilarating scent of the Mediterranean in winter and the freshness of fruit just plucked from the tree, plump and ripe.

Fragrantica gives these accords: Musk, Virginia cedar, saffron, ginger, cinnamon, incense, grapefruit, orange and tincture of rose.

Photo Stolen theproducehunter

WOOO, This starts with the green rind and zest swoosh of blood orange/grapefruit, also spicy and woodsy, but not the warm embrace of Sandalwood this woodsy is like setting up camp in the woods, with the incense, ginger and musk. It all seems to be front and centre in the first 3 minutes except the rose, and I haven’t a clue what saffron smells like. As you look for each note it is already there awaiting notice.

There does come a slight warmth after about 15-20 minutes but it’s like the smell of the white outside left after you have zested the whole orange, and it’s merely overlaid on top of the already extant scents. It may be the rose, which can sometimes have a warm fruity plastic smell (I know that doesn’t make sense but if you have smelled that particular rose facet you’ll never forget it).

The whole fragrance softens off considerably at around the 1.5-2 hour mark in the cool weather. There is still a citrus feel but the cinnamon, ceder and musks seem to take over and give a warmer, mulled quality to the whole, like it’s been basking in the sun and ripened to the point where there is only sweetness in the juice. By 3 hours I’m hunting around for a respritz, even though the fragrance hasn’t completely left my skin. Today at time of finishing writing I have been wearing L’Eau De Tarocco for nearly 5 hours and it’s faint but still discernible.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Diptyque site has 100ml at $98 & 200ml $135 except they DON’T SHIP TO AUSTRALIA!!! Clearly they don’t want my business.
SurrenderToChance does 1ml/$3 or 5ml/$12.60-ish

This is a lovely cologne, not groundbreaking but done very nicely. I could imagine this being suitable for anything from the office, dinner, after gym, date night or cinema.  L’Eau De Tarocco strikes me as refreshing in the warmer months but still completely wearable in the dead of winter here in Sydney. I wanted to buy a FB so I could have a Cologne Bath like BoisDeJasmine was spruking earlier this week. As you can see I tried to go FB but it will have to wait till I can get to a Diptyque counter.

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, what colognes are you wearing and have you tried a Cologne Bath?

Portia xx