Tauer Perfumes at Men’s Biz + Discount Code!


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My dear fragrant fellows!

Hello! Glad to be back! Where have I been in the past 6 months or so?

Well. In between now and my last post for APJ, I completed my secondary year of schooling – which included an arduous series of examinations! A rather stressful time, but, thankfully I came out with a rather snazzy outcome. People were so interested in my story of balancing school life and blogging at Olfactics that the state newspaper ran a story of me! How cool is that pic? What am I doing now? Philosophy Major!

I have also started working for an Australian company called Men’s Biz – who place the highest, most superlative emphasis on male grooming. With a desire to expand and enrich their fragrant offerings in 2016 – I was the man for the job, and began to work a week after my last exam! No rest for the wicked, as they say…

After careful revamping and curating of Men’s Biz’s selection of scents, we have introduced must-haves such as L’Artisan Perfumeur, Etat Libre d’Orange, and as for the highlight of my 2016 so far….

Tauer Perfumes at Men’s Biz

It brings me considerable glee to inform you that we’ve secured Andy Tauer’s excellent perfumes! After much demand from the Australian community, Tauer has finally hit our shores. To celebrate this monumental occasion, Portia and I cross over and share our 3 favourite Tauer fragrances.

Incense Rose Tauer Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

Incense Rose by Tauer Perfumes 2008

There is no doubt that at times I get a touch philosophical with the perfumes I review. Incense Rose is no exception. On an artistic level, no perfume is as resplendent, and self-luminescent as Incense Rose. The rose here is wild, neon-coloured and feral – bolstered with cardamom and citrus, but then put into chains with sublime darkness. A vibrating depth of incense, castoreum, and typical woody oriental notes (patchouli, a hint of fresh cedar, myrrh and orris) provide immense contrast … As if the weight of the world just disappeared.

Sotto La Luna Gardenia Tauer Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

Sotta La Luna Gardenia by Tauer Perfumes 2014

The recipe for this fragrance is, to me, as follows:
Construct an illusionary, hyper-real gardenia flower with an unctuous creaminess by the way of vanilla, and hints of jasmine, rose, and warm tonka bean. At once mossy, strikingly green, and paradoxically spicy and fresh – the whole spectrum – and then, most ingeniously, cover this beautifully constructed gardenia in metallic space dust. It’s a gardenia with a strange twinkle. Out of this world.

L`Air du Desert Marocain Tauer Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

L’Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer Perfumes 2005

The real question is, who doesn’t know this fragrance?
This is a fragrance that is everywhere and nowhere on the skin – it melts into something that seems to always be just out of reach. A soft sandstorm of dry spice lead with coriander seed and amber, a cloudless sky (the purity of incense), a warm gust felt in the cool shade (cedar, vanilla). L’Air isn’t just a fragrance. It’s a story that needs to be worn.

Please, come check out Men’s Biz
Check out Portia’s Post on Olfactics

Men’s Biz Discount Code!

A little gift for Australian readers – a coupon code from Men’s Biz. Just enter ‘APJ’ at the checkout.

… and of course, my question for you. What is Tauer’s most magical fragrance?


Amouage Gold pour Homme by Guy Robert for Amouage 1998


Post by Portia


Heya Bargain Hunters,

Recently there was a very excited thrill through the frag community. One of the biggest discounters, FragranceNet, was having an end of year clearance on eBay. I think they were getting rid of the years returns and calling them 95% full. The postage was a bit of a bummer to Australia but still the deals were so good it was hard to pass up. (I sent mine to a mate in the USA who sent it on at a fraction of the cost) So, what did I buy? Extra Niki de Saint Phalle 60ml splash in a beautiful bottle, a 100ml Parfum de Peau by Montana that still has enormous amounts of outrageously naughty bits and for a steal a lidless 100ml of …

Amouage Gold pour Homme by Amouage 1998

Amouage Gold pour Homme by Guy Robert

Amouage Gold pour Homme Amouage FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top Dog rose, Lily-of-the-valley, Frankincense
Heart: Orris root, Jasmine, Myrrh
Base: Amber, Oakmoss, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Civet

Disclaimer! I wore this the night it arrived and I may have overspritzed. Jin got in the car and within a minute was asking what fragrance I was wearing because it’s disgusting and so big and reminds him of the smell they spray in old peoples homes to get rid of the old people smell. His head was pounding so badly from it that he had to take headache tablets and open his window to full. Poor boy.

I on the other hand am swept away by Amouage Gold Man.

Amouage Gold Man YouTubeYouTube

On opening I get a fabulous blast of incense, the rose and lily of the valley play backing roles and were they not mentioned in the notes list I’d be hard pressed to pick them. What I smell is an animalic frankincense that is like a 1000 x blast of the little pebbles you can buy in the Middle East markets. Patchouli and woods are present after a few minutes and white flowers but not specifically jasmine, my nose also picks some daffodil/narcissus. There is something CHANEL No 5-ish about Amouage Gold Man that I like very much.

Then the whole fragrance turns beautifully soapy on me, expensive, waxy soap like in the 20th century. I’m not sure what the notes are now, the scent has become Amouage Gold Man for me now. A conglomerate scent that is sexy and big but not overbearing (Jin would beg to differ). I find it a very comfortable scent to wear. Intricate, harmonious and nuanced; like lying on a silk, hand knotted rug from Kashmir and still being able to smell the market you bought it in and remembering the people who are fun to bargain with and smile so happily.

Amouage Gold Man Jaipur Carpet Market WikipediaWikipedia

Next morning I still have traces of Amouage Gold Man lingering, buzzing over my skin. Soft woods and resins of no name that have now melded with my own scent; me but not me. Better by far….

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Libertine Parfumerie has $415/100ml and FREE Australian Delivery
Peony Melbourne has $415/100ml and FREE Australian Delivery
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/0.5ml

What is your Amouage?
Portia x



By Night Black by Profumi del Forte 2009


Post by Portia


Hi the Fumies,

I remember trying this a while back but have no memory of the scent. I’m surprised that it wasn’t written about because I love the Profumi del Forte line in general, they are lavish new looks at old ideas. Something about the line smells distinctive and quality to me. It’s weird that I don’t own a full bottle of one yet, Versilia Vintage Ambra Mediterranea is my favourite of the line but it never seems to last till checkout in my cart.

By Night Black by Profumi del Forte 2009

By Night Black Profumi del Forte FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lime, cypress, mandarin orange, orange, fig leaf, basil, juniper, bitter orange, rose hip, lavender, cypress
Heart: Pine, mate, jasmine, incense
Base: Cedar

A warm, herbal cologne. Singing top notes that are high citrus & woods with a marked creaminess, a pithiness, a dry and warm undercurrent that By Night Black’s notes give me no reason to expect. Very urbane, I can imagine it on a well dressed business person who wants to smell a little outside the box but not outrageous. Maybe it’s the mate that’s adding the creamy warmth. I’ve only drunk it once at Roxana Villa’s place and my memory is of a creamy green drink that was sweet and lightly tea-ish, more like a smoothie. The jasmine definitely is playing a smoothing role too though the heart, which is lovely. Gaia in her Non Blonde review is saddened that By Night Black is not interesting enough, I can’t say I have the same sense of let down. There is plenty of nuance and interesting by play for me. Maybe because my expectations were so low it smells better than I expected?

By Night Black Profumi del Forte Rajeev_Pillai WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

So while I’m falling asleep about an hour after this application I notice that By Night Black has collapsed into something that I know but can’t place, like an everyman’s dry down. A woodsy scent that leads my mind to the 1990s/early 2000s gym locker rooms. I’m falling asleep so it’s a passing thought and then it’s morning.

Next morning I awake and there is something a little off left on my hand, it’s a woodsy/fishy/salty/sweet/decaying scent that while being very light still manages to make me feel uncomfortable and run to the bathroom to wash my hand. So freaking weird. The end.

By Night Black Profumi del Forte Fish Head Beatrice Murch FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

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First In Fragrance has €168/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $6/ml

Obviously you may have an entirely different wear and there has been some nasty reaction with my chemistry. It did freak me out a bit this morning though. I couldn’t get my hand under the tap fast enough.

Have you ever had a frag turn feral? Tell us the story please.
Portia xx

Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Olivier Cresp for Versace 2006


Post by Portia


Hey Designer Fragrance Fiends,

Once upon a time, long, long ago there was a fashion house named Versace that made excellent fragrances. Run by its flamboyant and fabulous namesake Gianni Versace who was gunned down outside his Miami, Florida home July 1997. Since his demise the Versace fragrances have become cheaper and nastier, rarely a gem will lift its head above the dross. This is not really one of them but a mate of mine was smelling particularly good a while back and I asked what he was wearing, “Versace Eau Fraiche in the blue bottle” was his proud as punch answer. How could I disagree with my nose so I went and ordered a decant.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Versace 2006

Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Olivier Cresp

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lemon, bergamot, rosewood, rose
Heart: Cedar, tarragon, sage, pepper
Base: Amber, musk, saffron, woody notes

Olivier Cresp is a nose that has created some awesome blockbusters. In my collection I have or had full bottles of Juniper Sling, Kokorico, Angel, Armani Attitude and Kenzo Amour Indian Holi: all so different yet created by the same perfumer.

Opening freshly aquatic with a tingling zing of citrus Versace Man Eau Fraiche has all the hallmarks of a summer sports flanker. Bright, artificial, uber clean and lightly toxic smelling. Under this blast of radioactive citrus floats a pretty herbal greenery made piquant by cracked black pepper and a whiff of dry woods. The citrus has now softened considerably and has become quite likable with a creamy hint of pith.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace Orange pith WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

As we warm into the heart Versace Man Eau Fraiche becomes quite like many of the eau de cologne style of fragrances. Nothing smells natural but it doesn’t smell bad I’m enjoying wearing it and my mate smelled delicious. More of a household functional scent than fine fragrance, it could very well be related to the scent they use in hospital disinfectant to make the corridors smell a little brighter and more friendly. It smells clean and invigorating and I can see why so many men wear it. Also over the scent of a lightly sweaty, healthy man it’s very nice. I’m surprised that juniper berries aren’t included in the notes but I suppose they covered it with cedar. I also feel that it’s full of a couple of notes that are so ubiquitous that they should jump out at me as what they are, sadly they dont.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche remains pretty linear with little warming through the base on me, projection and longevity are good but it’s the sillage that will have people looking after you with interest. I would love to smell this on one of my girlfriends to see how it lives on the ladies, probably even more lovely.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche Sexy Brazilian

FragranceNet has $37/50ml before Coupon
My Perfume Samples has $7/5ml

Do your friends ever smell freaking amazing in stuff you wouldn’t use to clean your driveway?
Portia xx

N.B. If you hit the My Perfume Samples link and shop I get a kickback.

Eau de Cédrat by L’Occitane 2015


Post by Portia


When Eau de Cedrat (I call it Cedrat in my head, so we’ll use that for this post). When Cedrat was first released by L’Occitane I was given some of the range to try. I kept the Shower Gel and Soap for myself and gave the rest to friends or in giveaways so other people could try the products and give me feedback. One person said they are so impressed that they already went to a L’Occitane store and purchased more of the range, another friend loves the fragrance and has used quite a bit of his bottle and I went and repurchased at full retail a new shower gel.

Eau de Cedrat by L’Occitane 2015

Eau de Cedrat L`Occitane FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cedrat bark, bergamot
Heart: Blue ginger, nutmeg
Base: Cedar, cashmere wood

Currently I have drenched myself in Cedrat to combat the humid night heat we are having in Sydney at the moment. Don’t misunderstand me, I love the heat and relish the Sydney summer. Night time though I find it hard to sleep in muggy heat, it’s 1am and still 21C (70F) with 86% humidity so I’ve slipped into my office and spritzed liberally. A cool, sharp, sweet citrus opening that is bold and energising, clear bergamot with almost no breath or pith that runs headlong into zinging, singing ginger. They are quite the pair, fizzing merrily away like a lemon squash and yet managing to be refreshing.

L'Occitane Cedrat Collection 1

Cedrat is not nearly as nuanced or storied as a cologne, it’s a bright and forthright citrus fortified by a few bit players that help it maintain buoyancy. I’m fragrantly wafting off to bed now, Jin has installed new ceiling fans and it would be rude not to go lie under one with him. I know that there will be a very slight waft of amorphous woods and a hint of citrus left tomorrow morning.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who is aware of their appearance but not deeply into the whole vanity trip. A casual, easy care set that means you or your partner can have a single scent right through the bathing and living process. Easy peasy, looks and smells great and it won’t break the bank.

L'Occitane Cedrat Collection

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L’Occitane Australia has the range from $8.50 up

Do you love a fully integrated regime?
Portia xx


Good Girl Gone Bad from by Kilian 2012


Post by Greg Young


What does a man have to do to please his beloved? He selflessly enters a competition for a girly white floral, knowing that is his lady love’s favourite style. Lady luck smiles on him (thanks APJ & Libertine Parfumerie), but sadly lady wife does not; Good Girl Gone Bad is Bad in my Good Girl’s opinion.

Good Girl Gone Bad from by Kilian 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad By Kilian FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Jasmine, osmanthus, may rose
Heart: Indian tuberose, narcissus
Base: Amber, cedar

Well of course, I wore it myself; as you do.

I chose a sunny Spring Saturday to try it; a couple of spritzes to the wrist that wafted jasmine around me, slip on some Italian jeans, my Cucinelli polo, and some Common Projects sneakers and I feel like a millionaire. Ten minutes later, and my effervescent mood has soured a bit. My Good Girl Gone Bad has run away on me, faithless hussy that she is. I worked it out soon enough; I’d smothered my arms in sunscreen prior to going outside, and killed it. A couple of more spritzes does the trick. I go out shopping in the Melbourne sun, wandering around my local for a coffee then down to Chadstone for a bit of retail therapy.

Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian Melbourne Jorge Lascar FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

The whole time, I am sneaking sniffs at my wrist. (I always feel very self-conscious doing that; it seems something only women have license to do). This is a seriously good floral, with excellent lasting power. It’s heady and creamy like the smell of a Hawaiian night. It’s not a ravening monster like my HdP Tubereuse 3. This one is more refined and less animalic.

It’s now almost 9 hours since I applied it, and it’s still going strong. It remains all florals on me still, and is yet to get to the amber and cedar drydown, so I think it has plenty of development yet to go. Best of all, my wife actually likes this when I wear it, even if she won’t wear it herself!

My preference is for fragrances that are civilised enough to wear in a professional office environment, and last the full working day, and this one fits the bill. I have little hesitation in recommending Good Girl Gone Bad to guys who are OK with wearing florals, particularly in the coming sunny weather.

Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian  The Painter of Sunflowers Paul_Gauguin WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

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Available in Australia exclusively in store at Harrold’s Sydney & Melbourne
LuckyScent has $160/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/.5ml

Thanks to Portia and Nick at Libertine Parfumerie for the opportunity to discover something that I might never have picked up and tried of my own accord.

Mr. Whiskers Beard Balms by Laurie Stern for Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery


Post by Poodle


I received a lovely bunch of samples from the Fragments 2015 show. The little burlap bag from Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery was one of my favorite discoveries. Inside were samples of Honey which I reviewed last time and Mr. Whiskers Beard Balm which I had to try just because of the fabulous name. Laurie Stern is the perfumer behind the brand which is named in honor of her two cat’s. She uses natural ingredients and the products are made in small batches. They are also cruelty free. I’ve enjoyed sampling her perfumes so I was hopeful I’d like the beard balms.

Mr. Whiskers Beard Balms by Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

Mr. Whiskers Beard Balms by Laurie Stern

Juniper & Cypress Forest, Piñon Desert, and Vetiver Breeze

Mr. Whisker’s Beard Balm! Velvet & Sweet Pea’s PurrfumeryPhoto Stolen Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery

Ingredients – organic oils of jojoba, avocado, rose hip seed, organic cocoa butter, beeswax from their own bees, virgin oil de coco creme, essential oils

Let’s clarify one thing. I don’t have a beard so I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth I’d want with a beard balm. Well, I have dry hair and lately I have a head full of frizz. I’ll try just about anything to calm it down. Why not beard balm? Hair is hair.

The first one I tried was Juniper & Cypress Forest Beard Balm with notes of, you guessed it, juniper and cypress. Compared to most of the fruity and flowery hair products out there this is a refreshing change. It smells forest-like and clean. Piney, but not like a Christmas tree. It reminds me of a cabin in the woods.

Vetiver Breeze is great for vetiver lovers. It’s fresh and earthy. I enjoyed catching a faint whiff of this one in my hair.

Next up was Piñon Desert with notes of piñon pine and sandalwood. This was my favorite of the three. It’s woody, but not sharp and synthetic. It hints at being in a lumberyard. There’s a warmth and a softness to it as well.

Mr. Whisker’s Beard Balm! Hipster Ryan Ruppe FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

These scents are not going to overpower. They’re linear and light but it’s beard oil not perfume so that’s fine. I can’t imagine anyone wanting a strong scented product to use around their mouth area anyway. They’re somewhat solid in the container but melt on contact with warm hands. They’re oily but they are not heavy feeling and would probably work well as a body oil in winter. I didn’t use much and they did calm down my frizz and give my hair a decent bit of shine without silicones. For me, Beard Balms seem to soften and smooth my hair and skin pretty well so I imagine they’d work great when used on beards as intended. I’m curious to see what hubby says when he sees beard oil on my Christmas list.

Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has $22/10ml

Guys, do you use a beard oil? Do any of you use hair oils? What’s your holy grail dry hair remedy?

Poodle xxx