NEW! April Aromatics + The Different Company




Hi APJ! How are you all doing? Can you believe we are nearing the end of the year already?

Where has the time gone? We are in full autumn swing here, buckling down for the coming winter. The heat is on and there is a chill in the air outside. I have been here in Rotterdam for soon to be eleven months! It definitely feels like home now, but I still have not hung any paintings on the walls – what is up with that?

Autumn is a time of closure for me. Summer is over with its long days and warm air kissing my skin. My son goes back to school which ends the innocent joys of childhood summers. The trees show colours of vibrant yellows, oranges and reds and then loose their foliage all too quickly. Even the birds are changing – many fly south and yet others arrive for the milder winters here. I have not seen the hedgehog in a while, perhaps he is already hibernating? All of this closure has brought me to think about my first year here in The Netherlands.

When I am completely honest and look past the challenges here and there of navigating a new language and culture, it has been a year of awakening and coming back to myself. I have lovely friends and neighbors and this is now home. I am no longer weary, I am stronger and more self assured than I have been in years.

With this new awakening I am now ready and excited to try and test new perfumes and there are two perfumes that fit into this new self quite well.

NEW! April Aromatics + The Different Company


Pink Wood by Tanja Bochnig for April Aromatics

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Sandalwood, Agarwood, Cistus, Labdanum, Oakwood, Rose Otto, Rose absolute, Geranium, Rosewood, sweet pink fruity notes

Pink Wood is my first experience with April Aromatics. I eagerly sprayed my first spritz of Pink Wood and was taken by surprise by the beautiful rose and wood opening. Many roses turn sour on my skin but this is actually remaining rosy which is a big plus in my books. There are no pink fruity notes for me though. The warmer my skin is the woodier the perfume. The roses stay more in the background leaving me with a wonderful woody rose perfume perfect for autumn days and walks in the park.


Santo Incienso, Sillage Sacré by Alexandra Monet for The Different Company

gives these featured accords:
Top: Calabrian bergamot, petitgrain, nutmeg
Heart: Palo santo, atlas cedar, hedione
Base: Incense, myrrh, musk, vetiver, guaiac wood

This is not your usual incense perfume at all. For me it starts with a blast of bergamot with an air of spice. There is something citrusy in there but it slowly fades into the background leaving behind a warm woody accord. I have no idea what Palo Santo smells like, so I cannot assume that this is what I am smelling, however, it is beautiful and intriguing pulling me in. In the middle stage through to the dry down there is a magic happening with the incense and myrrh where the woods are warmed through. What I love about it most of all is that the incense tendrils waft up to my nostril throughout the day and bring me such joy and calm.

Both Pink Wood and Santo Incienso, Sillage Sacré are getting a lot of wear time. The days are shorter and colder but the lighting is stunning taking my breath away on an almost daily basis when the sun is shining. This is my favorite season of the year.

Do you have a favorite perfume for autumn or spring walks? Do you have a favorite season?

Sending sunny hugs to you all.
Sandra xo

Scent Diary: 16.10 – 22.10.2017




Hey Hey All,

In the week before a holiday I am seriously busy trying get everything ship shape. We did manage to have a life, eat out, wear a bunch of fragrances but I’m only 70% concentrating on living. The rest of my head is organising and planning, making lists and ticking things off.

Scent Diary: 16.10 – 22.10.2017

Monday 16:

Monday morning and my bladder woke me a couple of hours early. He He he he. I’m now wide awake so doing FaceBook, Australian Perfume Junkies and some other computer updates/comments/posts. It’s so calm at this time of morning I feel like more work gets done due to lack of distraction.

A couple of cheeky spritzes of the new DIOR PrivéeJasmine de Anglais from a decant. It’s a very pretty white floral, clean and uncomplicated. Reminds me of something else that I can’t put my finger on exactly, maybe an Annick Goutal?

Jin and I had our first Real Estate guys in to look over the apartment. They were very interested in the place but think we will not see as much for it as we hoped in the current market. Still, the money is not to be sneezed at. Apparently the market in our area is stabilising and maybe even dropping a little. That’s cool. Seeing another guy tomorrow, let’s wait for his appraisal.

Lunch at our favourite cafe. We shared a Burger with the Lot and some Chicken Salt & Vinegar Hot Chips. Delicious. Half each was exactly enough, we even left some chips on our plates.

Had a ONE HOUR LONG bubble bath in Radox Bath Salts and Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves, like standing in a sprint rain shower in the garden.

Night Guerlain Champs Elysees EdP. Fruity violets, mimosa and dewy lilac fluffed up with powder. Perfect for writing my Trivia Q&A.

Bed The Different Company Oriental Lounge

Tuesday 17:

Scott came over for office day today. There was hardly anything to do so we chatted, had lunch with Jin and pottered around. It was a really no sweat, fun day.

Jin’s knee has turned to shit. Poor little bastard has done some ligament damage at work. He’s not a happy camper but we are keeping it iced and resting him as much as possible.

Super lavish bubble bath in La Chasse aux Papillons L`Artisan Parfumeur. Madonna Truth or Dare lotion and I can’t bloody remember what fragrance I wore. Sorry.

Diptyque 34 for Bed

Wednesday 18:


Jin’s Korean Chicken Curry left overs for lunch. YUM! On toast! Added peas, so AUSSIE! SHHHH Don’t tell him.

Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur, dry, velvety soft leather. So fricken luxurious.

Dinner with Jin who ordered enough for four people. Dooley’s Catholic Club in Lidcombe where Jin worked for a couple of years. Everyone was so happy to see him and there were shouts from the kitchen. Food was delicious. We ate most of it too. YUMMM

Jin was given a porcelain pendant from Neela Vermeire. It hung in his wardrobe until he got a new car. Now his car smells of Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling. It’s very freaking cool. See him peeking in the rear view mirror, so cute.

Thursday 19:

Woke up to a Perfume delivery. We recently found a site selling 1 litre demijohns of Tom Ford. I created a split among the Aussie Fragrance Network crew, 900ml sold in under 24 hours. Woo Hoo!

BUT the Window Fix guy had left a card. GRRRR! Sure I’d been sleeping but a couple of good knocks on the door or buzzing the buzzer would have had me ready for action. Now I have to pay for him to come again. So bloody annoying.

It’s a Niki de Saint Phalle kinda day. Sometimes only a chypre will do.

I am so sad today. Keep having fits of tears.  Why is the world going to hell? How can the Church and Politicians say they are for us, the people, then not cure poverty or end war? How are there kids growing up illiterate in 2017? Why is Health Care so ridiculously expensive? How did business get to rule us so effectively? Why do I have to ask 26 million people if Jin and I can be married?
If I feel like this, one of lifes lucky ones. How bad must it feel for the less lucky?
Helpless is how I feel, helpless to create change in a world that seems to have gone bad.

For my bath I used Boucheron Trouble, Madonna Truth or Dare lotion and I’m spritzing myself with Le Galion Sang Blue. As close to an eighties menswear fragrance as is possible in 2017, yet curiously modern. Got a lovely compliment from one of the barmen as he hugged me goodbye, “You smell so good”

Bedtime tonight? Bal a Versialles from my 15ml vintage parfum bottle. SO GOOD!

Friday 20:

Woke up this morning to the long awaited sound of rain. We have been bone dry all through winter and spring, this is a much needed drenching. I love the sound of medium level driving rain that sounds like it can keep the level up for hours, especially as I wake up in my own time, curled up warm and safe in bed under my duvet. Wonderful way to wake.

Morning spritz Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114. Simple crunchy amber, thick and luscious.

Chained myself to the computer and did Trivia Q&A and Blog Posts,. Drank LOADS of tea & coffee. Organised some giveaway stuff and generally made some headway with the list of to dos.

Had a spectacular order from Surrender To Chance arrive. Some fabulously interesting stuff to be reviewing and wearing. Woo Hoo! Now I have about 4 fragrances spritzed on different points of my body. Interestingly Ramon Monegals Cotton Musk seems to be the dominant player, who knew a white musk could be so insistent?

It’s late, the computer is going fuzzy as I try to read and blog. G’Night all. Radox Bath, then bed.

Saturday 21:

Bloody Hell! I thought after my bath, “I’ll just watch one episode of the Good Wife to wind down.” It’s now late and I’m spritzing Phaedon Tabac Rouge from a decant to sleep. Night.

Woke up to the Jehovah’s Witnesses buzzing my apartment block. Our intercom doesn’t let me hear what people are saying so I let them in, thinking it was a delivery. I told them that the JWs stole my sister and she won’t talk to me. Rang me the night before her wedding to tell me she was getting married but didn’t want me to attend. For the first time that I’ve told them this story they seemed genuinely moved, they apologised. It was a very nice moment but I still sent them on their way, nicely though.

Here are the boys at their favourite hour, feeding time.

In the saddle again early to get the blog organised.

We leave on Monday for a Ghan and Indian Pacific trip. Our six year anniversary present to ourselves. Neither Jin nor I are perfect. We are slobbish, sometimes grumpy, manipulative, unhearing or aggressive for no reason and we are full of human frailty. I’m really happy we’ve been able to navigate six years, there’s no promise of a happy ever after but I’ll gladly take a comfortable right now.

Covered in a bunch of fragrances and reviewing. I love this, so fun.

Kath and Scott joined Jin and I for dinner tonight. We had Chinese takeaway, so obviously I was thrilled. Loads of laughs and chattering away on topics from politics and religion through to fragrance, work, lives and families. It was such a fun night I completely forgot to take pics, sorry. Kath gave me this one of our food.

Back at the computer now blogging. FULL and fragrant. Good day.

Sunday 22:

Today I got a postcard from Val the Cookie Queen. What a freaking great surprise. Busses = kisses in Austrian

Chinese Reheats. Is there any better consumable anywhere? Throw it all into a saucepan together with some oil and water and mix it up. DE LIC IOUS!

Spritzed lavishly with Guerlain Champs Elysees tonight. I smell freaking gorgeous.

Worked tonight. Varun gave me a beautiful necklace for my birthday so I wore it this week. Isn’t it fabulous?


How was your week? Please share some things that went on: family, food, fun or fragrance. We love to read about your weeks too.
Portia xx

Majaïna Sin by Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann for The Different Company 2017




Hello New Addicted,

You may have noticed that I’m addicted to Travel Packs and Travel Size. There are a few reasons for this. The major one is that 10-30ml is all I’ll ever need of most fragrances, it is in fact a lifetime supply. Otherwise I like to be able to carry most of my frags on holidays in my carry on luggage*. There is a pleasure too in using up bottles, even a travel feels like an achievement.

Why am I telling you this? Just arrived in the mail this week are a brand new, paid retail because I freaking love it, sent from France The Different Company Travel Set and a bunch of 10ml refills for it. VERY exciting stuff.

The Different Company

Majaïna Sin by The Different Company 2017

Majaïna Sin by Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Candied Orange Bigarade, Bergamot, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Madagascar Ginger
Heart: Heliotrope, Orchid, Chestnut Cream, Madagascar Cinnamon, Maple Syrup
Base: Guatemala Tonka Bean, Amber, Sandal Album, Musk, Madagascar Vanilla Gold Extract

Majaïna Sin is part of the l’Esprit Cologne range from The Different Company. I also have the luscious Tokyo Bloom from that series and love it through the mid seasons and warmer months.

Ginger marmalade already backed by a soft focus vanilla is how Majaïna Sin opens for me with cinnamon. Warm and cosy yet not incredibly hefty, as counterpoint we are given an unexpected lightness and lift. Definite nods to bakery but somehow Emilie Coppermann has made it about something more interesting: creamy, spicy, smoky, resinous amber.


Charming is not a word I use often about fragrance but it keeps popping into my mind. We are not present with a groundbreaking, challenging fragrance in Majaïna Sin. It is different to what I have smelled before but not outrageously so. Here I feel like I’ve met an elegant friend that doesn’t overpower while still maintaining their place and adding to the conversation. I can easily imagine someone hugging you while you wear this and thinking, “MMMMMMM.”

The base is dryer and woodier but not by much and the fragrance fades into my skin with average longevity, way better than I expected from the l’Esprit range.


The Different Company has €18/10ml and €120/100ml

What is your favourite travel Set or single?
Portia xx


*I carry a just in case Wet Pack in my carry on with toothbrush, floss & paste, deodorant, stolen hotel shower gel and lotion, band-aids, sleeping pills, headache tablets, ear buds and a wash cloth. There are always at least 5 travel frags in there too. Also in cary on are spare undies, socks and polo shirt, Kindle, a bunch of cords, spare glasses, house keys and snacks. It usually clocks around 5kg. Even if my luggage doesn’t arrive I’m good.

Pure eVe by Celine Ellena for The Different Company 2011


Post by Robert Herrmann


Hi there Fragrant Friends.

This week I’ve been wearing the hell out of a light-as-air almond powdery beauty that is what I imagine angels must smell like….

Pure eVe by The Different Company 2011

Pure eVe by Celine Ellena


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Aldehydes
Middle: Flax, mimosa, white rose
Base: Cedar, musk, candied almond, sweet notes, dried fruits: TDC gives: Calisson (A French cookie made of candied almond, sweet notes and dried fruits)

When I was a kid growing up, one thing that always enchanted and mystified me were my Mom’s four silk scarves from Hermés. Often redolent with leftover traces of Joy or Maja edp, these not-to-be-touched-by-small-hands towel sized (to tiny me) pieces of fabric heaven were as light as a cloud, yet felt like pure magic, smooth and silky, softer than anything else in my child-sized world. When my mom would let me handle them, it was always a wondrous and very special moment. When she passed away twenty years ago, these silk scarves were the very first thing I put in my suitcase to take home. They are with me still.

Originally released as Pure Virgin and subsequently renamed as Pure EvE, wearing it is soft and sheer, a skin scent meant for you alone. The perfect wear-it-to-bed scent (especially when married to a perfume allergic sneeze-fest, as I am). Ironically mimosa, which is so prevalent in the dry-down is also know as “shabkhosb” in contemporary Persian which translates to “night sleeper” alluding to the flowers that close up at night.


And given that the nose behind it is Celine Ellena, that makes it pretty much a slam-dunk for me, as I love her father’s (Jean-Claude) work. Sheer and breezy olfactory watercolors clearly run in the family….

Opening with the champagne-like sparkle of the aldehydes, this gorgeous unisex edt brings to mind soft freshly laundered sheets drying in the sun and gently waving in a soft summer’s breeze. The flax bring an earthy base to the scent all the while supporting the gorgeous floralp notes. The scent of the Calisson provides the cookie-like almond and sweet notes, and the musk wraps it all up in a pure white dare I say virginal, cashmere blanket.

This is a perfect scent to wear all year long for work or play. In the cooler months, you will be a walking tray of cloud-like soft Chantilly Creme and when the warmer months roll around you’ll smell positively as fresh as a laundered crisp white shirt.


Further reading: Now Smell This and Daly Beauty
The Different Company has €95/50ml
LuckyScent has $135/50ml + Samples

Have you tried Pure eVe? Are there other “fresh” powdery scents that you absolutely love??

What Fragrances Did You Wear Last Week?


Post by Portia


Heya Fumie Family,

It’s been a riotous week here in Sydney. So much happening and I was so involved I forgot to take photos of everything so here’s a smattering of what my week looked and smelled like.

What Fragrances Did You Wear Last Week?

portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-1 portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-2

KFC Brunch with buddies and BFF Kath’s family. It was short and sweet because I had to work that night, fun though.


Hosted the most sensational Hen’s Night that night. The girls were hilarious and we had a wonderful time.


Pedi Sunday. You can tell my Hobbit feet a mile off.


Yum Yum Cha Cha Cha with the crew. These are the heart of my friends circle and I love them.


Sunday night the JACKPOT went off at Austral Bowling Club. $1000 split 4 ways. Wonderful.

portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-7 portias-week-24-to-30-9-16-8

Tuesday it was head shave day and now you can see why I get it done so regularly. What a spunky barber. So sweet and he does a good job too.


Down at the local pool I’m up to 700m. Weather is perfect for getting my swim on. At 9am I have the pool pretty much to myself.


Morn to Dusk by Eau d’Italie: A vanilla-centric fragrance that is perfect for me. It’s warm, sweet and I’m surprised it doesn’t have more notes because it tells a beautiful story.

Divine EdP: Old fashioned BWF glamour done for the 21st century. I know it’s older than that but never feels dated or retro.

Mohur by Neela Vermeire Creations: All the roses set as a centrepiece with an enormous backing lineup that makes Mohur smell only of itself and slightly different every wear.

The Aoud by Mancera: Simple synth oudh with a minty kick in the heart and a longevity that beggars belief. Don’t get it on your clothes because they still smell after washing. I love this baby though and wear it quite a bit.

Tokyo Bloom by The Different Company: Lovely soft green cologne. Wears for me like an EdT but loads of people have problems with its longevity. Like walking on grass after the rain, so fresh and alive.

Antaeus by CHANEL: Just scored this vintage tester and it smells exactly like the bottles we had of it in the 1980s/90s. Jin stole my other bottle so I had to replace and it was well worth it. YUM!

Cabochard parfum by Gres: Not sure how old this baby is. I thought it was a vintage buy but it smells absolutely perfect, clear as a bell with that heavenly chypre dry down. Calm , cuddly and ever so elegant.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier: The original and best. One of my partners in the 1990s and I wore this exclusively for nearly a year. Good times, great memories. I just opened this new bottle so it’s getting quite a bit of wear.

No 19 EdC by CHANEL: One of my great green loves. The old EdC is surprisingly tenacious and spectacularly furry in dry down. MMMM

Boy by CHANEL: I had about 20ml left after I split this and it’s down to 5ml or less. I love it. Easiest wearing thing in my wardrobe right now. It’s very lavender-centric on me with a soft focus dry down of sweet nothings. I really like it.

So! How was your week? What did you do and what fragrances did you wear?
Portia xx

White Musks: Friend or Foe?


Post by Trésor


I like white musk, I cannot lie and I like it a lot. Many of you will be familiar with my profound affection for accords steeped in subversion, depravity and potions rife with filthy delight but when it’s just me, myself and I there is only one solution: a proper cumulonimbus of glimmering white musk. Instead of just one review this week I’ve opted instead for three, a collection of my most cherished and well loved fragrances graced with this accord of pellucid splendour.

White Musks: Friend or Foe?

Pure eVe The Different Company FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Pure eVe by Céline Ellena for The Different Company 2011

First up on the docket is Pure eVe (formerly known as Pure Virgin) from French niche house The Different Company. Pure eVe opens in an exquisite breath of sheer vanilla, flirting with the idea of confection but never quite registering as a treat that’s entirely edible. Soon vanilla gracefully fades into cascades of creamy almond and transparent caramel, each tendril encapsulated within zephyrs of gentle powder. The base is comprised of a glorious and breathtakingly kaleidoscopic blend of white musks, each one scintillating and setting another aglow until they are all but one orb of fluid light.

Royal Muska M. Micallef FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Royal Muska by Jean-Claude Astier for M. Micallef 2008

I happened upon Jean-Claude Astier’s Royal Muska for M. Micallef entirely by accident. I’d been snooping through a friend’s perfume shelf as one does and the most gloriously glittering bottle caught my eye. There was no question, I had to spray myself and the from the moment I did I could tell that it was going to be love. From first sniff there is a familiarity, I can catch whiffs of delicate summertime beauty. Ephemeral flourishes silky cream and raspberry permeate the background, cheekily peeking through a veil of aroma that’s reminiscent of fine French soap. At the heart is a translucent interpretation of ripe and velvety peach that carries through until the composition has become glowing billows of plush white musk.

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker  FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Lovely by Laurent Le Gurnec + Clement Gavarry for Sarah Jessica Parker 2005

Out of my entire collection there are but a small a handful of fragrances which I use on a regular basis and even fewer which I use entirely and repurchase time and time again. Alongside my greatest love, Aromatics Elixir from Clinique there is only one other where I have repurchased bottles more times than I can count: Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker. The opening of lovely, to my humble nose, is sheer perfection. Silken plumes of luxurious white musk are scintillating with fractals of golden light radiating threads of glowing bergamot and transparent grains of sea salt, their form cut as precious stone. At the heart of Lovely dwells the velvet petals of a white rose, her petals bathed in the roseate hue of celestial evening sunlight. The warmth of the rich rosewood that comprises the base is utterly magnetic and the soft shades of amber on which it rests are equally as exquisite. If I were to choose only one white musk for the rest of my life, there is no question of which it would be. Lovely.

You might find this interesting: Surrender To Chance Musks Sampler

What are your favourite fragrances focused around an accord of white musk?

Until next time, kittens.

Trésor, xo.

Fragrant Things That Arrived This Week

Hey there Fragrance Lovers,

Is there anything as day-to-day exciting as getting a parcel in the mail? I have to go down to the Post Office to get mine because now that I live in an apartment I find it much safer to have everything redirected to a Post Office Box. So the whole thing is a weekly adventure and I’m never quite sure if there will be only letters or some packages. Let’s face it, anything not a bill is a cause for celebration.

Fragrant Things That Arrived This Week

So I did get a box this week and it was chock full of exciting fragrance. I had asked Franco at Lucky Scent to find me a bottle of my long-coveted and recently discontinued in any online store I could think of bottle of 24.9.11 by Hilde Soliani. He’s such a sweetie that he tracked it down for me so what else could I do but order a couple of extras as a special Thank You, and also to make the shipping seem less incredible.

24-09-11 by Hilde Soliani 2012

24-09-11 FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Calamus (milky, green, cinnamon like grass root), amber, frankincense, myrrh

24-09-11 is part of the Hilde Soliani The Invisibles range, meant to compliment your own fragrance and enhance your confirm your presence. What a stunning way to think of perfume. In reality though 24-09-11 is way too fragrant to be melded with your skin and enhance it, you will be decidedly and lavishly fragrant when wearing this. the opening is sweet and spicy, a non edible radiant caramel incense. Warm and lush and ever so slightly discordant, as if it’s about to topple over into disgusting over sweetened caramel slice at any moment but the green calamus and the incense win out and keep it delightful, wearable and distinguished.

Eau Absolue by Mona de Orio 2013

Eau Absolue Mona di Orio FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica Gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, clementine, petitgrain
Heart: Geranium, java vetiver oil, bay leaf, pink pepper
Base: Cedar, musk, labdanum

BZZZZZZZ! The citrus opening is loads of fun but kept from being a zingy space cadet by whispers of the resins to come even in the first minute. While I sit here in a balmy Sydney summer evening I am enjoying the very unexpected opening. I have read a few reviews before writing tonight, which is not something I usually do, so my expectations were for something quite different, something more mainstream and fizzy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is, as I should always expect with a Mona di Orio fragrance, something quite densely layered with everything in the notes list all at once and what will happen is certain accords will get precedence on occasion.

Tokyo Bloom by The Different Company 2012

Tokyo Bloom The Different Company FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Dandelion, galbanum, basil, blackberry (cassis)
Heart: Cyclamen, star jasmine
Base: Guaiac wood, musks, amber

This is interesting, it opens as sharply as hairspray and is a wonderful awkward blend of green, milky, musky, spicy and fizzy tones that I’ve never met together before yet still manages to smell GREAT! I was expecting an aqueous nothing and am beyond pleasantly surprised. You must at least take some time to try this marvelous, well priced, fragrance. A lovely modern interpretation of the Eau de Cologne style.

As you can see these beauties have been on the list for a while. Boy is it nice to have them in the stable now. Today I wafted Eau Absolue and really loved it. Like a scented princess.

What has arrived for you lately?
Portia xx