Fragrance Bottle? What Scent?




Hey there APJ,

I think I have told you before about my friends Mum & Grandma who is losing the battle with dementia and Alzheimers. When they had to take all the glass, including fragrances, from her reach I was given a box full of treasures.

Fragrance Bottle? What Scent?

One treasure was this bottle. There’s a little bit left in the bottle and it smells ridiculously gorgeous. like an animalic version of Youth Dew. It has no label or identifying marks. It doesn’t feel like an expensive bottle because there are some quite sharp edges and points. I didn’t want to google it though, not when I have all of you out there who may have seen or remember someone wearing fragrance from this bottle. So I’m handing it over to you all today.

What is this bottle from? The house, the scent name, anything you can remember.

Go for it.

Portia xxx




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Please leave your guesses or a story about lost vintage scent, or even a mini story about who might have used this perfume. 


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13 thoughts on “Fragrance Bottle? What Scent?

  1. I think you should trust your nose Portia because I think you are bang on and it IS an old bottle of Youth Dew from Estee Lauder. Certain I have seen one somewhere before (ebay? perfume blog?).

    I wish I had some cool memories of it to shate but perfume was not much of a thing in my family. My late grandmother always wore a very distinct powdery scent but I don’t know what it was and I’ve not yet smelt anything like it. I keep looking though. I should interrogate the aunts to see if any of them remember – may even have been a perfumed powder – they were pretty popular when I was a child.


  2. No idea about the scent’s identity, but I imagine it being used by a young woman through several flirtations, a courtship, an elopement, and later being played with by her children, before she hid the bottle away because she never wanted to finish it altogether. Follow by email! 🙂


  3. From what I found out you are very much correct! It is a vintage bottle of Youth Dew from the 50’s.

    A lost scent that I’m still looking for and keep losing from sight is vintage Shalimar.

    Thank you very much! Wish you all the best!

    I follow via e-mail and facebook.


  4. Ditto on trust thyself – Youth Dew is my vote too! Replique is second guess 🙂 We follow a la e-mail, FB, and blog.


  5. I have purchased bottles blind before that were unmarked at an estate sale or thrift store. My greatest find? A crystal bottle of Henry Jacques Jasmine ($600 or more) for $12 or 14. That is the find of the century!

    I follow on Facebook and via email.

    I enjoy Youth Dew and all the spicy lovelies. I just got a vintage bottle of Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef and it is loverly.


  6. Somehow I looked at it and thought it had to be Youth Dew judging by the colour of the juice! I have just brought in a vintage YD from the USA about 75 ml full in a splash bottle, and it smells exactly as I used to know it in the 70s! I am thrilled, my previous purchase of the re formulations just had to be sold off, it was too bitter for me. I follow you via email and the AFN site but gotta check that the emails are the same!!


  7. I have zero to contribute to the fragrance speculation, but interesting to read it’s likely vintage Youth Dew as you instinctively felt. I’ve never loved Youth Dew – too Womanish-with-a-capital-W for me; I’ve always gravitated to deeply unisex scents for my own skin. But your description is beautiful and magnetic.

    I follow via email.


  8. Hi Portia,
    Your nose knows! If it smells like Youth Dew it is most likely an old Estée Lauder Youth Dew Skin Scent perfume. Beautiful. DNEM. Just wanted to drop by and say “hi”!
    Azar xx


  9. I follow by email. I have no idea what that is, but if its beautiful…! I have two very old and small bottles of fragrance which have no identification and are the most spectacular of all that I own, one of them, especially. I just wish that someone who had lots of knowledge could identify them so that maybe I could find them again and buy backups or find something similar.


  10. Lanvin Rumeur used to be bottled in a similar way but the stopper was black. It would not smell like Youth Dew though even after many years ! I am loving this mystery and the thought of an older lady wearing this frangrance every day and being associated with it. I still have a bottle of my Mum’s favourite perfume. It always brings back the happy memories.


  11. It cannot be Replique because I have seen many bottles of vintage Replique. From the cap, i thought it might be coty but the bottle doesn’t look like any of the Cotys from 60-70s. I follow APJ through email and FB.


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