Maravilla by Daniela (Roche) Andrier for Bulgari 2014




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I remember being in Paris the week these were released and they had a big stand in Galleries Lafayette and about six spritzers placed strategically. It was all very enticing and I did like a couple of the fragrances. Had they been around the €180 mark or less I would have bought at least one bottle but they were well over that and I’d already spent quite a lot of my ready cash. Since then though I have wished that I’d bought one of those space age bottles, just to have it in my collection.

Maravilla by Bulgari 2014

Maravilla by Daniela (Roche) Andrier

Maravilla Bvlgari FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Peach, jasmine, patchouli, Italian lemon, orange blossom

To start with I don’t think perfumistas are this ranges market. Certainly not this scent in the range anyway. I know there are a  wide audience for this kind of scent and it’s pretty much what I smell 30 something shopgirls on their lunch break wafting. Fruity and sweetened with sugar crystals.

Fresh Fruit Splash Falling Water OrangePDI

What we have here is a fresh, fruity, lightly aquatic melange that is perky and quite frisky. It’s airy and a little dewy. The citrus is very soft focus and the very faint peach smells a little canned. There’s an amorphous white flower, completely cleaned of all indole and depth and the patchouli does not even register for me.

Maravilla would not be out of place in the Tocca range. They have a fairly similar line at about one fifth the cost or less. I think what you might be paying for here is a smoother blend and the fabulous bottle. A low key pretty perfume that is totally inoffensive to start and falls away to a soft focus white musk laundry scent to finish. Longevity is pretty good, you’ll continue to pump soft gouts of clean citrus clothes till work is finished.

Maravilla Bvlgari Elizabeth_Sparhawk-Jones,_Shop_Girls WikiMediaWikiMedia

Harrods has £215/100ml (UK Delivery Only)
Some discounters now have it too.

What is one of your didn’t buy regrets?
Portia xx

6 thoughts on “Maravilla by Daniela (Roche) Andrier for Bulgari 2014

  1. A fortune although yes, the bottle is definitely awesome. It reminds me a bit of the Rochas Absolu bottle which is a didn’t buy regret, as are other older perfumes that could be had for a song 12 years ago – Balenciaga Cristobal is another one.


  2. I do wish I had bought bottles of a few Roger & Gallet colognes before they went to the cylindrical bottles. The old versions of Lavande Royale and Jean-Marie Farina had such presence and smoothness. I miss them.


      • I wish I knew when Roger & Gallet changed to the current bottle. Perhaps less than 10 years ago. The older bottle is rectangular with curved shoulders and gold cap. I have my eye out in case one ever surfaces from a tag sale or some dusty corner of the internet.


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