Tubereuse Trianon by Yuri Gutsatz for Le Jardin Retrouve 2016


Kate Apted


G’day APJ folk!

Hands up if you are a tuberose lover! Yup, me too! Have you ever noticed how tuberose tends to be treated in perfumery? For the most part, it is either big and loud and trumpets my presence into a room (think Amarige or Giorgio Bevery Hills) or it is pared with an assortment of off beat notes to subdue its energy (think Britney Spears Radiance or Hypnotic Poison). There is another treatment of tuberose that finds favour with me; the aristocratic creaminess of Tubereuse Trianon.

I think back to the first time I tried a sample of Tubereuse Trianon. It was a year ago and I literally rolled my eyes back and luxuriated in the sunny glory of the scent. It was an instant love. Had Chanel gone down the path of producing a tuberose perfume, this would be it. Tubereuse has that unmistakable quality of Parisian springtime captured in the most classy way. There is no loud shriek of attention, no cheap dressing the mutton as lamb. The often considered mature tuberose is respectfully clothed in notes to accentuate its regal and tasteful beauty. There is a heady, sexual feel to Tubereuse, yet it never does more than arch an eye brow.

Tubereuse Trianon by Le Jardin Retrouve 2016

Tubereuse Trianon by Yuri Gutsatz

Tubéreuse Trianon Le Jardin Retrouve FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Coriander, Ylang-ylang, Raspberry, Indian tuberose

There is a definite femininity to Tubereuse that is confident, composed and classic. I don’t know that I can place Tubereuse in an era of perfumery that it evokes. It is equally at home in Versaille on the décolletage of Marie Antoinette and misting the hair of one Mrs George Clooney on the shores of Lake Como.

Tubéreuse Trianon Le Jardin Retrouve Lake Como Max PixelPDI


It may be trite to mention, but I feel that the bottle supplied with the Le Necessaire pack that I decant my scent into does absolutely no justice to the scent. Tubereuse certainly deserves a bottle on par with Shalimar or No 5. It is much like Linda Evangelista being presented in hessian sack. That woman wore Chanel suits with aplomb in the early 90s! So too does Tubereuse’s beauty need to be symbolised by a statuesque bottle.

Le Jardin Retrouve

If you want to get some idea of what Tubereuse Trianon is like, Tocca’s Florence is a pale sister. Florence has a fruity undertone that makes the scent crisper and less creamy than Tubereuse. I know most Mecca stores will have a sample about.

Le Jardin Retrouve has €43/15ml and €4/2ml Samples

How do you feel about tuberose in perfumes? Are there some presentations of tuberose you prefer over others?

See you next time, sexy fraggie fumies,
Kate Apted xx

14 thoughts on “Tubereuse Trianon by Yuri Gutsatz for Le Jardin Retrouve 2016

  1. Nope – sorry – Giorgio Beverly Hills, an overzealous co worker, and the 90’s killed Tuberose for me. I smidge in a nice fragrance is OK, but as a star note – no thanks. I’ve tied to love it, but it’s one of those notes that gives me a sharp pain between my eyes.Your post almost makes me want to try it again.


    • Hi Monica
      Please try again. You might be surprised at how a light hand can produce something that won’t make your eyes water. A new and well behaved tuberose is Gucci Bloom. You’ll find it easy to test as it’s on all the counters right now. I think Gucci are trying a new departure from the usual fruity florals with this. I like it and recently bought it for my daughter.


    • Monica, my sweet lady, do not try it again. I know how sensitive you are. It will not be pleasant for you. Next package will have some Tubereuse Trianon. I think this might be ok. Just a teensy spray. Quite a big opening.

      Wait..hang on….do you even like tuberose?? ❤ K


  2. yes to tuberose…past beauties I have worn: Fracas, Tatiana, Oscar de la Renta, Amarige, Giorgio, Poison, Gardenia Passion (yes, a tuberose!), Tuberose Angelica, Dame Soliflore Tuberose, j’Adore, Cafe Tuberose…OK, I shall stop there 🙂


    • Oh, CM! DO go on! You are most certainly speakng my language. Funny, though, how tuberose features in the least likely places. J’Adore is a surprise. Oscar de la Renta is a semi surprise. And I love how jasmine and gardenia scents sometimes end up being all about the tuberose. Fine with me. Amarige…swoon! K xx


    • Cassieflower, high five! I’m with you on that. What would be your favourite tuberose?

      I am also with you on the 15mls. I’ll happily go that route, if it is offered. K xx


      • Lol, Cassieflower. EL’s Tuberose Gardenia seems to generally top the lists. I’ve only just opened my Truth or Dare and I find it a livelier version of Fracas. A little more playful. All this talk of tuberose has put me in a tuberose frenzy! Can I wear them all at once?? K xx


  3. When I read your comment on the gym-scent thread, I was pondering whether you got on well with something like Fracas, Kate, and then you posted this about another tuberose scent! (I ask because I have a weird fondness for mixing the uber-femme Fracas with the bad-assery of bitter oily leathery smells like Rien, Bandit, or Couer de Noir–one goes on skin, the other goes on a scarf.)

    Or does your tuberose prefer to fly solo?


    • Ohhh, Crikey, you just might be on to something! I love Teone’s Rococo, which is a leathery tuberose, so you mentioning this might be something I can try! What an idea! 👌 Champion! Thanks. K xx


  4. Hey there Kate,
    This company looks very nice. I think Gabriella is working with them in Australia. If she’s involved then the juice must be awesome.
    Portia xx


    • They are quite old school Portia. Beautiful in a casual way. Timeless, I suppose. The most out there is Rose Troccadero.


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