Scent Diary: 2.7 – 8.7.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

We are back in business. Yes, things look a bit different around here and there will be some change. Please understand that this has been a big deal and now we are coming g back from the dead. We have lost all our followers & subscribers and will have to work really hard to  get as many people back, and hopefully add a bunch of newbies too.

Scent Diary is a birdseye view of my week. Often there is a whole lot of living mixed in with the perfumes. Friends & family, food, travel, momentous events, everyday living. I love to read about your adventures too in the comments and often we get lively discussion down there. I try to reply to every comment and add my 2c, feel free to add yours when and wherever. We only ask that you keep it respectful.

Scent Diary: 2.7 – 8.7.2018

Monday 2:

Woo Hoo! So excited to have Scent Diary back up & running. It’s mid-winter here in Sydney and though it is 15C it feels colder. So instead of getting out of bed early I grabbed the dogs and let them up on the bed for a couple of extra hours sleep, they are warm and cuddly (SHH, don’t tell Jin).

There is a LOT to catch up on here at APJ and I have started to put a dent in that. Sitting here in a cloud of Yves Rocher Rose Oud. It’s a simple theme, done cleanly and works as a happy no brainer.

Mondays are my usual cleaning days lately but I’m leaving it till Wednesday because we have a guest coming to stay Wednesday night.

Trivia Q&A is my afternoon/evening assignment. I started Q&A at about 11.30am and now it’s 8pm and I’ve just finished. Good news is that I’m done and dusted without doing my usual all nighter starting at 9.30pm. Very nice feeling. Towards the end I gave myself some hefty spritzes of ELdO Fat Electrician. Zingy Vetiver is king.

ELdO Fat Electrician July 2018

It’s winter so the dogs are a bit chilly. They have their jackets on and we also wrap them up in Korean Air blankets. Just as I was about to take this shot Paris woke up and came up to say hi to you all. How freaking cute huh?

Paris Jinx Korean Air July 2018

Jin came home in a mood. Working so early and all day has him beat. He went to bed in a big huff.

I ordered some Pizza Hut and watched the first four episodes of Luke Cage Season 2.

Tuesday 3:

SOTBed: Niki de Saint Phalle. One of my all time favourites.

Woke up and walked the dogs with Jin. He is in a much better mood this morning. YAY! Inspired by Melanie on the APJ SOTD thread I am wearing copious amounts of Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu. Perfect for this cool but sunny weather. I particularly like how they’ve married the earthy and plastic facets of patchouli and kept the fragrance clean and sheer. As elegant a patchouli as you’d ever hope to find.

Jin and I went grocery shopping and did a BIG shop. Filling up the empty pantry,  Tupperware and fridge, as well as some around the house basics.

In excellent news, after looking at my Bank Account wondering why it was looking poor. It seems my invoices to one of the clubs I work in had suddenly stopped coming to them in February. I have been sending them but the email I send doesn’t show in their inbox or spam, weird. Having been away and organising stuff etc etc it totally slipped my mind to check. I rang them today, we worked out a fix and the money will be in my bank tomorrow. YIPPEE! That will pay my Credit Card down to zero. Woo Hoo!

Into a delicious Annick Goutal Musc Nomade  bubble bath, Kiehl’s Original Musk lotion and Malle Musc Ravageur fragrance.

Annick Goutal Musc Nomade Kiehl's Original Musk Malle Musc Ravageur July 2018

Nap time before I get ready to be a beautiful lady.

Work was busy -ish tonight with 60 people in the room. I think I might have overspritzed the Musc Ravager. It was wafting ferociously in the heated room, it was like a thick sweet, resinous blanket.

Home and cleaning the house in preparation for Morrigan’s arrival tomorrow to catalogue the collection. I’m terrified to know how many bottles I own.

I did some washing and desultory cleaning.  All I want to do is SLEEP!  Listening to my body. Goodnight.

Wednesday 4:

Woke up, walked dogs, started cleaning. Wearing 3 big blasts of Dali EdT, the original mass market clear lips & nose bottle. PHWOAR! Everything goes better with this luscious floral aldehyde bomb on.

Midday and this place is clean! It’s not “Showing My House To Sell Clean” but it should pass muster.

Went and had lunch with my BFF Kath at Lok Lok Dumplings. Ironically neither of us had dumplings. Always nice to hang with her for a chatter and a catch up.

Then off to town to the Post Office and the Cobbler. My stripper heels are looking jaded so I’ve dropped them in for a refurb.

Then went to the Airport to collect my mate Morrigan who will spend the next two days cataloguing my collection. Her flight was delayed an hour which meant we were then running late for Trivia. Called the hotel with the news I was on my way and arrived only 3 minutes late. PHEW! It was a really fun night and The Wests came first. They were suitably chuffed.

West Win July 2018

Then Morrigan and I came home and crashed. Just before bed I spritzed a ridiculous amount of Praliné de Santal by Pierre Guillaume. Freaky AF nutty nougat in a wooden box. Goodnight all.

Praliné de Santal by Pierre Guillaume July 2018

Thursday 5:

WOW! Today was huge. Dogs fed & walked.

Morrigan & Scott got to work creating the Perfume Catalogue at 10am. I helped but they were the major contributors by far. From 10am-6pm we organised and data logged. By the end we had over half the collection catalogued and they guys were fading fast.


During the day Scott dared me to wear 27 sprays of Clinique Aromatics Elixir. Well, rarely one to back down from a fun challenge, it was only mildly OTT and I loved it sick. So bloody good and with that kind of size you get a really intimate knowledge of this magical fragrance development. It was HUUUUUUGE!!

TinaG, Hyun and Stephen came and joined us for dinner. Jin stayed up long enough to say hello to everyone, have a chat and then went to bed. It was simple Tomato, Garlic and Pumpkin Soup with Seeded Bread & Butter. Simple, easy fare. Dessert was Nashi Pears and Oranges sliced with French Vanilla Yoghurt. It was a wonderful night full of laughter and stories. Remarkably there was not one fragrance brought to the table. We were too busy enjoying each other. Stephen and Hyun brought a light sparkling Prosecco for dinner and a Fortified Wine for dessert. TinaG brought the most delicious After Dinner Mint Wafers that we had with a Mint Roibos Tea.

Lovely late dog walk in the cool evening air and I am done for today.

Friday 6:

Up early this morning because Jin is on day shifts. He was up around 5am and thought it doesn’t usually wake me up, today it did. I jumped into the most fabulous Molton Brown bubble bath and lazed for 30 delicious minutes in the heat. Balm for my soul. I love the house when it feels empty and everything is quiet. I used Amouage Dia Woman lotion and am happily wafting it in a soft sillage. No fragrance yet.

Let the dogs in and did the hand washing from last nights dinner party.

Scott and Morrigan worked like house elves all day and we have a final head count on the collection 1,208! Yep, it’s a lot. Honestly it’s nearly three times what I expected and I’m gobsmacked. We spritzed a few bits and bobs but today went by in such a rush I have no memory of what any were.

Morrigan & I caught the train in to the Sydney Opera House to meet Jin and my BFF Kath for dinner tonight. It was delicious. Then Kath & Jin went to see John Cameron Mitchell live in concert with tickets I bought them for Jin’s birthday a while back. They freaking loved it.

I’m bushed. Bed. SOTBed? Guerlain Teazzurra. A fresh, citrus pith and black tea fluffed up with white musk. Pretty.

Saturday 7:

I woke up super crusty this morning. Fed & walked the dogs and got ready to take Morrigan perfume sniffing.


First we stopped off at City Perfume in Merrylands to see our mate Thierry. LOADS of sniffing pleasures there and the crew are so friendly and welcoming. I did a little throw down video of a Tom Ford Soleil Blanc and by Kilian The Way You Feel for them and so that’s what I smelled of for the day.

I badly mistimed the drive from there to David Jones Food Hall where we were to meet Kerri, Simon and Jocelyn. We arrived more than 30 minutes late. We also got chattering so the idea of a sniffy got displaced in favour of food and laughter. Morrigan was a hit, of course, and it was nice to catch up with the gang.

We caught the train to the airport, so easy. It was fun to get Morrigan all checked in nice & early so she could relax a bit and process her adventures before the flight home. It feels like she has been a part of our lives forever and we will miss her around the house.

From the airport I trained to BFF Kath’s and we hung out on her couch watching some TV, chatting and I had a little snooze.

For dinner Kath & I took one of my favourite courtesy aunts Sandra for dinner. She is an uber glam woman who General Managed a hotel group for decades. Perfectly presented and funny she has a wealth of stories, from the worst in human nature to the absolute best and of world travels done in the highest of styles imaginable. We were meant to go to a Vietnamese place Sandra and I love but sadly it had closed. So we wandered kings Cross and found a tiny Chinese restaurant in a pretty cool alleyway. The food was spectacular! Seriously delicious. After that we wandered around to the Ice Cream shop and we all indulged, Rum & Raisin for me. We were having so much fun I forgot to take pics.

Came home and chilled on the couch watching Luke Cage season 2 for a while before bedtime.

SOTBed: DIOR Mitzah. Wrapped in an amber cocoon with some spices, rose and honey for interest. So bloody good.

Sunday 8:

This morning I was up feeding and walking the dogs in the cool winter sunlight. It was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.

Once Jin emerged I cooked us French Toast with Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup. MY FAVOURITE! We spent an hour hanging out together and went about our separate days.

I used Clinique Aromatics Elixir Oil in by bath today, then used it also as lotion and fragrance. I smell bloody fabulous.

Work was really fun. The Muff Burgers won the $1000 Jackpot at Austral Bowling Club and they were so excited.

I’m bushed. Took my make up off, fed and walked the dogs with Jin, will watch a bit of TV, have a green tea and toddle off to bed soon.

SOTBed is Parfumerie Generale 5.1 Suede Osmanthe. Gorgeous fruity leather that feels like a chypre.

It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

41 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 2.7 – 8.7.2018

  1. 1208! No wonder they get their own room! What were the biggest surprises when you were cataloguing? Any forgotten treasures? It sounds like you had a lovely friend-filled week, too.

    I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself–with not one but two migraines (it’s rare for me to have them this close together. I think low sleep and uncommonly high UV levels might be part of the trigger though. But I always bounce back.

    A bit of a frustration–and a first–when I was having my hair coloured in this week. After the several hours of bleaching, sitting, painting, sitting, washing etc, I had to tell my truly lovely and super-talented hairdresser that I hated it. Well, some of it. So, despite already being closed for the evening, he did a quick fix and layered a blackcurranty purple over the tones I didn’t like. It’s… fine. And that Ribena colour brings out the lavender and violets more. But normally I dance out of that place feeling utterly fabulous, rather than just fine. I’ll probably go for a do-over in a couple of months–and ask him for a much bigger and more vivid range of colours. I think it will fade interestingly though, so that’s something.

    Otherwise, work is worky. PhD is PhDing–finally got my ethical approval so I can start doing some interviews. Huzzah! Preparing for a week away at a research summer school in Germany, which is exciting and rather terrifying at the same time. Lots of reading to do, and a presentation to write to support the paper already sent.

    Top perfume moment: scoring a relatively inexpensive bottle of Aeon 001 on Ebay to replace the last few mls of this utterly beloved scent I have (should show up in the next couple of days).


    • Hey Crikey,
      There were four major surprises. The sheer number of back up bottles for Mitsouko, Miss Dior and Niki de Saint Phalle were three. Also the amount of brand new in cellophane boxes I have, terrifying!
      Sorry to read about your migrants, bummer.
      Going to Germany for a study break sounds pretty damn exciting though.
      I LOVE that you found that Aeon 001. It was obviously meant to be yours.
      Portia xx


  2. Yay APJ is back! The Scent Doary is my Sunday morning read. Only scent news is caving to a bottle of Masque Milano L’Attesa coming this week.


  3. I still cannot believe the 27 sprays of Aromatics Elixir. And the old stuff, too. I was happy to be marinating in your sillage all day though, saved me wanting to spritz anything else


    • HA! How bloody funny was that. You guys could not quite believe it was happening. What a fragrance! I enjoyed wearing it again tonight in much smaller dose.
      Thanks for your help this week and continual support Scott.
      Portia xx


  4. Oh how I have missed your scent diaries!!!! Food and fragrance and adorable pups (whom I would love to nap with but they probably weight more than I do-LOL!).

    Portia, 1208???? My lord! right now I think I have only about 10 that I can truly call my own…did you include Jin’s bottles in that count as well? Are there any you would consider selling or decanting for sale? I am so fascinated by this….you need to turn the room into a mini perfume museum….and I am not surprised that you have so many backups of Niki…to be honest, in my mind that is your signature scent….I cannot think of Niki without thinking of you 🙂

    On my end we are having a crazy busy summer…and two will be off to college next month 😦 ….but life goes on, right?


    • Hey there Brigitte,
      The dogs weigh around 30kgs so they are a heavy blanket.
      Those bottles are only mine. Jin’s are in his wardrobe. Part of the idea was to create a sell box while we were counting but in the end there was not a lot of hands on for me so that part of the adventure didn’t happen. I will go back through the boxes pre Christmas and do a sale doc though.
      Crazy busy is what summer is for. Good luck losing your two to college, I hope it’s joyous for you.
      Portia xx


      • and I am 42 kgs so I am an even heavier blanket 😉

        They look like they would enjoy cuddling!!!!! so freakin’ adorable!!!!!


  5. Portia it’s so good to have my favourite series back and better than ever.
    Well done for taking the plunge and cateloguing your collection. That is a big deal.
    My week wasn’t great but reading about yours has made me so excited for next weekend. Cannot wait!


  6. Hi Portia! Yay! My favorite read of the week. Cataloguing your collection is an excellent decision. I need to catalogue as well. Have a great week.
    Sandra xo


  7. Sounds like you had a great week, so happy to have APJ back.

    My week was unfortunately disastrously bad. My beloved favourite dog passed away of congestive heart failure Wednesday and I’ve been a wreck ever since. Perfume has been minimal to none. Today I managed a bit of TF Musk Pure. Thankfully we are going camping tomorrow for a week, I desperately need to get out of my flat and breathe some fresh air, see different sights and get a break from the agony. Being out in nature is soothing to me.


    • I hope you can find some peace and comfort being out in nature. Are you familiar with the poem Desiderata? It’s one of my favorites and when I am down these particular lines work wonders when I read them-

      “Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
      And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

      I hope you will continue to be gentle with yourself and enjoy your camping trip 🙂


    • Tara, I’m so sorry for your loss! Sadly, I know all too well what it feels like to lose a furry friend. Be strong and remember the good times with your beloved dog.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Losing a dog is like losing a body part.
      When we put Gucci down Jin had to come home for 3 days from work because he couldn’t stop crying. It’s a wrench and a heartache.
      Hugging you across the waves.
      Portia xx


      • Thank you Portia, Brigitte and Diana. The first four days were horrible, crying and sick with grief. Today was the first day where I felt like I could go out and not cry in public. I made it through yoga class, but I still feel exhausted and fragile. Hoping the next week will bring some healing. She was the center of my world and I have to restructure my life.


  8. Portia, I’m in awe of the size of your collection, however, I’m not at all surprised: I knew it would be huge! I wonder how many years did it take you to get so many bottles? If you ever consider showing them off in your Instagram, please let us know 😉

    And I almost forgot: seeing John Cameron Mitchell in concert must have been utterly fantastic! Did he do any of Hedwig’s songs?

    It’s been a bit of a lazy hot summer here (in the south of Russia): watching Football World Cup matches, new (to me) TV series (Killjoys, for instance), a couple of new perfumes: I finally got a bottle of Bois d’Iris by TDC and their Rose Poivree. I love both of them madly, such great fragrances.


  9. Portia,
    I’ve so missed the Scent Diaries. Really happy to see it back. May I ask, of the catalogued 1,200–are they bottles or does this include decants? No judging. Curious.


  10. You must feel very satisfied to have your perfume collection more organised…can you tell I’m a Virgo?!
    Our winter here in Perth has been quite sunny and mild, which is
    nice as I am housebound with a broken patella. Grr, no work, no yoga, no dog agility, but am trying to do the rehab and stay positive. Nice warm baths with magnesium also helping.


  11. I’m so glad you’re back, Portia. I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but it really has felt like there’s been something missing in my life over the past few months! Given how pleased about your return I am, I can only imagine how ecstatic and relieved you and the gang must be feeling 🙂

    If you don’t mind my asking, how are your frags catalogued? I did something similar a few months ago, and I’m curious as to how others have gone about it. I was inspired by Undina’s example, though given my limited technical skills, my system ended up being somewhat less sophisticated than hers (and btw, a big thanks to Undina, who alerted me to the fact that APJ is back in business). I’m really interested in hearing what Scott and Morrigan have done with your collection

    Welcome back! xo


    • YAY Lena!
      Missed everyone like crazy. It was also a really good break, let me think about the blog moving forward and some new directions we are thinking of taking. Less stressful for me and hopefully more interactive and communication driven for all of you.
      Do you know what? I haven’t even looked at the spreadsheet yet. I know they did it on Google and that’s about all I really know. This week I will be looking and writing a full post on it.
      Portia xx


  12. With 1200+ bottles in your house you do have plenty! It is more than I would have guessed, even if I knew you have an own perfume room. Good job to have all bottled catalogued! I’m sure you appreciate having friends helping with that task. I’ve seen Undina’s posts on how to keep track of perfumes and perfume wearing, but frankly will never get such a sophisticated system.


    • Hey Ingeborg,
      One thing the exercise did do was open my eyes to a bunch of fragrances that have lain dormant for a long while. Really glad to have some reminders. It also told me that I have to downsize by about a third to be comfortable with what I have.
      Having Morrigan and Scott here to help made it a super fun adventure. We had a ball.
      It will probably be out of date in the next week but still…..
      Portia xx


  13. Portia, its so lovely to see/read these posts from you , and read about ‘our’ fellow perfume friends again. I am constantly amazed how much you fit into your week and all the while, smelling fantastic at every turn xx . Luke Cage? dont know that one – I’ve been watching Bates Motel.


    • Hey Melanie,
      YAY! Glad to be back.
      You have to remember that my work days/nights are Sunday – Wednesday. That gives me three lovely free days to play.
      Is Bates Motel scary? I can’t do horror. It stays with me for months.
      Portia xx


  14. I am so glad you are back! I missed your blog so much!!! I especially love reading your Scent Diary.


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