Scent Diary: 5.8 – 11.8.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

The kids are still with us. It’s kind of nice having them around the house. They basically take care of themselves at 16 & 20. Jin is loving being an Uncle and I quite like hearing their chatter, even though quite a lot of it is in Korean and Slovakian. If we had kids we would need more room though, not that we want kids, that’s definitely 100% off the table.

Scent Diary: 5.8 – 11.8.2019

Monday 5:

Woke up early, felt well enough to go back to Aquarobics. So glad I went. It’s the perfect way to start the day. I look really tired in this shot but I’m just bleary and still a bit puffed after doing the class. Love the colours in the background though.

SOTMorning: Vintage Shalimar extrait by Guerlain. Just a little swipe so the cleaning feels like a glamorous event and adventure.

Came home and cleaned the house. Top to bottom. Did 5 loads of clothes washing, hung and dried.

Had a blissful two hour nap.

SOTAfternoon: Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations. I love the figgy woodsiness. Carefree enough to wear every day but easily transitions to glam should you need it to.


Cooked dinner for Jin and the kids. Chicken & Corn Vol au Vents with Asparagus, Broccolini and Corn on the cob. Strawberries & Cream for dessert. It was nice, we all sat around and chattered, laughed. It was perfect family time.

It was fun doing another MOOD SCENT 4 this week. If you didn’t catch it the theme was Playing The Diva.

TRIVIA Q&A. I am having a headache, it’s quite bad. I’m going to finish up here, take some panadol and go to bed. Tomorrow morning I can get the Q&A finished.

Tuesday 6:

Up early to do my TRIVIA Q&A. this bloody headache is still banging around. It woke me up a couple of times in the night too. I might take some sinus specific medication this morning.

Walking the dogs cleared my head beautifully this morning. It was so cold and crisp I took the dogs double our usual morning ramble.

SOTMorning: Eau de Minthe by Diptyque

Had some running around to do. Nothing major. Petrol, visit one of the clubs I work in to collect stuff i left there accidentally, visit Scotty and give him his Star Wars socks I bought for him. Should have taken a pic.

Guess what? Scotty took a pic of his fabulous socks for me. Aren’t they heaven?

Organised everything for tonights trivia.

Packed and sent some PPPs. At the post office discovered two loads of Council Rates and had to pay a Strata bill. Today was expensive.

Home and having a cuppa, watching The Originals.

Bathed, shaved and beautified.

SOTEvening: Amor Amor by Cacharel. This sweet treat was a gift from Anna Maria and every time I wear it her happy smiling face pops into my minds eye.  She is one in seven billion and I’m so glad we are friends.

We had 81 people playing tRIVIA tonight. The $1000 Cash Jackpot went off too. Perry and Wayne won it as a table of two! AMAZING!! They’re so happy.

SOTBed: Le Participe Passé  by Serge Lutens. I wanted the extra crunchy stewed fruit vibe. MMMMM

We all sat around watching The Matrix. Great fun movie.

Wednesday 7:

Off to Aquarobics again this morning. What a beautiful way to start the day.

Home and Jin and I walked the dogs. It feels like spring here already. Sunshiny days.

SOTMorning: So Nude by Costume National. Clean white floral beauty.

Hung around the house watching The Originals, reading, blogging. Very lazy day.

SOTEvening: Elegance Animale by Lalique. Not animal, not elegant, a fizzy fruity floral with a lovely golden musky background and maybe some chocolate?

The kids came to trivia at Greystanes Inn tonight. They sat with the Mulligans and it was a really fun table but they didn’t help at all. It was a bummer, but a funny one. It was quite a busy night too. Happy days.

Watched some The Originals.

SOTBed: Shalimar EdT by Guerlain. Can’t beat it. why don’t I wear this beauty every day,

Thursday 8:

Stayed up till 3.30am watching The Originals. WHOOPSIE!

Slept in till 9.30am. Didn’t;t even hear Jin come home from work, change and get into bed.

Jumped straight up and walked the dogs. No wonder Sydney is on water restrictions. This perfect sunlit springlike weather has persisted all winter. Not complaining because it’s been wonderful to wander around in but…….

SOTMorning: Kiehl’s Original Musk

Sindy and I walked to the Post Office, then to the Barber where I had my head shaved, took some clothing alterations and repairs to the guy that I trust, walked up to Westfield and had our Pedicures done. Sindy also had a gel manicure. It was a really nice morning.

Jin and Daniel joined us as we were finishing and then we went for Vietnamese. I had Pad Thai and they had Beef Noodle Soup.

Then we went next door to the Korean Bread shop and bought junk for everyone (except me, because diabetes). Sometimes just the shopping is enough fun.

OK, full disclosure, I ate the very end off the closest doughnut, it was freaking delicious.

Home. Jin went back to bed because he’s working again tonight.

SOTAfternoon: Creme de Cuir by bdk Parfums. I love the way this beauty dries down, a dry leather with hints of creaminess. So subtle but beautiful.

Jin and I watched Rocketman. WOW! Loved it, so much. You know what though, one day I’d like to see a mainstream Hollywood type film with homosexual leads that aren’t tragic, broken and crazy. I know it makes better viewing but I’d be so overjoyed to see a regular rom-com. Taron Egerton was wonderful, I could watch him forever in anything.

Tonight Daniel and I made Nachos. Both kids came to the supermarket with me. We got what we needed and then Daniel decided he wanted to learn how to make it. It was really fun. It only takes about 40 minutes from start to eating, cost us about $15-20 and there was heaps, could have fed six.

The kids watched TV and I came in to the computer and fart arsed about.

Friday 9:

Up and fed & walked the dogs quickly. Jin hadn’t come home from work when I got back.

Off to Aquarobics. I’ll be honest, my heart was NOT in the game this morning. Once I got in the pool though all laziness evaporated and I gave a good accounting of myself.

SOTMorning: Secret Joly by Oriza L Legrande

Came home. Jin, the kids and TinaG all came to Featherdale Wildlife Park with me. We patted Koalas and Wallabies, the crew got to feed the Quokka. So many amazing Australian birds, animals and reptiles. It’s a wonderful day out, one of my favourite places anywhere.

SOTEvening: Elegance Animale by Lalique

Came home and cleaned the house while Jin organised dinner for 10 people tonight. He had heaps of help in the kitchen from TinaG and Sindy. This was the only photo I remembered to take all night. So bummed. It was an excellent table with loads of chatter. Everybody got a turn, people listened and responded thoughtfully. Jin & I had a wonderful time (hopefully everybody else did too).

Saturday 10:

Woke up around 8.30am and rolled over. Went back to sleep.

Didn’t finally fall out of bed till 10am. What a stunning way to spend a free morning. I feel so refreshed and relaxed.

SOTMorning: Vintage Miss Dior EdC. Hello my old friend. What a stunner you are. This is so pristine, perfectly preserved.

Went back to bed.

Bathed, dyed and shaved the beard.

SOTEvening: Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio

Made myself into a beautiful woman and went out to Fundraise for a small school. Theme was Rock & Pop Stars. It was an excellent night. Raised heaps of money and had a few really good laughs.

This photo below was taken by Mark, the nights photographer.

Home. Changed. Ate. Watching The Originals on Netflix.

SOTBed: Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez

Sunday 11:

OOOOH! It’s had a cold snap. Chilly here in Sydney. It’s snowing at the Blue Mountains, about an hour drive away. BRRRR!

SOTMorning: Cuir Beluga by Guerlain

Spent most of the day watching The Originals.

Bathed, shaved and cleaned up this old mess.

SOTAfternoon: Iris Tubereuse by Creed


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

47 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 5.8 – 11.8.2019

  1. Your dining table looked great, and love the chandelier! We stayed at an Airbnb recently with a posh chandelier in the bathroom, unfortunately too low and kept getting caught in the hairdryer!
    Extra work on for me this week so feeling a bit wrung out, but stole Mr B’s Bois d’Oud, Perris Monte Carlo, and felt better!
    Well done on the aquarobics by the way, even in the freezing cold.


    • Heya JackieB,
      That is a fantastic story about the bathroom chandelier, bet it was designed by bald gays.
      Stealing frags is often a welcome relief from the daily grind. I sometimes go into Jin’s closet. He has the oldest Anateus in the house and it smells divine.
      Portia xx


  2. Hey Portia. Seeing the pics of the kids and Ferndale makes takes me back to last summer. That wildlife place really is the best day out.
    I have know idea what The Originals is but I’ll have to look up. I was happy season 3 of GLOW was released on Netflix Friday. Have you seen it? Love shows set in the 80s.
    Wore vintage Miss Dior yesterday and thought of you.


    • Hey Tara,
      We BOTH wore Miss Dior this week. It works anytime, eh?
      It’s a year since you were here and we were doing all these fabulous things together. Right now it’s snowing in the Blue mountains, bummer it didn’t do that for your visit.
      Not done the GLOW thing yet, Anna Maria was telling me tonight that I should.
      Portia xx


  3. What a fun week – the kids are so cute! I’m sitting on my sofa nursing my very sore knees – on Friday I spent over an hour kneeling on an AstroTurf field taking individual photos of the entire high school football team for the coach. Last night ran a 4 hour kickoff celebration event for football including cheerleaders and marching band- racing around the field making sure everyone was where they should be all evening. I’m getting too old for this kind of thing! Tonight is the in-laws’ 63rd Anniversary dinner so about to head out to buy food. I’m thinking it will be a Paris-Deauville day.


  4. Your scents of the week are wonderful, I enjoy reading what you wore and it also reminds me of favorites. I would spend hours at the Wildlife place, I might love animals even more than perfume! Sounds impossible but its true.
    My week was full of fabulous perfumes sampling and I purchased a bottle of Dame Duality and Amouage Jubilation 25. Last night we saw Rolling Stones in concert, Mick Jagger sounds and moves as good as ever, not showing age at all. And today I am babysitting an 11-week French Bulldog puppy. So cute and my Benson is in heaven with an energetic playmate. SOTD Caron Nocturnes, FB on my to-buy wishlist!


    • OMG Kathleen!
      You saw the Rolling Stones. AMAZING!!
      Also, I love animals too. The ones at Featherdale seem to get the best possible care. Almost all of them look so healthy, except a few of the birds but I think they take rescues so…
      Nocturnes! I love Caron and have a little old bottle of the extrait. It’s heaven. When you send me your address again for your winnings remind me to slip some in for you.
      Portia xx


    • Wow, The Rolling Stones. That take me back to my youth (several hundred yrs ago !!!) I saw them in Manchester UK when Brian Jones was still with them.


      • I’ve never seen them and am so pleased I was able to now. Could be their final tour although the band members are not showing their age much, especially Mick Jagger!


        • I’d like to see them again as a Last Hurrah. I know what you mean about them never seeming to give up and just keep on Rolling.
          Myself, my daughter and now 2 of my grandaughters are massive Rod Stewart fans. The first time my daughter and myself saw Rod was In Manchester in the late 70’s. We’ve never missed a concert since.You can tell how many times that is. In fact we went to see him a couple of months ago and we are going again in December. Super fans !!!!


          • I really enjoy music and live concerts. I’ve only seen Rod Stewart perform once, maybe 10 years ago. I was such a fan way back as a teenager. I love that you see him perform so often!


  5. Jin looks so happy and handsome in his Irish (?) fisherman’s cardigan! I’ve had a lovely weekend so far, we had a very nice Indian meal with our best friends, more like family actually, sitting outside in a small town close-by, overlooking over what was once the sea (since the dykes no longer) but it is still a big lake. Tonight we will go to the movies, there is a nice cinema close-by, Yesterday (on my request probably much too sentimental for my husband but he is a good sport) for some Beatles feel good. Haven’t worn much perfume, often a bit too nauseous because headaches, but Friday I wore vintage Vol de Nuit perfume, and my arm still smells of it! And I have had several showers since. Maybe some no 19 will be a necessary antidote to all that sweet feel good I expect tonight.


    • Hiya Hamamelis,
      Yeah, Jin is so freaking cute in his cardigan. I’m not sure where it was knitted but it’s Australian wool. It hasn’t seen a lot of wear this year but I’m glad he got it out.
      Sitting outside eating Indian food. So many memories brought back in that one sentence. Perfect way to be with friends.
      Vol de Nuit and No 19, you are hitting the beauties this week. I hope Yesterday was fun, it looks like a hoot.
      Portia xx


  6. My soul sister who lives in northern California (I’m in Ohio; so, it’s a long ways away) was in town to visit and I spent 11 hours with her yesterday. That was the highlight of my week. What did we do? Meet at my barn and fart with my horse for four hours (she has horses, too), go to a Mexican restaurant and talk, eat and drink margaritas for another four hours then come to my house and look at photos and documentary videos that she was in from the fires that took place last year up there. I miss her already.


  7. Cacharel Amor Amor was a successful blind acquisition for me, too. Kiehl’s Original Musk remains the benchmark musk perfume in my opinion. It has the best of both worlds; a little animalic yet also a bit sweet and wearable. And it remains so affordable. It is also the kind of sensual musky perfume that impresses people with no deep interest in perfumes and who tend to wear perfume just to smell acceptable in a social environment.


  8. I have been away for a while because I have been insanely busy at work and home. We celebrated my mother 80’s a couple of weeks ago by having a small family gathering one Saturday and the following one taking her to the Resort World Casino for a steak dinner and a couple of hours of gambling. We don’t like gambling, but when she was younger she used to play no more than $30 dollars at the slot machines, just for fun, the few times we went to Vegas and Atlantic City. Remembering the old times for her birthday was really fun for everybody, especially for her and she played $25 dollars instead this time, winning $36 back. Lol! It was good to see her so happy with something so simple. Next Saturday, I will take her to see the Blue Man Group off Broadway show.
    Things at work have been pretty ugly for me lately. Lots of stress and other stuff no worth mentioning.
    Perfumewise, I have been enjoying many samples that Brigitte sent me before. Thanks to her and all the APJers who have allowed me to try so many beautiful perfumes. So far Amouage Imitation Woman has won my heart and I am sitting on my hands to not get a full bottle. Unfortunately, FragranceNet does not sell travel size sprays of Imitation Woman. Hopefully, the full bottle will be my present to myself for my birthday later this year. Well… if I don’t fall in love with something else, as it usually happens, lol! Other perfumes that I think are full bottle worthy are Zoologist Hummingbird and Nightingale. Anyway, I have been enjoying immensely the sampling and I am so happy and grateful about it. That’s what it counts!
    There is some Fall season vibe in the atmosphere already, despite being August. Perhaps it is my imagination, but I feel Fall is already knocking at the door.
    Doing deep cleaning and cooking today and ready to face another working week. Wishing everyone a peaceful and great week!


    • I say get that bottle for your birthday!!!!!!
      so happy to have you back!
      Please don’t work too hard and don’t sweat the small stuff!


    • Hiya PL67,
      YAY for parents still around to 80. How fabulous for you all.
      Sorry to read about your work drama. It’s a freaking punish when work feels like shit. HUGS
      Sampling is F U N .
      Yeah, get the FB for your birthday. Perfect present.
      Portia xx


  9. Well my staycation ended up being a workcation! Every day a big project including but not limited to digging ten holes for shrubs, cleaning out the gutters, clearing out five feet of brush, vines, overgrowth from the back of our property (we only got 1/3 through cause Mr. Marzipan and I were sweating bullets!), scrubbing the bathtub with baking soda for an hour, along with the usual, cleaning, mowing, weeding, food shopping, laundry, farmers market, etc etc.

    We picked up middle Marzipan from her university/summer job this morning and helped her move into her new dorm. She will be home for a week and then head back for the autumn semester. Youngest Marzipan turns 18 this upcoming week! Eek!!! I feel old!

    Perfumewise was wonderful this week! Packages from all of my very generous APJ family members!!! I had a week with Dior thanks to Kathleen but have also been sampling lots of other new goodies thanks to both Marcella and Kathleen. I am loving so much how we share and the perfumes are literally traveling around the world!!! This thought brings me great joy!

    Now I have started my FORTNIGHT (that’s for you Val and Tara !!!! Hee hee) of Chanel! Cristalle eau Verte this morning. I am about to jump in the shower after mowing the other half of the lawn and will pick another Chanel for the late afternoon.


  10. Oh
    Portia, i said NOTHING about your week!!! do you forgive me? I loved your week and I always live vicariously through you! yes, teenagers and young adults are a hoot (as you already know I have three to contend with on a regular basis-LOL!)

    Loved your perfume picks…Animale Elegance is stunning! I have a very large decant floating around the house that was gifted to me by pl67….it’s somewhere…I think middle Marzipan might have borrowed it-LOL! But I WILL find it!


    • HA! NO sweat, I’m much more interested in what YOU all did anyway.
      Kids. You’re all mental. Who’d have them? Certainly not me. These two are OK but I stress over every decision made in relation to them. Like it could be the thing that makes them human or serial killers.
      I’m still undecided about Animale Elegance, when I am wearing it I adore it.
      Portia xx


      • Hahaha!!! I say that every day! We ARE mental 😁. And yes, making decisions and trying to steer them in the right direction without them knowing 🤣🤣. But having fur babies is exactly the same, no? You love em to pieces and worry about them so guess what, P? You DO have “kids”…the four legged versus two legged kind 🐶🐕🐩


  11. Sounds like a good week! Do Daniel & Sindy still live in Slovakia or did they move back to Korea? It’s so nice of you to host them. That animal park looks like great fun.

    I had a busy week that started off with my husband being in a bicycle accident due to a car cutting him off, he has fractured ribs and is in pain but it could have been so much worse. Then I spent two days baking cakes and cupcakes for a friend’s birthday party Saturday night. Cleaning the house today in preparation for the arrival of a friend from Paris tonight. It’s been so pleasantly cool lately, I agree with a previous poster that it feels like fall is just around the corner.


  12. Wow, you have had a busy week Portia. I bet you are having fun with the Kids, love to you and Jin and the Kids; Aunt T 💕🌺🌹🎉🌴🌸💐🎈

    Sent from my iPad



  13. Hello gorgeous.

    Love your week. My take on Elegance Animale is quite different… I get a typical saffron rose scent. Must re-try.

    This week I landed in London and have seen three theatre productions (slept through one due to jet lag), 2 exhibitions and smelled some new perfumes (to me) in Harrods and Selfridges. I really enjoyed Overture by Amouage which has elements of Bandit and Musc Gold but far more elegant. I also smelt SL Fumerie Turque and MKK… enjoyed them both but did not love them enough to buy the current juice in the skyscraper bottle.

    I’m now in Madrid for 4 nights to hide from the world.

    Rug up.
    XXX… T


  14. Hey Portia, thanks for sharing your lovely week and scents. Plenty happening in my little space. I’ve gone low to high in a space of 3 days. As usual a busy week at work, new girl working out a treat which is awesome. Thursday, weather was winter intensified, so we had a little flood at work. In the underground car park. Up over one’s knees and a bit higher. I’d say there were at least 12 cars. Mine a total loss. Water up to seat level and dirty yukky water sitting up to the brim of my cup holders. Insurance to call later in the week with details but it’s a new car required for sure. That’s the low. Oh, and I can feel a cold coming for sure.
    The high – seeing Hugh Jackmans’ show twice! Saturday night with my youngest niece – we dressed up greatest showman like with our red jackets- we looked awesome. Too far away from the stage though for Hugh to see us. Then back Sunday night with oldest niece. Such a brilliant show and he’s such a delight to see and hear. Big high!! I wore my sample of TF Tuscan Leather on the Sunday night and thought I smelt like a million dollars!! Adored it. Now I just need a million dollars to buy some!! Here’s to a better week, with less rain 😆☔️🚙❤️💃🎪🎤❤️


  15. Couldn’t sleep last night. Was having anxiety and just couldn’t get my brain to shut up. Woke up feeling every ache and pain. Went to the gym and worked out with a different trainer as my usual one is in Paris with her family. Felt better after working out. After my shower I put on yet another sample of Ashoka. I really need to just bite the bullet and buy a bottle considering how many samples and decants I’ve gone through.
    I think I need to find a way to sell some of my unloved scents so I can buy something new.


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