Scent Diary: 19.8 – 25.8.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Kids final week with us. They have been fun to have around. Jin and I really like the young adults they are becoming. LOADS of fragrance choices too. All round good week,  this has been one of the good ones.

Scent Diary: 19.8 – 25.8.2019

Monday 19:

Jin got home at around 8am, I kind of remember him coming in but I don;’t think I really roused.

Woken by a freaking LEAF BLOWER! Those things are noise pollution.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz package arrived!! YAY!

SOTMorning: Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio

Went off Yum Cha. First pic is as we arrived. Second pic is when the table is a mess and we are all on a food high.

The we wandered Ikea together. The kids have a solid design sense and were cleverly picturing uses and placements for pieces. They got happily inspired and it was fun.

Physio! I have finally been to see the physiology. Muscles, tendon and bone all in disarray. She gave me some exercises and told me to ice bath it for 15 minutes once or twice a day. Also some anti inflammatory gel if the pain came back.

I gave the boys a very late dog walk. Poor buggers, they went for a wee in the morning but breakfast and major walk were delayed. They forgave me. YAY!

SOTAfternoon: Kolonya by Rasei Fort. It works beautifully with the remnants of Eau Absolue.

Did the clothes and linen washing.

Jin got PIZZA for dinner and we watched the first Harry Potter film (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) with the kids. Remembered it’s MONDAY! O M G! I forgot to write my trivia.

Didn’t get to TRIVIA Q&A till 11pm, really couldn’t focus very well. Got quit a bit done.

SOTBed: Veil by Oliver & Co Perfumes

Went to have a little goodnight cuddle with Jin when he went to bed and slept off till 9am. WHOOPSIE!

Tuesday 20:

Jumped out of bed FREAKING OUT! Ran to the office and got the TRIVIA Q&A finished and sent to the crew by 11am. Talk about a heart starter.

SOTMorning: Vintage Nocturnes PdT by Caron. Inspired by Kathleen.

Spent a lovely couple of hours getting everything together for send outs. I can’t leave the house till a delivery arrives but I’m making the best of it and getting catch up stuff done.

In ARRIVAL news. I had two parcels arrive, one from Fragrancenet sat there for a week as I imagined the order being mine. Joop Le Bain (after a write up in Fragrantica), a few from Guerlain: L’Homme Bois, Insolence EdT, Chamade EdT (I love the square bottles)

The other I couldn’t work out what it was so I opened it immediately. They came without boxes, is that the way it happens with Anat Fritz bottles? It was the LKNU 15% off sale, couldn’t help myself and glad I did.

Clippered, dyed and shaved my beard. Jumped into a delicious Bubble Bath of Dana British Sterling. Cost almost nothing and bubbles up a treat, scent is very quietly modern barbershop.

SOTEvening: Insolence EdT by Guerlain in the new packaging. A refined Insolence, still a resinous fruity orange blossom and violet fragrance but much less thick and syrupy. I think this will find a whole new market.

The kids came to Trivia tonight and Jin joined halfway through. I sat them with one of the tables and they won a very respectable THIRD!! Everyone was thrilled. Daniel also won the Paper Aeroplane throwing competition. It was a good night, loads of laughs.

Came home and hung out with Jin watching Korean TV. He went to bed. I’m not sleepy but too lazy to do anything constructive.

The Harry Potter series of films has become my latest watch. Since watching the first film with everyone on Monday. Made my way through No 2 today (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

SOTBed: Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids

Wednesday 21:

SOTMorning: Oud Luban by Aftelier Perfumes

Lazy house morning.

KFC in park

Shopping at Westfield Parramatta


Bubble bath

SOTDay: Classical by Anat Fritz

Watched some of Harry Potter No 3 (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

SOTBed: Queen by Queen Latifah

Thursday 22:

SOTMorning: Séville à l’Aube  L’Artisan Parfumeur


Up ar 4am to get the kids to the airport. They have been so god this year. Suddenly they are really likeable young adults, full of curiosity and fun. They’re smart and self sufficient. Happy to come out and do stuff or stay home and entertain themselves. Both Jin and I enjoyed having them here. This will probably be their last visit because Sindy starts university in October and who wants to go to the other side of the world when your world becomes about being a uni student and all your friends from there.

Came home and went to bed. Woke at 11.30am.

Physio. Now that we are addressing my ankle it’s interesting that my achilles tendon seems to be the root of all the drama. It’s so tight that everything else is in spasm which has caused the bone to lock down. I now have some extra exercises to do thrice daily. Fingers crossed for quick recovery.

Did the bed linen and towel washing for the kids.

SOTAfternoon: Le Jardin de Monsieur Li  by Hermès

Went to the post Office and dropped off a bunch of packages. Also got a surprise card from Tara! YAY! Who doesn’t love Starry, Starry Night? Great choice.

Watched the rest of Happy Potter No 3 (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

Jin went to work around 5pm. I fell asleep on the couch till nearly 7pm.

Made very simple frittata and bacon for dinner.

Harry Potter No 4 (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) is probably my favourite of the series. Started watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

SOTBed: Elegance Animale by Lalique. Though I don’t love this fragrance I am drawn to it irresistibly. It’s getting quite a bit of skin time since I bought it off a friends Sale Doc.

Friday 23:

SOTMorning: Queen by Queen Latifah again. I love its thick, sweet, ropey take on vanilla and patchouli, cost me next to nothing and smells so good. It’s getting harder to find on the discounters nowadays.

Jin and I walked the dogs together and are spending the morning hanging out.

Dropped the dogs off for a wash.

Went and visited Scotty at work.

Popped around to grab some decants from Tyson Ali.

Grabbed the dogs from their wash and teeth clean.

Opened my newest arrival. It came from my buddy Susan, her Sale Doc on FB, and I am so excited. Finally Ambre Nuit by DIOR! It is my SOTAfternoon.

Home. MORE Harry Potter. Finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and then watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2. Seriously, I didn’t want it to end.

Had a bath. The bathroom is a bit cold in winter so I had the oil bar heater in there with me and a steaming hot bubble bath. Bliss.


Saturday 24:

Woke up this morning with a headache and my ankle is really paining. Bugger.

SOTMorning: Slowdive by Hiram Green. Stunning hit of honey, like nothing else. Perfectly warming for a crisp winter morning.

I’m feeling a bit lost today. Not depressed per se but a bit down. At sixes and sevens. My head keeps playing over this damn unhappy customer and that she is taking Turbo Trivia to NCAT, the Fair Trading board. I do my best to ward off the intrusions but it’s impossible.

This week I finally decided to go back to London for a couple of weeks in November. It’s been a yes I will/no I won’t, up in the air kinda amorphous deal till now but it doesn’t feel quite right. So silly. I’ve alerted a bunch of people I’m coming. Now I have to UNalert them if I don’t go. Grrr.

Jin and I went and did some running around. Post Office, Butcher, Grocery store and then he got his hair cut.

We came home and did some couch time in front of Korean TV. I was mainly drifting in and out of sleep. Jin was happy as a pig in chiffon.

Last weekend Jin very pointedly asked if we could have dinner together ALONE. He only has one night we can spend together this week. So I made the whole day for him. It was fun. Dinner was his famous Spicy Pork BarBQ with some salads I threw together.

Afterwards we watched the Disney film Coco. It was fabulous. we laughed, cried, sat on the edge of our seat and were thoroughly outraged by the baddy. It was so fun. The music is heaven too.

Sunday 25:

Lovely warm Sunday morning. Sunshine peeping in the bedroom.

SOTMorning: Iris Tubereuse by Creed

Jin and I had breakfast together. Nothing special.

Then we cleaned out the Cutlery drawer, the Utensil drawer and the Pots & Pans cupboard under the sink. All of them have been becoming increasingly unmanageable lately and we decided the morning should be spent reorganising and cleaning. We even got a little snappy at each other. HA! Like 5 year olds. It blew over almost immediately.

Around 1pm he went off to bed because he took on some overtime work tonight. It’s impossible to say no to Sunday night shift, the money is good.

I had leftover Spicy Pork and Salads. COLD is even better next day. MMMM

Did a few loads of washing so I don’t have to do it tomorrow.

Tried to get some Trivia Q&A done but my mind wasn’t in it. Went and watched TV.

SOTEvening: So Nude by Costume National

Work was super fun. We got rid of the microphone and I go as a guy now. It has kept my swearing down to an absolute minimum. Also I warn any families that there might be some blue language coming out of the room and invite them to move if it offends them. Managing their expectations and hopefully responses.

Home now. I’m feeling lazy as. Last loads of washing to be done and hung.

SOTNight: Eau d’Epices by Tauer. Seriously stunning stuff.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

50 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 19.8 – 25.8.2019

  1. Nocturnes!!! My signature scent! It’s been with me since 1983.

    The last mini Marzipan left the candy box yesterday. Mr. Marzipan was marching in and out of his bedroom all evening after we dropped him off at university. It going to be a HUGE adjustment for all of us. On the plus side , I can now run around the house naked if I feel like it-LOL!!

    Sampled way to many perfumes to even mention thanks to my APJ tribe! and I finished up my CHANEL FORTNIGHT. Today I am wearing LOVE because of the name and because it gives me comfort.

    Thursday is back to work for good. I know it’s going to be a hellish year but I am really going to try to stay positive and just stay in my room and mind my own business.


  2. Lots of great scents this week! Love Séville, Slowdive, Ambre Nuit, Insolence and Eau d’Épices. I wore Séville this week too. Our temps are shifting down, 14C this morning, loving it, fall is my favourite season. A friend who has gone off orange blossom is giving me his bottles of SL Fleur d’Oranger and Séville, yay for backups. :-). I am having an orange blossom summer. Also hitting my bottles of Reminiscence Tonka and Le Labo Vanille pretty hard too, mostly for bed.

    I think you should go to London, get away for a break and as they say in French, change your ideas. You can also snag me a bottle of Mancera Royal Vanilla at Selfridges (it’s exclusive to them). 🙂


    • Hey TaraC,
      You are a lucky duck. That’s so cool of your mate to offload his unloved. What beauties they are too.
      Yeah, I think with this damn tribunal hanging over my head that I should leave it. Once that’s over and done I can party.
      Portia xx


  3. You’re utterly bonkers with your buying 🤣 I love it. Some great scents this week. And I don’t know what those pics of bbq pork do to me but my mouth waters at the sight. Jin has great hair. It’s the kind of hair that I’ve always wanted, but mine is the polar opposite. Sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit glum. That whole grumpy customer crap needs to be sorted out so that you can put it to bed and move on from it. It’s wearing on your nerves. It’s horrible to have something hanging over your head and intruding on your thoughts. My week was exhausting with Smallies😆 I don’t know how I was ever a parent of a small child. They’ve gone back home now to their daddy, but my daughter is still here as we had a surprise 40th party for my niece to go to last night. We had fantastic fun. And dancing. OMG my feet are in tatters today. We even had perfume chat as another niece showed us her newest acquisition – Jo Malone something? and Angelica. It’s really nice. I wore nuclear amount of Fragile. Have a couple of days off work to chill and regroup. And to put my house back together. Have a good week everybody.


    • Tuberose and Angelica! that’s a good one! Glad you had fun! Even if it was exhausting.

      Seeing you post reminded me also that my Nesti Dante six pack soap came in and I am currently enjoying Villages and Monasteries (incense). And for Mr. M bought Nubian Heritage Raw Shea butter soap which smells divine on his skin. I wasn’t kiddin’ ya when I said we were completely out of soap!


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      Yes, you’re right. I am on a buying bender. It happens when I’m worried about something. Retail therapy.
      One day when you come down to Oz for a visit Jin will cook us Spicy Pork BarBQ. It’s a Korean staple but nowhere have I tasted it so yummy. Your mouth knows.
      Yeah, sadly I have no power in this tribunal case. I’m just flotsam in their eddying pools. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m taking it so badly.
      HA! Smallies are freaking EXHAUSTING! Anyone who does it full time without muder is a saint.
      Dancing at parties is what life SHOULD be about. The foot pain afterwards is a badge of honour. Fragile is a perfect party scent.
      Enjoy your days off. Clean and chill, heavenly recipe.
      Portia xx


  4. Yay for Starry Night arriving!. I can’t see an exhibition now without getting you a postcard.

    I think the kids will still come back. There’s nowhere like Sydney.

    Love Jin’s hair! What a hottie.

    Dont worry if you change your mind about London, Portia. There will be other times.

    Just got a bright orange pedi. Summer has made a sudden return so we had a bbq yesterday.
    Just booked Dubai for Feb. Nervous and excited.


    • Tara,
      I freaking love you so much. We are so lucky to have found each other.
      Having a postcard arrive is one of lifespan’s great mini joys. It always lifts my spirits and reminds me how loved I am.
      Yeah, maybe the kids will be back. They’re welcome, obviously.
      HA! Oh yes, my movie star looks husband. He is a hottie.

      Thanks Tara, I just feel all wrong about this visit for some reason. I’ll drop in next year.

      OMG! Bright orange PEDI! Pics or it didn’t happen. Enjoy your Indian Summer.

      WOO HOO! Dubai! Amazing. That going to be ac real eye opener. You can go shopping at the souks!! So fun.
      Portia xx


  5. Portia, I really hope that you can make that trip to London. You deserve to have some time out sharing with friends, having fun and relaxing the most you can. I also hope your foot starts getting better soon with the therapy. It sucks to be in pain all the time!
    Work for me was a little bit bearable this past week. Let’s see what is going to happen this coming week. Always hoping for the best.
    We had a nice time yesterday at my aunt’s house. She had a barbecue to celebrate her 75th birthday. It was a small, warm intimidate family gathering. Everybody enjoyed greatly. She was very happy.
    I kept thunking samples, samples and more samples. Today, I am wearing Apoteker Tepe The Peradam. Opulent smokie orris and jasmine opening which I loved, until a sandalwood explotion showed up and it became almost headache inducing. A couple of hours later the sandalwood has quiet down, jasmine has taken over with the orris still in the background. It is very powdery now. Beautiful perfume! Worth trying!
    We are having a gorgeous summer day. Cool, breezy, sunny! I will spend some time in the park with my old pomeranian dog later this afternoon, after finishing some tasks at home.
    Wishing you all a great and peaceful week!


    • Hi there PL67,
      Thanks. Good advice but I really think it should be held off. Its no biggie. Jin and I had a terrific holiday this year.
      Late summer BarBQs are heaven. I love the smell and the fun, everyone chatting and reminiscing. As evening hits it cools and the cardigans and hoodies come out and drinking late into the evening with the bugs flying around the lights. Ahhhhhhhhh. Glad you had a good time.
      WOW! That frag sounds incredible. Where did you grab your ample from?
      Hope your puppy park stroll was fun.
      Thanks, back at you.
      Portia xx


  6. Every Sunday when I read this post, I can’t believe another week has passed so quickly! I hope you decide to go to London, perhaps having a fun vacation to look forward to will balance your worries with that awful customer. Sending positive vibes for resolution of the unhappy customer and your ankle pain. You’ve worn many beautiful fragrances again, I love Insolence, Slowdive, and Amber Nuit. I love that you wore Caron Nocturnes and thought of me! It’s a new love of mine after Brigitte shared her special scent memory.
    I’ve had another week of perfume sampling which makes my world blissful. Two more days of work, and then I am off for almost two weeks, wheeee!


    • Hiya Kathleen,
      Yes, the weeks speed by. I do my last minute blog fixing on Sunday after work. Find the extra pics, make sure all the perfume houses are named and tagged, just the last minute clean up. It always strikes me as Too Quick since last week.
      London will probably have to wait.
      Thanks on both counts.
      Nocturnes is beautiful, I’m glad you girls have reminded me to wear and share it.
      Enjoy your two weeks off, any plans?
      Portia xx


  7. Great week of scent. I went with Heretic Dirty Mango today because I wanted to smell like fruit. It has similarities to Bombay Bling but I was able to get a 15ml travel spray for very little (perfume math-wise). We are now fully into high school football season and weekends are full – Friday night varsity games (to watch my son stand on the sideline😳) and Saturday morning junior varsity, when he actually gets to play. Most of our opponents are an hour drive away, which makes for a lot of car time. My school starts this week with in-service so I’m glad to get back at that. Have a wonderful week, everyone!


    • Hey there MMKinPA,
      LOVE finding a wee priced dupe for something. Good on you.
      Will your boy get to play the Varsity games? Is he learning the ropes? It’s fun getting car time, must talk and share time. Jin and I do quite a bit of our talking in the car.
      Good luck starting back at school. Do you wear fragrance there?
      Portia xx


  8. I so much wanted to like Insolence because I liked the original bottle shape but could not. On the other hand, Idylle was good. Tsora is on my blind-buy list… does it have similar vibe to Terre d’Hermes?


  9. I am sorry about this poisonous client business, I know business (and health…) stress eats away at you, especially if it is unfair. Wow you bought a FB Slowdive! I am sure its honeyed goodness will provide some antidote to the various stresses. Maybe you can come to London next year in Spring, and popover to Amsterdam! I would try my utter best to come and meet up.
    It is hot here again, in the Lowlands, but as the nights are longer and the sun is lower it is much more bearable, actually enjoyable so far. I wore Trayee yesterday, beautiful in the heat, and Dzongkha the day before that. I think I am on a bit of an incense trip. Seriously contemplating the IUNX one CQ wrote about.
    I had a rare bird of prey in the garden (at least it is rare here), a honey buzzard. It had dug out a waspnest and was eating the larvae. I love those brave creatures with ‘honey’ in their name, honeybadger being top on the list. If you feel a bit down, I suggest you find the (short video) of Stoffel the Houdini honeybadger. It always cheers me up and reminds me there is a way out!


    • Hey there Hamamelis,
      Oh yes, the Slowdive is fast becoming a favourite.
      We have friends who live south of Amsterdam and others who live in Amsterdam. We would love to come back to Netherlands. It probably won’t be 2020 though, our holidays seem pretty solid for next year already.
      Ahhh IUNX fragrances are yum. I have a few decants and the 20ml bottle of Splash Forte. SO good.
      Portia xx


  10. You must go to London, such a great city! Sorry for your ankle pain. today i got a bottle of Truth or Dare for very cheap, so i am wearing a tiny spray of it. I like the funny bubblegum note more than i thought i would… We will go to a concert tomorrow with a ABBA revival band. This will be lots of fun


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