Eau De Nyonya by Auphorie 2016: So Singapore lah!


Kate Apted


Dearst APJ people, I send you my fairest greetings.

I am about to go to Singapore with my youngest son. I lived there in 2003 and have wonderful memories of the place, its people and THE FOOD! Now and then, I visit Malay hawker style food outlets to get a bit of a fix of nasi lemak. The key to the rice is coconut milk and pandan leaves. Oh, pandan…  I even go so far as to buy the leaves and just scrunch them in my hand to release the scent. It has a milky green feel to it, with a definite high note that is inexplicable. The other things I simply adore about Singapore are Singlish and Gurmit Singh, the actor who has immortalised Singaporean comedy with Phua Chu Kang; a sit com about a construction business owner who pokes fun at the nouveau riche.

Eau De Nyonya by Auphorie 2016

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Notorious by Ralph Lauren 2008: Talking gym scent, bro!


Kate Apted


How you doin’, APJ people??

I am a self confessed gym addict. I need to be at the gym 6 days a week. I have been on and off for years, but since 2010, I have taken my weight training seriously. I count macros, do compound lifts before isolation and have even done the odd body building comp or three.

I do have certain perfumes I keep just for the gym. Granted I am there for one hour maximum, it seems kind of superfluous to have dedicated scents. So, why do I do it?

Many people stink whilst exercising. It is a fact. Either the ciggie they snuck in before entering the gym, or a day’s worth of BO. I like to use my perfume as a sniffing salt, so it has to slice the environmental smells and pierce my brain.

I need to be incredibly focused whilst lifting heavy! One hundred kg on my shoulders requires my full attention and my scent can actually help or hinder that focus. Through trial and error, I have found what works for me. I thrive on beating personal bests; no room for relaxing scents.

During my working week, I get to the gym by 5pm or so, and by then, my afternoon scent has been worn off by the accumulation of dirt, grease, and absorbtion by my hefty overalls. I am ready for a new perfume and I probably stink of clutch dust and diesel, if I am honest with you.

Notorious by Ralph Lauren 2008

Notorious by Ralph Lauren fragranticaFragrantica

My most beloved gym scent is Notorious by Ralph Lauren (2008). I have been using it since 2010. Acquisition is becoming more difficult and I will need to arrange a replacement. What I love most about it is the black currant. The heady hit of that note makes me alert, but in a kind way. Si by Armani has a similar note, yet it hits in a more laser like way, and I find it distracting.

The other notes are carnation, lively pink pepper and peony – a note I struggle to like when it is the focus. Luckily, here it is a supporting note that softens the black currant and carnation. I don’t get any heat from the pink pepper.

As I have never worn this at any other time, I actually cannot comment on the dry down or longevity. Notorious does not last beyond the training session, strangely. Might be because I am constantly wiping myself with my towel and it is evaporating with my rising body temperature.

I don’t notice many other people wearing perfumes whilst training. I do get the odd whiff of Axe body spray, but it is the usual fougere type. Oh, I lie! At my last gym, I caught the trail of a guy wearing Egoiste. I did follow him and do a confirmation sniff.

I know Val is an avid lifter too. Are you an active sort, and if so, what is your take on dedicated scents for that activity? And what can I replace Notorious with? I am very keen to hear your suggestions, beautiful people.

Til next time,

Kate – bear hugs!